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  1. Steven Bridge wrote:

    Never forgotten. Always remembered.

  2. Patricia wrote:

    Dear Duncan Edwards My Dad Was Upset When You Died I Was Born In 1974 So I Don’t Remember But I Have Got A Book & I Have Seen Film

  3. george davis wrote:

    how we could do with you now big man, never seen anybody come close to you.!!
    happy birthday big man your memory will live forever.

  4. Samy wrote:

    A terrible sad story. What a tragedy for his parents. The loss of all their sons. You make a great job with this beautiful tribute site

  5. Nicholas Connolly wrote:

    I watched Charlie Fleming of Sunderland take a running shoulder charge at you. He bounced off into the mud; it was right if from of me. Just one of the many memories you left. You will not grow old as we grow old, we will always remember you as we will remember all that perished. You were not just great players but great people; always had time for us kids, bought us sweets at the United cafe by the bridge, as will followed you to your bus stop. Today’s players could learn a lot. Love

  6. Frank Holt wrote:

    RIP (Big Fella )

    I saw you play many times and you were always awesome
    I tried to be closer to you by contacting your mum we exchanged many letters and i tried to help her a little with flowers

    Dunc xxxxx

  7. Peter Sharman wrote:

    Thanks for the memories.

  8. Jan Hickman wrote:

    RIP Duncan gone but never forgotten. The tributes today at your grave show that you will always be remembered as the most complete footballer that ever lived. Play on with the Babes…all the way Dunc xx

  9. Priya Mahawatte wrote:

    R.I.P Manchester United legend.Wish I could have seen you play.

  10. Neil Asher wrote:

    My late father who passed away in 2017,played alongside Duncan at England schoolboys , my Dad ‘Tommy Asher’ said he was a colossal player, poise grace, power…an all round complete footballer, I now have my dads schoolboy cap, and England shirt that I treasure, and with so much pride say my dad played with the greatest..

  11. Neil Asher wrote:

    My late father who passed away in 2016, played alongside Duncan at England schoolboys , my Dad ‘Tommy Asher’ said he was a colossal player, poise grace, power…an all round complete footballer, I now have my dads schoolboy cap, and England shirt that I treasure, and with so much pride say my dad played with the greatest..

  12. david johnson wrote:

    From an old press cutting: Bobby Charlton.”I can remember one goal at Blackpool that summed him up. Somebody crashed in a shot that beat our keeper, but Duncan took it on the chest and demanded it back right away and ran the full length of the field.”
    “He smashed in a shot from about 30 yards and the goalkeeper was terrified…he ducked out of the way. And Id never seen that before”

  13. Craig Herd wrote:

    i was born in 1985 but Big Dunc was still my first hero. To have seen him play will always be my biggest dream. Legend is used way too often these days, back then it wasn’t and he was still called one!

  14. Lea wrote:

    Hi there i am doing a family tree and it has come to light that duncan edwards was my nans cousin, if there are any other genuine relatives out there could you please get in touch

  15. Hayley wrote:

    Sixty years ago today the world of football changed forever when Duncan Edwards tragically passed away in hospital at the age of twenty one. He bravely fought to stay alive for fifteen days after the Munich air disaster crash that killed seven of his teammates. To me, he is one of the best footballers to have ever lived. I only wish there was a time machine available for me to travel back and witness his brilliance in the flesh. I hope you know how loved you still are, Duncan. Rest in peace Sir x

  16. Priya Mahawatte wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play.R.I.P.Manchester United legend.

  17. Duncan Peter Barnes wrote:

    My father a good amateur footballer named me after this fantastic young icon. so much talent what a human being left us far to soon. But we will look for a long time to see another with his all round professionalism and greatness RIP Duncan my beloved name sake.

  18. stretfordender wrote:

    I saw him play. He was as good as everyone says. RIP big man

  19. stretfordender wrote:

    I saw him play. Will never forget him. RIP big man.

  20. Jan Hickman wrote:

    Have been to place flowers on Duncan’s grave and pay my respects to the Legend he is RIP Boom Boom xx

  21. Nadeem Afzal wrote:

    I wish I had the the blessing to have seen you play live. God rest your soul.

  22. chris fenlon wrote:

    first saw him in dublin in 1957 will never forget him

  23. Glyn Priest wrote:

    I have heard what Bobby Charlton has said of you Duncan and if thats what Bobby says, it must be true. From one legend to another. God bless you Duncan.

  24. Paul Richards wrote:

    Went to pay my respects at his grave a couple of weeks ago still covered in scarves and flowers LEGENDS Never die.R.I.P DUNCAN

  25. Maggs wrote:

    ‘Your candle burnt out long before your legend ever did’.

  26. Futboy embargo wrote:

    RIP Dunc you are up there with the greats

  27. Baggy wrote:

    Duncan, the city where you lived and loved is crying today, young lives like yours, lost forever.

  28. Jan Hickman wrote:

    I have just watched And then came Munich which I had not done for a while and I find this as moving now as the first time I saw it 5 years ago. Duncan’s memory will live on in the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, watched him play, those who have read about him and those who feel he is still a huge part of Dudley! RIP Dunc xx

  29. kirsty wrote:

    Hi i’m just wondering if anyone on here has any information about his family. My dads related to him i just want to put all the picture together it would be awesome to find out more please email me

  30. Sarah wrote:

    Dear Duncan,
    just for you as we celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespheare’s death: ‘Besides this Duncan hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been so clear in his great office, that his virtues will plead like Angels, trumpet-tongu’d against the deep damnation of his taking off;.’ Macbeth scene 7, verse 15.

  31. george davis wrote:

    it may be 58 years today that you finally succumbed,but it only seems like yesterday. As one of the greats your memory all live forever.
    rest in peace great man.

  32. Priya Mahawatte (Preston Red) wrote:

    Heard and read so much about you. Wish I could have seen you play. Manchester United legend. R.I.P

  33. Andy Jeram wrote:

    Im a Liverpool fan but foremost a football fan so have for a long time recognised what a colossus this man was and would have been for club and country.

    Legend is a word used too often but not in this mans case.

    Total respect

  34. trevor davies wrote:

    To see Duncan running at defence of the other team …it,s poetry in motion…poetry in motion.. the..master of his game.One of the greatest players of all time and one of greatest losses in the game football,

  35. trevor davies wrote:

    One of the greatest losses in sport.I was in Hong Kong in 1958 when I heard about the plane crash.I was in the R.A.F.It was a great shock to everybody I know. There were some brilliant players on that plane.I never even saw Duncan play …but I,ve seen him on film….to see him running with the ball you can see he was like a giant on the field..the master of his game…..

  36. Jean Christophe Potin wrote:


    Having spoken to Just Fontaine (Stade de Reims & France) about D. Edwards, he remembers playing against Duncan during the Kentish Cup in 1955 & 1956. He was a brilliant player according to M. Fontaine.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    JC Potin

  37. Sarah wrote:

    Dear Duncan,
    thank you so much for letting me come into your beautiful church last week, it was the perfect end to my ‘stained glass tour’. Thanks also to the gorgeous ladies who let me join in with the service, and the very interesting man I was talking to in the Retreat café. I lit two candles, and one was for you x

  38. Jan Hickman wrote:

    Duncan’s statue is now finished and is looking so much better than before and re-modelled so that flowers can be laid. A fitting tribute to a Dudley lad who achieved so much before being taken so tragically along with the Busby Babes.
    Play on Duncan, you and the babes forever young x

  39. Kev wrote:

    I will only say this, if Duncan had lived I’m quite sure we would have more then a single world cup win to remember here in England… He was a special talent, they don’t come along to often … R.I.P

  40. kenneth dickson wrote:

    I was an 18year old Man Utd supporter when Duncan passed away.He broke my heart I never went again.The memory i will never forget was when i was standing near the corner at Old Trafford, Duncan came to take the corner he blew his nose on the corner flag then smiled at us.

  41. Jan Hickman wrote:

    A boy amongst men, a talent unrivalled and beyond compare, this is DUNCAN EDWARDS the complete football player!

    His grave is a shrine just next to a tree
    I stand there in reverence and cry silently
    For a boy who died ahead of his time
    Lost to the world in the midst of his prime

    Play on big man with the rest of the Babes, you are all loved and remembered – God takes the best

  42. kirsty wrote:

    Im somehow related to duncan but have never been able to fully piece together where he and his parent fit in my family tree i know he his my dads cousin. If anyone reads this and related to duncan please get in touch and help me find out more about the family.

  43. Priya Mahawatte wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play. R.I.P. United legend.

  44. Peter Davey wrote:

    I wasn’t born, I never saw him, and yet I am here: thinking of what might have been.

  45. Ron Church wrote:

    Aged 10 was taken to filbert street home of Leicester City 24 August 1957 to see my favourite team , Man U with my Favourite player .Duncan , memories that have lasted a lifetime. Come on United!!.

  46. Jan Hickman wrote:

    As the 57th anniversary of the Munich air disaster on February 6th approaches, the years have rolled by, but this tragedy still evokes memories for those young and old, for those who knew the Busby Babes and for those who did not. Such was the love for this great team and for Dudley people and their love for Duncan, that time stands still when talking about an event that changed the lives of so many. The world of football was shattered, the loss of the greatest team, the chances to have won the World cup in 58! If Duncan Edwards is looking down with the rest of the babes, I am sure he would be saying that England would have won in 1958, 62 and 66, if not more.
    One thing is for sure, the Munich Air Disaster will never be forgotten, the Busby Babes were the greatest team and Duncan Edwards was, in the words of Sir Bobby Charlton, INCOMPARABLE!
    RIP young Duncan, you will never grow old. RIP Babes, your legacy lives on.

  47. Paul C wrote:

    The greatest of Them all from a Burnley fan who has seen many great players may he rest in peace

  48. Bob appleton wrote:

    Incomparable. The complete player. Genius personified.

  49. Huw Thomas wrote:

    As a Welsh Manchester United follower, aged 5 when Duncan died, I feel very sorry that I did not have the chance to see him play. I only wish that today’s, and tomorrow’s, footballers would behave in such a sporting and dignified manner. RIP, Duncan and friends

  50. marie wrote:

    Coming from dudley I was bought up on tales of Duncan Edwards as my grandad knew him as a boy and he usex to play on the street where i grew up he used to kick cans down the street he was always part of our lives you feel like you know him I always went passed his grave when visiting the cemetery and gave a salute Duncan was one of a kind

  51. Graham Norris wrote:

    It still makes me sad that a young talented player is no longer with us. I was 11 years old when i heard the sad news of the terrible crash. I never saw him play live, in those days we only had a radio. i have visited the grave, stained glass window and statue. The world talks of great players but none can ever match that of Duncan Edwards.

  52. Fred Woodley wrote:

    I remember Dunc. as I called him, there is only a couple of months between us, I was born on the 4th of December. I played with Duncan and against him. I captained South Birmingham School Boys. I was in the Final England Schoolboys Trial with him. The power of his Left Foot was highlighted when he scored with a Shot from the Half Way line, the ball entered the net just under the Cross Bar ,rolled round the net and out to the Penalty Spot. I also felt the power of his Left Foot. There will NEVER be another DUNCAN EDWARDS.

  53. Fred Woodley wrote:

    I remember Dunc as I called him after all these years. There is only a few months between us I was born in December. I played with him and against him and was in the final England School boy Trials. Even at that age what power in that left foot, he scored from the Half Way line and the ball entered the net just under the Cross Bar and rolled round the net out to the Penalty Spot. I also felt the power of his left foot.
    there will NEVER be another Dunc.

  54. David Bowyer wrote:

    Remembering you, Duncan, [for me the greatest footballer] on your 78th birthday. RIP Big Man.

  55. Jan wrote:

    Today Duncan would have been 78 years old if he had lived. So on behalf of his loyal fans and those who saw him play, rest in peace on your birthday and know that you will never be forgotten around the globe.
    Forever young you will remain and how you will always be remembered, the talented lad from Dudley who had it all and the world was cruelly robbed of your talents. RIP Boom Boom xx

  56. Jan wrote:

    How wonderful to read the tributes that are placed here in memory of our beloved Duncan. The legend that he is and always will be is known throughout the world and shows no signs of ever fading.
    His place in history as the greatest footballer is assured (being able to play anywhere on the pitch is testimony in itself) and he will continue to be worshipped, adored and remembered across countries far and wide, but held very dear to the people of Dudley, the Black Country folk, of whom he was so proud. Play on with the babes….all the way Dunc!

  57. Magnhild Øwre wrote:

    I and most of my family are United supporters from Norway. Our 16 years old son and I both read James Leighton’s book “Duncan Edwards – the greatest” this summer, and decided to visit Duncan’s grave and pay tribute with flowers, on our way to the friendly ManUnited – Valencia match. After having seen his boyhood home in 31 Elm Road, and after having experienced that D.E. is not at all forgotten by his fellow citizens (though his statue was in storage)- it was a very emotional moment to eventually find his grave. It’s a true shrine, and we felt we were on pilgrimage. This is what we want to express: Some die young, and sometimes the best among us – but Duncan, thank you for your great contribution to Manchester United’s history and glory! Your feats will shine in eternity! Rest in peace, “big Dunc”.

  58. Terry Walsh wrote:

    This is only the second time I have done this.George Best was the first time.,but I seen George play, I was very young but I saw him..i really do wish I had seen Duncan play,i really wish he and the other players and press and staff had not gone through what happened..DUNCAN EDWARDS THEE LEGEND..MUFC.MANCUNIA.NEVER DIE.

  59. Duncan Green wrote:

    My late father told me he idolised Duncan Edwards,the best player he had ever seen. He idolised him so much that he named me after him in 1959. Today I dropped my son off at Birmingham airport, so I thought i’ll make the trip to Dudley and pay my respects with a photo of the statue and myself. They are revamping the market place and the statue is in storage.Never mind i’ll try again some other time.
    God Bless Duncan Edwards

  60. Andrew wrote:

    I drove up from London yesterday to visit Duncan’s grave and to pay my respects. He died thirteen years before I was born but from an early age his name was often mentioned by older relatives and friends when they spoke about football. The fact that he was always described as not only a great player but also a great man made me decide on the visit. I must admit I found the experience very humbling as I stood reading his headstone and wondering what might have been had he not been taken so very young.

  61. Jan wrote:

    The Duncan Edwards Trail is now available by checking out Dudley MBC website.
    You can download a leaflet and follow the trail from where Duncan began his life, visit his grave and the museum where you can see memorabilia and watch the newsreels that show his great skills and also the tragedy that no-one can forget.
    Duncan will live on forever, not only by Dudley born folk and Manchester United fans, but by all who saw him play, and witnessed his skills. Everyone who saw the great man play, all say the same “there was only one Duncan Edwards” a legend, a hero and a very humble human being. The people of Dudley were proud, are proud and will always be proud of truly the greatest player of all time. God rest his soul and that of the babes…..all the way Dunc!! xx

  62. Barry Lee wrote:

    Duncan lived his life, and passed before I was born. Through my research and stories from my family, I have lovingly built an accurate representation of his footballing exploits. He was one of the most naturally talented players to ever have graced the game. Great gifts from god are often cruelly snatched away before time. A rare talent indeed.

  63. Bob Appleton wrote:

    A phenomenon, a humble human being who died so young but in the short time he was alive lit up the world football with unbelievable skill and majesty. RIP.

  64. joe's daughter wrote:

    Always loved and never forgotten. Rest easy dear Duncan.

  65. joe's daughter wrote:

    Always loved and never forgotten by true Reds. Rest in peace dear Duncan.

  66. amina ali wrote:

    I wish you were still with us you didn’t deserve what happened to you

  67. Jan wrote:

    The legend that is Big Dunc lives on and will continue to do so. Who knows what else our boy from Dudley would have achieved had the Munich air disaster not happened. Undoubtedly Captain of England and who knows how many World Cups would have been won.
    RIP Chief xxx

  68. john byrne wrote:

    Remembered with affection today and everyday.

  69. Leia wrote:

    He fought for so long, so brave his battle they thought he might survive. He lost his battle this day all those years ago, that Manchester, Dudley and the nation sobbed.

    For one so young to still be considered the greatest ever red, all these years on, you know we lost a legend.

    RIP Duncan, for you and your mates we’ll keep the red flag flying high forever and a day.

  70. Phil Moran wrote:

    Duncan was such a great player and a very humble man. I was eleven and worshipped the Busby Babes . Going home for my dinner every day after Munich I was required to give an update on Duncan’s condition to the rest of the lads and can still feel the sense of disbelief when they said on the news he had died. I said to my mum ” but he is so big and strong, it can’t be right”. It was with an ashen face I returned to school with the dreadful news. Our generation will never forget Duncan and hopefully websites like this will ensure that even outside of Manchester and Dudley memory of him will never fade

  71. Terry Etteridge wrote:

    IT’s that time of year big man RIP to a true Legend in every sense of the word..Never forgotten by every red on this planet , your name will live forever ‘Well never Die ‘

  72. Ahmed wrote:

    RIP the greatest footballer who ever lived. Never forgotten.

  73. Natasha wrote:

    RIP to a great footballing legend Duncan Edwards. You are a flower of Manchester and will always be in our hearts xx

  74. Jan wrote:

    Sad to hear of the passing of Bill Foulkes, who has joined his team mates. Nine of the babes together now….all the way Dunc!

  75. chris edwards wrote:

    just found out i was related to such a strong fearless football player my farther almost followed his foot steps andmy grandad never gave any intrest in playing he is my hero and im only 13 i wish he was still here just to tell me the right path

  76. terence watson wrote:

    The best footballer I ever saw in watching football for nearly sixty years. He simply had everything in his repertoire, both attacking and defensive which stands him out above all others.

    Thanks for the wonderful memories, you will never be forgotten,

    Terence watson, derbyshire

  77. Brian wrote:

    I never saw you play but my dad did and he always maintained the greatest player he ever saw was Duncan Edwards and my dad well he never told a lie

  78. Jan wrote:

    I hope the legend of our Duncan lives on forever and will never be forgotten. I would love to see the players of today, kitted out in the style of the fifties with the old leather boots and ball and play in the conditions that the Babes (and all other teams of the day) played in. Now that would tell you who may (I emphasise the word MAY) come even close to the great Duncan Edwards – god what a tragic loss to the world of football.

    Transfer fees!! Duncan would have played for free such was his love of the game.

    All the way Dunc x x x x

  79. paul strickley wrote:

    Tommy Doc said you were the Greatest of them all alongside a lot of others. The other great things he said about you Duncan, people say this player or that player could be the next Duncan Edwards. “They don”t know what they are talking about” I saw Duncan only play about six times but what a colossus!!I was in the Army doing my national service with a Man United supporter in the same regiment and he was telling me that he plays like that every game he starts!!!

  80. Jan wrote:

    Next month, we approach again Duncan’s birthday. 77 years old, but 21 in the hearts and minds of many, forever young is how I like to think of him and indeed he is.
    For people to still talk about him and his talent for football, is without doubt testament to his unquestionable skill for the game that he loved.
    Time will march on, but football fans will still know the name Duncan Edwards! I hope he knows and I am sure he does, how proud Dudley is of the greatest footballer ever.
    Remembered always by Black Country folk. Rest in peace big man, your grave is a shrine and still visited by fans from round the globe, who shed a tear at your resting place.

  81. Jock the Kipper wrote:

    “Och aye,” a true scot am I. Cannie believe that with a name like Duncan, you were not. R.I.P a great player if ever there was one.

  82. Duncan Edwards wrote:

    Duncan Edwards has influenced all my life, even though I was born 4 years before he died. I’m now 59 (where did all those years go?!) and people still ask me “were you named after him?”. I have had some many business meetings delayed by people talking about him, in fact one 1 hour interview had to be rescheduled as the whole meeting (6 people, and in Singapore !!!) was spent talking about him.
    Incredible, only 21 when he died but still remembered 50+ years later. What a talent he must have been and impressed so, so many people. God Bless mate.

  83. IanBloodi wrote:

    I am now 73years old and i still see this greatest footballer doing the things he did on a football ground and i always shed tears for him he truly was the greatest for me but he also showed he was a team member.Ihave visited dudley afew times now and i also keep my items i have of him. May he always rest in peace and knowing how the fans of that period will never forget him. God bless you DUNCAN

  84. Paul wrote:

    As A Burnley fan I cry when I read The Story The Greatest player of the lot our own Jimmy Mac rated him highly so did Sir Tom Finney and Sir Bobby charlton thats more than good enough for me would we have been champions in 1960 with him around I wonder May his soul rest in peace and shame on the fans of chelsea and leeds who could not stand in silence for sir Matt Turfmoor Did and rightly so

  85. Jan wrote:

    Just to let you know I was talking to someone at your grave today who saw you play and he said you were the greatest (with tears in his eyes). Have put red and white flowers at your resting place and you will never be forgotten.
    RIP Duncan x x x

  86. Jeanne Street wrote:

    To this day Duncan remains the greatest footballer I have ever had the pleasure of watching. 27th June 2013.

  87. Robbie Kennedy Bennett wrote:

    Please may I share this page of mine (without pictures) of the legend that is Duncan Edwards, from my site;

    Obviously Black Country Brave ©
    Duncan Edwards

    Dear Duncan, do you mind if I imagine you play?
    As I’ve heard many elders say,
    You are a legend,
    You are a great,
    And their opinion I highly rate.

    Dear Duncan, were you as strong as what I’ve been told?
    You were obviously
    Black Country brave, Black Country bold.

    Yes, I’ve heard that you were complete,
    A colossus young man you were difficult to beat.
    A powerhouse I’ve heard you described,
    Do you mind if I read your career inscribed?

    Quietly I pay my respect,
    Where a man and his name is a topical subject.
    In the heart of Dudley Town centre
    Excuse me may I now enter,
    Into your past
    I’m not first to conceive,
    And most definitely I shan’t be the last.

    Your innocent childhood days,
    Before the hoorah, adulation and praise.
    Your knees were they caked in mud?
    Certainly Duncan, I believe you were evidently good.

    Who were your friends and who was your best mate?
    That field where you played on a council estate.
    Who first led you out on the green?
    Who helped you to fulfil your dream?

    Dear Duncan, it’s Sunday first week of September,
    Dudley shall always remember,
    Their favoured son,
    On the grass of Old Trafford did run.

    © Robbie Kennedy Bennett 11/09/2008

    The Sunday mentioned in the last verse of the poem was the first Sunday of the youth football season 2008-09. Hundreds of youngsters were engaging once again into the game that they love. As it was the first day of the season, many were due to play in their very first game but the wet weather dictated events and there were many cancellations. Perhaps one or more players were treading their first steps on a path that will lead them from an ordinary green to a field of dreams.

    Come the start of season 2013-14 will be 5 years since I wrote all of the above. Recently I was in conversation with a friend of mine, Bob Pitt, who had been on a tour of Old Trafford.

    Bob told me that he was at the unveiling of the Duncan Edwards statue and left soon afterwards without realizing that Bobby Charlton would be staying. He is Wolves ‘through and through’, as they say and apart from his beloved club his favourite player was Bobby Charlton. It is of Bob’s opinion that Duncan Edwards is the only player he felt inferior of.

    Bob Pitt was brought up by his dad and uncles to appreciate good players and to love and respect the game. Bob himself with his wife Mavis, at the time of writing, work wholeheartedly for youngsters in football and have done so for many years.

    ‘You are a legend,
    you are a great,
    and their opinion I highly rate’

    Obviously Black Country Brave ©
    Duncan Edwards

  88. Jan wrote:

    Having just watched the England friendly against Ireland and read about Phil Jones who is being compared to our beloved Duncan, it seems that there are lots of similarities between the two. The fact that Phil was born on the day that Duncan died – 21st february, 34 years later in 1992, their height, build and strength are certainly worth noting. It will be interesting to see how this mature young man develops. I have not read about anyone being compared to Duncan or even be in the same league since the loss of our own Dudley boy. I hope he is looking down and watching this young man and thinking “good game chief.” One thing is for sure, if Duncan had lived, forget your fees, he would have been priceless. RIP BIG DUNC X

  89. Brian Easton wrote:

    I was 12 at the time of Munich and a football mad Geordie – I remember with shock when told of the air crash and some players had died. Sadder news followed when Duncan died. I have happy memories of seeing Duncan play at Newcastle probably in 1957.
    R I P Duncan and all the other lads – I still think England could have won the 1958 World Cup if it had not been for Munich.

  90. Michael Brown wrote:

    So sad Duncan passed away so young,wish i got to see him play,R.I.P Duncan

  91. Jan wrote:

    To Paul thank you for your much appreciated comment about my poem, and although I wrote it, I can’t read it out aloud to anyone because I always cry before I reach the end.
    I was talking to someone recently who attended the memorial evening on the 21st Feb (Duncan’s cousins were there also) and this man called Harry told me he had seen Duncan play on several occasions and he said he was amazing!! I just watched a programme about the Munich Air Disaster and Harry Gregg was almost in tears when he mentioned the fact that Duncan had died.
    I truly hope Duncan is up there still playing with the Babes and he knows how much he is thought of.
    RIP – Forever a hero, forever a legend, forever the greatest.

  92. Peter Rayner wrote:

    I was born in august 1956 much too young to remember that terrible day in munich but as i’ve got older i have read books watched videos (cd’s) about you and listened to people who saw you play saying what a genius you were and what a tragedy to lose a much gifted player you are a legend R.I.P Duncan Paul Edwards God Bless.

  93. Paul Strickley wrote:

    That poem Jan was absolutely magnificent.It brought a tear to my eyes. I wrote a song to sing on the terraces,to the tune of The Halls of Montezuma. From the streets of Greater Manchester to every corner of the world,we are supporters of Man Utd,every man,woman,boy and girl.And we will never forget the Busby Babes the Flowers of Manchester,and to Sir Alex and these glory days we salute and thank you sir.!!!

  94. Jan Hickman wrote:

    To mark the anniversay of Duncan’s death, I would like to share a poem that I wrote on 4.10.11 in celebration of his 75th birthday which was published in the Black Country Bugle, so I am very proud.

    Duncan Edwards – The Legend Lives On

    His grave is a shrine,just next to a tree
    I stood there in reverence and cried silently
    For the boy had had died ahead of his time
    By a cruel twist of fate, in the midst of his prime

    I wish I had known him, this down to earth lad
    The greatest footballer the world ever had
    But I was just two, when tragedy struck
    Still I feel that I know him from reading the books
    That tell you the stories of the skills that he had
    The boy from The Priory, who was football mad

    A boy amongst men, he lived for the game,
    He didn’t want money, stardom or fame
    A boy amongst men, Dunc had it all
    And the love of his life, his beloved football

    Each game that he played, he gave it his all
    His feet never far from that hard leather ball
    The players he tackled were soon running back
    No chance against Duncan on the attack

    “Give him the ball” Jimmy Murphy would say
    With the rest of the babes shouting “Dunc all the way”
    And off he would go, a team on his own
    Boom Boom Edwards as he became known

    He never gave up til that last whistle blew
    He amazed everyone with the things he could do
    And those who were lucky to witness him play
    Will never forget those halcyon days

    A bitter end was in store, for nobody could know
    Of events on the runway coming down with the snow
    And after the crash on that fifteenth day
    It was hard to believe he had just slipped away

    The Black Country boy who had so much to give
    Who fought to the last in order to live
    His battle was lost, all efforts in vain
    The world had seen Duncan play his last game

    Grown men they still cry, at this story so sad
    For the best “Busby Babe” the team ever had
    The legend he is will not fade or die
    Although the same question will always be why?
    Only God knows the answer for ending the dream
    And for keeping together eight of the team

    The hands of the clock keep marching on
    But Wonder Boy Edwards is still twenty one
    His age, had he lived now, would be seventy five
    In the memories of many he is still alive
    And I’m sure from above, young Duncan looks down
    So proud of his statue right there in the town

    There at this resting place, just next to a tree
    I stand there in reverence and cry silently
    For the boy with a talent for kicking a ball
    The Dudley born boy who just had it all
    For the boy who had died ahead of his time
    Lost to the world in the midst of his prime

    To end this small tribute – a quote from “The Doc”
    With the last 90 minutes now up on the clock
    Of this colossus of a man who stood proud and tall
    He said “Duncan Edwards was the greatest player of them all”

    RIP x

  95. Jan wrote:

    Forgot to say I am hoping to wax lyrical about you with Wilf McGuinness tonight. I know he will continue to tell everyone that you are still the most complete and greatest footballer ever!

  96. Jan wrote:

    Remembering our very own Duncan on this, the 55th anniversary of your death.
    You will probably be amazed to know how your legend is still growing with every passing year.
    So Big Dunc as you lead the rest of the Babes out for a kick about in heaven, don’t forget the words “all the way Dunc!” then blast in one of your boom boom shots.
    RIP x

  97. Derek Iggleden wrote:

    Sadly time to think of what might have been,
    This day 55 years ago Dudley lost a son, Manchester United lost a babe & England lost a genius!!! Sadly gone but never forgotten, forever young. R.I.P Duncan

  98. Paul Strickley wrote:

    Another sad anniversary two weeks after the Munich air disaster,My hero Big Dunc passed away.R.I.P.God Bless.

  99. Paul Strickley wrote:

    2:30am on the 21st 55years we had to say goodbye to The Greatest.RIP Duncan.

  100. Paul Strickley wrote:

    Lovely words you have written Derek. I was one of the lucky ones who actually saw Big Dunc play football,from when he was a schoolboy to becoming a giant in the game.You will never be able to convince people how great he really was. I will leave that to players,managers and colleagues to put forward their views.R.I.P Duncan. My number one Hero.

  101. Derek Iggleden wrote:

    On Thursday February 8th to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Munich air disaster I decided to put into words my feelings about the loss of the Great Duncan Edwards.
    A date in time now solemnly remembered,
    A runway field in winters icy grasp,
    A plane wreck dream of Babes in Europe,
    A shrouded plane in deaths black mask,
    But somehow a miracle Duncan’s not dead,
    A glimmer of hope to stem the tide of dread
    A true Black Country boy doing wonders we have seen,
    Our reverend eyes did gaze upon the best there’s ever been,
    No equal in death nor left behind when football was in play,
    No one to touch this gentle giant the greatest of his day,
    A colossal man who could strike great men inferior,
    Like a breath in time as shadows gaze in awe of feats superior,
    With indomitable spirit like ghosts soft kiss his final great pass,
    Was to sadly pass away and leave us all forever immortal last,
    R.I.P Duncan Edwards Forever Young.
    A Day Of Memory Sad TO Recall,
    Without Farewell He Left Us All.

  102. Jan wrote:

    My partner’s mother and father were at school with Duncan, they are a year younger and now aged 75. About 10 years ago, whilst visiting Duncan’s grave, a Sky news reporter interviewed my partner’s father and asked if he knew Duncan. He proudly said “yes we were at the same school and as a boy I once saved a penalty from Duncan”. I would love to get footage of this but have very little information to go on. Would be grateful if anyone could help?
    RIP Dunc – I will be at St Francis Church on Thursday with your cousins and then attending Dudley Museum on the evening for a “Duncan” night.

  103. Jan wrote:

    55 years on 21st February since Duncan died. A memorial service to honour him is being held at St Francis Church on the day at 11am.
    He has been affectionately known by different names, Big Dunc, our Duncan, Boom Boom Edwards, The Tank, The boy man, The Boy Wonder and will remain the 21 year old most complete footballer there ever was. His legend will live on, it will never fade even with the passage of time.
    RIP x

  104. Avinash wrote:

    What a loss, The Tank would have crushed everything in his way. Genius, terrific and simply the greatest. He would be the first in my dream team list.

    RIP Duncan

  105. Alan Jones wrote:

    To the Greatest – RIP

  106. Elvin Box wrote:

    If you could have blended Moore, Pele and Cruyff into one magnificent footballer, that player would have been nearly as good as Duncan.

  107. Paul Strickley wrote:

    Yes remembering all those that perished at Munich with both sides at Wembley wearing black arm bands. I remember the match at Wembley in 1956, four x two for England against a Brazilian side who two years later went and won the World Cup and we missed two penalties.To think The Busby Babes would have been two years older for that tournament. If only someone had stood up and said I am not going to fly in this plane.As Harry Gregg said “It takes a brave man to be a coward.”Another statistic put Charlton in the team instead of Billy Whelan and you had eleven English players.

  108. Jan Hickman wrote:

    Just reading through the latest comments and to Paul Strickley I would say just one thing, please try and visit Duncan’s grave, emotional yes,but to stand there in reverence and pay your respects, what an amazing experience. There are always flowers and tributes from fans and it is overwhelming to realise how much of a legend Duncan has become and what potential the world lost after that fateful day.
    I was pleased to see that the 55th anniversay was remembered at England v Brazil match and wondered, when I saw Sir Bobby Charloton, just what thoughts were going through his head, as this day must still be as raw now as all those years ago. There but for the grace of god……

  109. Mrs K Cram wrote:

    My dad would have been 74 today. He played football in the streets with Duncan. RIP big Dunc.

  110. Mrs K Cram wrote:

    My dad would have been 74 today. He played football in the street with Duncan. Always a Villa fan but always a Man U fan. RIP Duncan.

  111. Mrs K Cram wrote:

    RIP Big Dunc.

  112. Mrs K Cram wrote:

    My Dad would have been 74 today. He played football out in the streets with Duncan. Always a Villa fan but always a Man U fan. Have seen all tha caps and grave too. Big Dunc, always a place for you!

  113. jon douglas wrote:

    yes is in no doubt would have gone on to greates player would have been man utd manager if he had survied

  114. Gemma Hill wrote:

    Being a black country wench the loss of a fellow yamyam is always hard to think of, but with Duncan being a relative on my nans side makes it even harder to bare. You had the talent, the skill, the pride and the passion whilst remembering your roots and always being the perfect gentleman. Big man, you may be gone but you will never ever be forgotten, it should have been you lifting that trophy in 66. Much love and respect to Englands greatest. xx

  115. Paul Strickley wrote:

    I used to live in Birmingham and I have seen the Great Duncan Edwards playing football since he was a youngster but I am still not man enough to visit his grave.Too emotional for me.

  116. Angie wrote:

    Just one more shot at goal chuck, then you and your mates can hit the showers RIP

  117. Jan Hickman wrote:

    6th February 1958 – The Munich Air Disaster

    A tragedy for so many reasons, the loss of the Busby Babes and their greatest player – Duncan Edwards, and not forgetting the rest of the passengers on that fateful flight.

    Dudley will mourn the loss of Duncan again this year and I will visit his grave and spend a quiet moment.

    RIP X

  118. Paul Strickley wrote:

    It”s almost tomorrow and The Babes Supporters will shed a few more tears and think what might have been. Never will be forgotten.x

  119. Paul Strickley wrote:

    I watch the footballers these days with their wearing of tights,gloves etc,then I remember The Busby Babes playing at Highbury,winning five four against Arsenal in the mud and slush of a so called football pitch,then flying to Belgrade for the european cup match. The famous photograph of them in their short sleeve shirts and short,shorts then playing in those ice cold conditions covered in mud and not grass. Times certainly have changed.Duncan hitching his shorts up another couple of inches.His mother used to say when he did that Iknew he meant business. Carrying on playing even though one of the Red Star players had gone over the top onto his ankle.

  120. Jan wrote:

    The anniversay of the Munich Air Disaster is approaching again, 55 years on and the memory of the Busby Babes remains in the hearts and minds of many, those old enough to remember it and those, like myself who have only heard about the tragedy, and also how great the team of the era was, with their star player, our own Dudley born, Duncan ‘Boom Boom’ Edwards.
    If this disaster had happened now, one thing is for sure, Duncan would not have died as a result of his horrific injuries, the technology today is such that he would have lived. His amazing strength alone kept him going for 15 days after the crash. If only he had survived, Lord knows how many world cups England would have won with the big man in the team (probably as Captain)taking charge. The world lost a “one off” and he was ours, a Black Country boy born and bred. RIP Dunc x

  121. Wale oyenuga wrote:

    I wasn’t born when you graced football with your personality and skill and I’m sad about that but I am glad to be previledged to hear about you… As I write this, I have tears in my eyes and I’m watching the movie “united”…… God bless you and keep resting in the lord till we meet to part no more…

    Legendary “BIG BOY EDWARDS”

  122. Loop wrote:

    Dear Duncy,
    Lenny Henry wants to do Macbeth in Priory Park, is it o.k if king Duncan wears a Man Utd Shirt?.

  123. Gaurav Sharma wrote:

    greatest player ever……….

  124. Paul Strickley wrote:

    Happy Birthday for the 1st of Oct Big Dunc we will never see the likes of you again.

  125. David Bowyer wrote:

    A Hero to all true football fans. What a player!Happy Birthday Duncan. RIP.

  126. Paul Strickley wrote:

    You would have been 76 today BIG DUNC and of all the greats I have seen no one gets anywhere near to you and I have watched football for over 60odd years.I am now 74 years of age.

  127. Patrick Brennan wrote:

    I grew up as a Man Utd Fan due to my late cousin Shay Brennan conections to Manchester.
    All said no one was fit to lace big Duncans boots.
    A True Gentleman and True Legend RIP

    Football was invented for you Duncan and you showed the world.

  128. Jan wrote:

    Duncan’s birthday is approaching again on 1st October, he would have been 76 had he lived, but his is very much alive in the hearts of all Busby Babe and Man U fans. I shall visit his grave and say a silent prayer and also tell him he is not and never will be forgotton.

  129. Colin Smith wrote:

    Hello, My name is Colin Smith. I am from Belfast Northern Ireland. I am a great fan of Manchester United and a very keen autographs & memorabilia collector. My most treasured possession is that of Duncan Edwards’ autograph. It is on an early 1950’s autograph book page along with Eddie Colman, Bobby Charlton (both signed in pencil) & Gordon Clayton. I have it on display on my site which can be viewed at – I thought this may be of interest to fellow Manchester United fans around the world. I also recently purchased & read James Leighton’s book ‘Duncan Edwards The Greatest’ which i highly recommend to all.

  130. glynn wrote:

    when someone of the stature of bobby charlton says that the only player that ever made him feel inferior was duncan edwards there`s not alot more to be said about this footballing giant from dudley. god bless duncan.

  131. Barry Davidson wrote:

    I was 16 when Duncan passed away and to this day I have the front page of that days Daily Express. I started supporting Utd at age 11 and have been a supporter ever since and will remain one till I die. I watched Duncan many times, at Old Trafford, in away matches and in those glorious European matches played at Maine Rd. I have watched Bobby, Denis, George and many others but none have ever reached the level of excellence Duncan achieved. He truly was a colossus! Only George excited me as much. Its difficult to explain to my grandsons how good he was with no video coverage such as is available today to back up my opinions.
    RIP Duncan!

  132. Aidan Flint wrote:

    My Nana’s favourite player, thanks for giving her them memories Duncan. Surely you were the greatest of them all. Long live the memory of Duncan Edwards!

  133. Whizzy wrote:

    Last week the nation voted for it’s top 100 stained glass windows in Britain, you were second behind that mad girl who went to a tea party with the Hatter and a door mouse.

  134. Whizzy wrote:

    Last week the nation voted for it’s top 100 stained glass window in a British Church, you are second behind that mad girl who went to a tea party with the Hatter and the door mouse.

  135. Aneesh wrote:

    Though am young and haven’t been able to see him as much, i have been able to see just one match of his and he was undoubtedly the best. RIP Big Dunc. Gone but Never Forgotten.

  136. vishen wrote:

    terry Venables summed up duncan perfectly. he said” if duncan survived munich, then it would have been him, and not bobby moore, that lifted the world cup in 66.

  137. paul wrote:

    I was in Malaya doing my national service when the tragedy happened,I couldn”t even go to your funeral Big Man.What a loss to all football followers.

  138. michael evans wrote:

    i think of you duncan every day since the crash and i honestly feel your presence.i wish i could put into words what i feel but i can,t,bobby charlton says it all for me when he talks about his friend duncan. i wish i new him,mabey i,ll meet him in heaven one day .
    i know its been 54 years since the accident,but to me it feels like yesterday if i could go back in time to that terrable day and change history it would for the aircraft not to take off.
    always in my thoughts duncan along with your team mates god bless.mike

  139. Jan wrote:

    I have been lucky enough to get my copy of James Leighton’s new book signed by the cousins of Duncan, who I met at a talk at one of the local libraries. The talk was given by my friend Rose Rogers Cook who made the DVD “And then Came Munich” (made in 1998) which was played too. Rose interviewed Duncan’s mother, Sarah Ann, Wilf McGuinness, Tommy Docherty, Bill Foulkes and Sir Walter Winterbottom. It is well worth purchasing and no matter how many times you watch it, it is still very emotional. This is one footballer that will never be forgotten! I hope he is watching down on Euro 2012 – bet he could show them a thing or too. RIP Big Man x x

  140. paul wrote:

    In that famous caption of Duncan leaping over the boundary wall to talk to that youngster,does anyone know who that youngster was and what became of him.(the teenager sweeping the terraces)

  141. paul wrote:

    I have just finished reading the book about Duncan by James Leighton a brilliant book,but you had to see the Great Duncan play football to realise how great he really was.

  142. paul wrote:

    I have finished reading the book about Duncan Edwards by James Leighton,a brilliant reading but you really had to see the boy giant play football to appreciate how great a player he was.
    Ihave a newspaper cutting with the remarks made by a certain Sir Alf Ramsey talking about a match played in thick mud and snow and every one slipping and sliding except the great Duncan, he said he was striding around the pitch as if it was a bowling green surface.Great Memories Duncan.

  143. Jan wrote:

    I have just finished reading Duncan Edwards – The Greatest and it is a brilliant read. I learnt things I didn’t know even though I have read all there is to read about Duncan. Explained in the last chapter is why Duncan is the greatest player of all time, quite simply apart from his love of football, total commitment to the sport and his natural talent, this great man could play in any position on the pitch and although we had the the likes Pele, Maradonna and now Messi and Rooney, could they play in any position on the pitch – the author says not and he has a valid point as according to Tommy Docherty and players who actually played alongside Duncan, Wilf McGuinness for one, all state the same, there was no-one quite like Duncan then or since!
    Incomparable is the word that is repeated over and over again in relation to Big Dunc – a one man army, what precious memories for those who saw him play. RIP Boom Boom

  144. Dinno wrote:

    Being a Dudley boy we’re proud of Big Dunc.Some of my family live on the Priory.I met my partner from Wordsley and as i got to know her family i used to help her granddad out on his property.One day we were chatting and he started talking about his ex neighbour and close friend none other than ex Wolves legend Stan Cullis.He told me many stories about Stan,they used to have half a bitter together at the Stew Poney Pub but the one that remains is how Stan had said to him..’that Duncan Edwards had it,biggest regret for me is him not coming to play for us’.That says it all really on just how talented Duncan was as he said this in the 60’s and Wolves had won the league in 54,58 and 59 and FA cup in 60.Story reminds me abit of Sir Alex and Gazza.

    God bless Duncan/Busby babes and all who left that fateful day.xxxx

  145. Jan wrote:

    Just got my copy of the new book about Duncan by James Leighton, have only read the introduction and first 2 chapters as it only arrived 1 hour ago, however, I can’t put it down!
    Long live Duncan,it can only be left to imagine what this amazing man could have achieved.

    His grave is a shrine just next to a tree
    I stood there in reverance and cried silently
    For the boy who had died ahead of his time
    By a cruel twist of fate in the midst of his prime.
    God Bless his memory x x

  146. Daniel Yeates wrote:

    The biggest ever loss to world football. Sorely missed by every true football person in the world, and as Bobby Charlton said “The only player to ever make me feel inferior” Surely the greatest player to ever play the beautiful game.
    Forever in our hearts
    RIP you Flowers Of Manchester

  147. paul wrote:

    I can still remember Sir Matt Busby in that television interview saying to Jimmy Murphy I”m here at the training ground seeing this boy of sixteen and find out any weakness he may have”.After a while he said to Jimmy let”s go back to Old Trafford he has”nt got a weakness.

  148. paul wrote:

    There is the Great Sir Matt Busby saying to Jimmy Murphy I”m down at the training ground looking at this 16yr old boy trying to find a weakness in this lad and after a short time turning to Jimmy Murphy let”s go back to Old Trafford,I can”t find a single weakness.

  149. Jan wrote:

    For all you Duncan Edwards fans out there along with myself, there is a new book coming out on the 24th May called Duncan Edwards – The Greatest by James Leighton. As soon as I found out about it I had to order one! Can’t wait to receive it, anything that is written about Duncan is an absolute MUST read.
    His legend lives on and he will remain forever young.
    I know he is with the other Busby Babes still playing in God’s best 11. x x

  150. Sue Hiscock wrote:

    Duncan. You will be remembered by all of MANCHESTER UNITED FANS. If only today’s players would of known you back then what they would say to you now. You were so young to be taken from us and what a player you were and always will be the best player in the world. I have read your life story and what a hero you would be to our players of today like Rooney, C. Ronaldo and Massi. Your number one Manchester United fan and always will be. Duncan R.I.P now XX

  151. Sue Hiscock wrote:

    Duncan. You will be remembered by every MANCHESTER UNITED FAN. You were so young when you were taken from us at an early age. If the players of today only saw what you could do, what they would of said today.
    I am a very big fan of Manchester United and always will be, i’ve read your life story and what a hero you would of been today to our players, like Rooney, C. Ronaldo, Massi.
    Duncan R.I.P.
    your number one fan.
    Sue Hiscock

  152. Glen Hunter wrote:

    Although I was born just three years later, I knew about the Munich crash from an early age, and I had often heard about the legend called Duncan Edwards; I hadn’t realised he was a “Busby Babe” until years later !

  153. paul wrote:

    We can all talk about the greatest player that”s ever been.These days its Messi and Ronaldo but when I pick my greatest player I go for someone who can play in any position and be just as great attacking and defending,so in my opinion you should choose one goalkeeper and ten Duncan Edwards say against ten Lionel Messi”s.No contest. The only team that could match that would be one goalkeeper and ten John Charles,what a match that would be.

  154. Jan wrote:

    I live 2 miles from Dudley and regularly ‘visit’ Duncan at his grave and for those people who have not been to see where the great man is buried, please try and go, it is a very emotional experience; his grave is always covered with tributes from fans and well worth paying your respects. Gallery 7 in Dudley Art Museum is dedicated to Duncan with lots of his memorabilia on display. It is amazing to think that the greatest footballer EVER came from Dudley, the town that is so proud of him and always will be.

  155. Andy Rodgers wrote:

    I never saw the greatest player to play for man utd and was taken from us in a sad way THE BUSBY BABES WILL NEVER DIE

  156. paul griffin wrote:

    iam so proud that duncan was a red,in such a short life he archived so much,we can only guess what he could have become,his family and the town of dudley must be thanked for the legacy that remains.
    The heaven 11 with sir matt and jimmy murphy are unbeatable,duncan edwards”legend”.

  157. paul wrote:

    I wonder what today”s footballers and managers would say about you playing 95 games in a season
    when you played for the army,England and Manchester Utd. You playing for the youth team in the morning and then telling Sir Matt you were fit to play for the 1st eleven in the afternoon.

  158. paul wrote:

    I wish you would show these multi millionaire footballers how to kick a football 60 or 70 yds with either foot.Heaven knows how far you would kick these balloons they play with these days.
    God Bless Big Dunc it”s no good saying how good you were no one would believe it.

  159. MCFC fan wrote:

    He was a terrible loss to English football. With his football brain, not only could he have been a great player into the 70s – could he have been battling Pele in the 1970 World Cup? – but he might have been a great manager. Even now, he might be ‘the elder statesman’, an England manager we could all respect instead of the ones we got.

    Utd fans – yeah, we want to beat you etc, but real City fans respect the Babes, Frank Swift and all who died at Munich, as you saw at OT in 2008.

    Duncan Edwards is an English football hero.

  160. Ted Funnell wrote:

    Duncan , you were truly the Greatest, and was it really 54 years ago that you left us … you will never be forgotten along with the ‘Babes’… “God Bless” … Ted.

  161. Rúnar Haukur Ingimarsson wrote:

    Simply the best – never forgotten.

  162. Mary Nelson wrote:

    A true legend, never forgotten. I wish I could have met you.

  163. Jan wrote:

    The legend lives on and will never be forgotton

  164. Jan Hickman wrote:

    There at his resting place just next to a tree
    I stand there in reverance and cry silently
    For the boy with a talent for kicking a ball
    The Dudley born boy who just had it all
    For the boy who had died ahead of his time
    Lost to the world in the midst of his prime
    To end this small tribute – a quote from “The Doc”
    With the last 90 minutes now up on the clock
    Of this colossus of a man who stood proud & tall
    He said “Duncan Edwards was the greatest player of them all”

    Taken from a poem I have written in tribute to Duncan Edwards to mark his 75th birthday. What a loss to the world of football and what memories for those who saw him play.

    He will never be forgotten – The legend lives on.

  165. Martin wrote:

    RIP big man.

  166. Martin wrote:

    We’ll never die! RIP Duncan.

  167. paul wrote:

    Hey Duncan:- you know what the great Bobby Moore said
    about you(he used to play truant from school to watch you play for england)The Rock of Gibraltar in defence and dynamite going forward..

  168. Grayso wrote:

    Forever and Ever we’ll follow the Boys of Man United ..Matt Busbies Babes. RIP. Lad!!

  169. David Connell wrote:

    I only saw Duncan play on a few televised games but as a 7/8 yr old boy he was my model footballer and hero figure. I wanted to grow up to be a footballer like him. While I grew older, sadly he did not. Needless to say I didn’t become a footballer like him, but I am in good company as no-one else ever has either. Much missed.

  170. Abda Samio wrote:

    I never had the privilege of watching the great Duncan Edwards play, but deep down somewhere i know he was one cracker of a player. Even if i never came across those amazing stats, i would’v known he was spectacular because he was one of the main ‘Busby Babes’. I love you Duncan Edwards, you will always remain within every United fan’s heart. Glory Glory Manchester United.

  171. paul pearson wrote:

    never forget! feb 6th 1958.

  172. paul wrote:

    I f people want to know how good Duncan was,one
    of the daily papers asked such great managers as Joe Mercer Sir Alf Ramsey Don Revie etc to pick their greatest Gt Britain side since the war,only one player got 100%of the vote,the great Duncan and all admitted he was the first name on their team sheet.Instead of George Best some of the managers went for Tom Finney and Stanley Matthews.The great John Charles came second.

  173. Paul Branigan wrote:

    My Dad watched you play, I did not. He always said that you were better than Pele, better than Best (and he loved Bestie).
    I saw them both play and Beckenbauer and Platini and Cruyff and Maradona, so did my dad, “they were good” Dad used to say, but couldn’t touch a 21 year old boy from Dudley.
    He always said if the “babes” had not perished, England would have won the world cup in 62 and you would have easily, easily been captain in 66. If you had lived I would have seen you play. I don’t care about England, I am a Manchester United Fan. I miss the European Cups we would have won. I care about Matt, I care about the stories that my Dad told me about. I care about Geoff and Roger and David and Tommy and Billy and Mark and Eddie “snakehips”. It’s 2012 and your legend lives on. RIP Duncan. We miss you

  174. Pete wrote:

    I regret so much that I never saw Duncan play. I don’t know of any other footballer who has inspired so much praise as Duncan. Bobby Charlton, a man who is careful with his praise of other footballers, still says that Duncan is the only player who ever made him feel inferior. Countless people who were there at the time and either knew him, saw him play, played with him or against him all agree that Duncan was a diamond, a complete player and a complete one-off. Sleep soundly Duncan and thank you so much for your legacy.

  175. paul wrote:

    I was in Malaya doing my N.Service when the tragedy happened,being a Brummie I first saw you play when you were a schoolboy around the B”ham area.I used to go to Wembley on a wednesday to watch you play for England.The last time I saw you,you didn”t play that day you were injured but you turned around when I shouted to my brother that you weren”t playing(must have been the Brummie accent).After Malaya I was stationed
    in Germany,and the Germans were still talking about Boom Boom!They said you didn”t have a weakness but you did,you used to ride a bike with no lights!!!

  176. RICHARD TUGWELL wrote:


  177. Sarah Rye wrote:

    Dear Duncan, that young lad Robin, who used to talk to you at Manchester Airport, when you were watching the planes, well he joined up with his two brothers to form a singing group. Nothing exciting, just a few hits, Night Fever, you should be Dancing, How Deep is your Love, etc etc. Just thought you might like to know.

  178. john clegg wrote:

    duncan you were a one off just missed seeing you play but if bobby says your the best that will do for me

  179. MancunianRed wrote:

    Rest in peace Big Dunc, forever a legend at Manchester United football club.

    Taken far too soon.

  180. Midge wrote:

    Happy Birthday, I don’t know if they have them where you are, all I know is that 75 years ago today something special happened.

  181. VIC wrote:

    I saw Duncan play at the Wolves with the United Youth Team in the youth cup with my dad, and have never forgotten what was said by the Wolves supporters,everyone was talking about his ability to do all the magical things, he was outstanding and he was given a standing ovation at the end, a local lad playing for the greatest team England have ever had, my father said he was the greatest,that’s good enough for me, RIP Duncan,

  182. Nathan Lang wrote:

    Big Dunc – Im a life long united fan and You are my hero – I hear the way your teammates and fans who seen you play talk of you and i can only start to imagine how good you were, The finest player to ever grace the pitch, Stolen from us but never forgotten, RIP Boom Boom.

  183. dodo wrote:

    RIP,big dunc

  184. DT wrote:

    not sure what to say if honest here Duncan. I read and heard about you growing up as a united fan yet i never knew you or saw you play as I was born 20 odd years after you passed away. Yet i have this urge inside me that needs to say something as i feel robbed having not seen you fulfill your destiny. I simply look forward to seeing you play in heaven Dunc, where you’ve humbled Brazil and England have more than 1 star, and Real Madrid won nothing in the 60s as the babes ruled Europe. No. 6, RIP

  185. Vera wrote:

    I feel so very sad that I have never seen neither Big Duncan nor the rest of the Busby Babes playing because I’m only 22 now. But being a United fan for the most part of my life, I have read a lot about him and watched every single video I could find, and I just can’t help admiring that brilliant, absolutely incredible player…Duncan Edwards is a true hero, a true legend…The greatest.

  186. howiedeblue wrote:

    As a blue i think this site is tremendous, have heard my dad wax lyrical about Duncan Edwards all my life (51), now my daughter lives in Netherton so have seen the statue in Dudley town many times, will be travelling from Ireland in July 2011 and intend to visit all the sites mentioned here, RIP Duncan, from a lifelong Man City fan

  187. barry bradshaw wrote:

    my dad played with duncan edwards at manchester utd, and he said he was the best and nicest person you could ever meet,
    my dad and duncan both had there first trails for manchester utd on the same day. and we still have that programme that was printed on that day.
    it would be good to find out what the value would be of that.

  188. Nícolas Dueñas wrote:

    My grandpa ever time pass his time told to me about Duncan, I’m colombian, and isn’t matter, because if you have the honor to know something about Duncan, your heart start to feel something, I feel respect, and here, in my country, a little bit of men, all of them old guys, remember this good football player, and for me its a satisfaction share my sing for them… God save Duncan Edwards 🙂

  189. Matt Parker wrote:

    I have been a United fan all my life and have always had an admiration for Big Duncan.I wish I had the pleasure of seeing him play but unfortunatley he and many others were robbed of that.I think after seeing United that I will buy a utd 1957 shirt with Edward 6 on the back RIP Duncan adopted Manc

  190. David Blatt wrote:

    The one and only time I saw Duncan play was that (in)famous game against Arsenal at Highbury. My Dad took me and I was just 8 1/2 years old. It was cold and all the men were taller than me. I caught a glimpse of the play between their necks and shoulders, but for the life of me I cannot swear which player was Duncan that incredible night.
    It was only years later that the true significance of that match sunk in. From the age of 14 I became a member of the Manchester United (London & District) Supporters Club, and every time we played Wolves away, the coach would stop at the cathederal in Dudley for us to gaze at the stained glass window and pay our respects.
    The modern debate as to whether Pele or Maradona (and latterly Messi) is the world’s greatest footballer would be made redundant if television had not been in its infancy and the Munich disaster had not happened. Players who played with and against have since claimed he was the greatest player they ever played with/against and would have become universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest football player.
    That’s good enough for me.

  191. maddie wrote:

    Dear Duncan,
    watched it last Sunday, Sam Claflin really did you proud, bless him.The bit where David Tennant is talking to you, (him) in the hospital, I haven’t bawled so much since the Cars at Live Aid. Rest In Peace, Duncan.

  192. Domenico wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was a man in Football but a boy at heart. His ability was good enough for England but his potential was good enough for Heaven. Resquiat in Pacem Big Dunc.

  193. Duncan Buckley wrote:

    I have the honour and privilege to be named after the great man. The stories i was told from my dad and his friends about his skills, ability and passion for the game are amazing. I wish there were more clips of him to saviour and admire his talent.

  194. Rebecca wrote:

    21 years old. The world at his feet. And then living his dream, it was taken away from him. Just like that. what times kick off on Saturday boss? is what he said to jimmy murphy. To me, I feel this man was imortal. If he is counted as a legand at 21 years old, he’s got to be something. But you know the worst part? He never got to fulfill his potential. It wouldn’t have been bobby more lifting the world cup in 66′, it would have been Duncan. He should still be here today. They all should still be here today. The greatest team of players who will always be rememberd. But maybe, just maybe, the greatest loss was a man called Duncan Edwards.

  195. Domenico wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was a man in football but a boy at heart. His ability was good enough for England and his potential good enough for heaven. Resquiat in Pacem Big Dunc

  196. joan wrote:

    my uncy duncy as i called him he was the greatest xoxoxox

  197. joan wrote:

    r i p duncan,but he wasnt born in elm road he lived at number 31,and i was born at number 34, our parents swapped houses and duncan moved over the road to number 34 where his parents lived at the time of his deathxoxoxox

  198. George wrote:

    We will always miss you, Big Duncan!

  199. Anonymous wrote:

    my grandad watched united for over 50 years , thats a lot of legendary players but i never got bored of the stories he would tell about the best of them all …… Duncan Edwards , players these days should watch and learn . R.I.P big fella

  200. Leia wrote:

    The greatest player of his time, the greatest player that ever played the game of football, went by the name of Duncan Edwards.

    53 years ago you passed Dunc, but no one has got near you since and no one ever will. RIP Duncan, one day I’ll see you play

  201. Lars Rune wrote:

    Our footballhistory would be diffrent if not Duncan had died. Best player the world have ever seen. Sorry Maradonna, Messi and Pelè

  202. roisin wrote:

    Just like to say that I now live in the legends last known address and now cant stop reading about the man having a plaque on the outside wall in his and billy whelan memory so sad and so young RIP

  203. David wrote:

    RIP Duncan. When it happened I was 11, so 64 now. My big regret is I never saw him and his teammates play, but he will be always be my sporting hero as I’m sure he is to millions of other sports fnas.

  204. Priya, Preston Red wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play. Your legend will live on forever. R.I.P.

  205. robbie slater wrote:

    legend r. i.p big dunc

  206. Mayank wrote:

    I am only 23 and I still remember the reason that made me fall in love with the club when i was 15. I came across an article on busby babes and it mentioned Duncan Edwards. I became such a fan of him that i searched all the net for his videos and pics. I just loved the way busby babes came and how duncan became a legend at 21. I believe if u are a legend at Old Trafford at 21 you were the best footballer this world had ever seen. I really like this quote that summarises Duncan
    When I used to hear Muhammad Ali proclaim to the world he was the greatest, I used to smile. The greatest of them all was a footballer named Duncan Edwards.” – Jimmy Murphy

  207. shaun wrote:

    My dad said roll Pele,Charlton and Platini together and you might just have a tiny bit of Big Dunc

  208. Anonymous wrote:

    i am only 41 but ive heard so mutch about duncan having lived my life in and around dudley that i just have to say thank you duncan
    you are still a ledgend

  209. Paul wrote:

    As a burnley fan I say this Duncan was the greatest ever how anyone could say otherwise is beyond me may he rest in peace

  210. graham mitchell wrote:

    a true gentlemen held in the highest regard by everyone his life took short his legacy and memory will live on forever rip duncan

  211. Stuart Howes wrote:

    I was born in Walsall April 1946. I remember the Munich air crash vividly. I also remember my brother saying Duncan Edwards has died. At 14 you were a man,at 16 you were a giant, at 21 a legend.R.I.P Stuart Howes.

  212. Gordon wrote:

    I was born in Manchester and my Mum told me I was held aloft at the age of 3 weeks to see the 1948 United team return with the FA Cup. She and Dad migrated with me to New Zealand in 1952, and the first major world event I remember was Munich. To this day I idolize Duncan and the legend he left behind, and the original of Dirk Winson-Bushby’s portrait of him graces my loungeroom in Canberra, Australia. Though I never saw him he was clearly incomparable. May he continue to rest in peace.

  213. albert dibley wrote:

    the first time i ever spoke to duncan was
    at the cliff training ground.
    he had just finnished and was riding
    a push bike home to his digs.
    no big posh car for the finest player
    in the world.

  214. Freddie J Kimuli wrote:

    when i read about Sir Bobby Charlton saying that the only footballer who ever made him look inferior was Duncan Edwards, straight away, i fell in love with the fallen legend. how absurd that i never saw him play.however his soul lives in all of us. True legend he was and still is!…

  215. Wazza wrote:

    Duncy dear boy I know today is your Birthday, and that you are far away somewhere, but I’m afraid it’s raining, and Wayne Rooney has been up to no good. You are still the best ever.

  216. Mark,Manchester wrote:

    Though I never saw u play I know what and impact you had on United my dad allways talks of you and when I sent a message to my mate on his birthday today he shares the same birthday as you so heres hoping your having a great time up there playing footy with the other greats thanks for playing for united gone,but never ever forgotten

  217. colin mclean wrote:

    i was chatting to a former drakes duckling from the chelsea team of 1955,(he was a fringe player- brian deller) who said that he was at stamford bridge when utd played the then champioms, he said our defender of the time was a real hard b@@@@D and he was determined to put duncan in his place , after a thigh high tackle on the big man, he bounced of him hurting his own foot, brian said duncan just stood over him and grinned what a player , the best i ever saw , my hero he said

  218. Chris wrote:

    I wasn’t born until 1986, but I’ve only ever heard good things about you and not only as a player, but also as a person. For a boy whos life was cut so sort, you’ve made a massive impact on football fans.
    Forever RIP

    Chris – Brisbane, Australia

  219. anthony pearson wrote:

    You are a true legend. May you be remembered as long as football is played. To me you will always be the soul of Manchester Utd.

  220. Bill D wrote:

    I wasn’t quite three years old when you passed over, Dunc. I only read about you from old football annuals, and the sadness I felt then, is the same as the sadness I feel 50 odd years later, typing this. God only knows what it must have done to your family.

    And if Bobby Charlton says you were the best, which I’ve always thought anyway, then who is anyone to disagree?

    Your legend will never fade. God bless you, big fella.

  221. David Beaumont (LUFC) wrote:

    Simply the best. In Gods Keeping.

  222. paul devlin wrote:

    Duncan u r a true legend dat was took from us,u will never be forgotten in our hearts forever

  223. Mother Unch wrote:

    Dear Duncan Baby, I have found him, I have found him, who? you may ask, only the person to play you on film that’s who. Lyndon Ogbourne(nasty Nathan from Emmerdale),he is a dead ringer, and is a dish and a half. I’m sure he could do the Doodlie accent, as good as Lenny Henry, but even better than that Matt from Doctors.

  224. Jose Campos wrote:

    Duncan, you are an excellent example to follow for generations to come. Thanks for to be thebest.

  225. Jake Finney wrote:

    Even though I was not born when you played, through all I have read and seen, it seems you were a fantastic footballer and an even greater person. Can not explain how much I would have loved to see you play.

  226. vincent norton wrote:

    i followed united up to feb.1958 and then my love for football died, you are the greatest player i have ever seen. my daughter was born at 2.00am on feb 21st1958, so i lost one friend and gained another.

  227. John Hughes wrote:

    You were simply the best player United and England ever had.You are a LEGEND

  228. Mark nielsen wrote:

    Though you are gone your insperation lives on in not just United fans but of fans of football around the world. It was stories of you and man united that got me to play the game as a child. When our games seemed lost I would look to you and your love for the game to get me through those hard times. Forever Edwards forever united.

  229. Moonface wrote:

    Duncan old boy, did you know that your window was designed by Francis Skeat, and did you also know that you have something in common with Alice In Wonderland?, (that Johnny Depp is awesome as the Hatter, by the way), the thing is you both appear in Stained Glass Windows with that ‘blooming Good Egg’, St. Francis Of Assisi, how good is that!.

  230. Leia wrote:

    Sleep well Duncan, it may be 52 years since you left us, but the pain is still as raw. You were the greatest player around then, and probably still are the greatest player to have worn United red. I just wish I’d seen you play.

  231. geoffthered wrote:

    super football player,great person,sadly still missed.from all us reds in cookstown-

  232. roy colebourn, york( ex manche wrote:

    duncan, u were the greatest in 1958 and u r still the greatest player i have ever seen. my abiding memory is the goal against everton ’55, the ball never went above 12 inches above the ground from almost the half way line. beautiful.

  233. Rebecca wrote:

    Im 13 years old and think of youu as a legand. 52 years now youve been gone…

    A truee flower of Manchester.

    We miss youu babe.x

  234. Priya Mahawatte, Preston Red wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play. R.I.P United Legend.


    Remembered by all as a great player and a great man.Even football fans who dont love ManU like us respect you for your skill and courage.I will ensure your name will live on for evermore with my family of Red Devils.No doubt you are proud of what Sir Alex has achieved and the football we are playing.

  236. lee wellington wrote:

    A legend
    A Genius
    He left a legacy to make us think, to make us dream of what could have been.
    Always be remembered as the best player Manchester United, England and the world produced.
    He was playing football on pitch one day and ran over to where a worker was sweeping the stands, he jumped over the stand, shook the guys and laughed with him. Never be forgotten

  237. Dan Brightmore wrote:

    A broken heart. A broken dream. A broken plane. A broken team. No words were said, a silent vow, we loved you then, we love you now.

  238. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan Edwards still is surely the best of England.A United Legend!
    Hats off!

  239. Dave Cooper wrote:

    Legend is to easily thrown about these days to people who weren’t fit to lace Big Duncans boots. He was and still is a real Legend in every sense.

  240. tcp edwards wrote:

    never forgotten
    always @ the foot of our stairs
    uncle dunc

  241. andy wrote:

    he might have went on to become the greatest player ever…
    so sad

  242. Sarah Smallbones (Hewitt) wrote:

    i never see you play but i see the shine in my dads eyes when he speaks of you, United loved you endgland love you your where the best and short live but when united win and old trafford raws its for you duncan you would of been a sir now and to true reds you like a god!!! you live on forever through us….. we think of you always and your our bright start at night RIP god bless you anf your family we love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  243. Anonymous wrote:

    On your 73rd Birthday. Remembered this day and forever.From all at Red Issue

  244. Simply Red Forever wrote:

    Dear Duncan, I don’t know if they have Birthdays where you are, but I shall be thinking about you and your family today.

  245. Tom Clare wrote:

    Today would have been Duncan’s 73rd Birthday. Rest in Peace Dunc, you’ll never ever be forgotten.

  246. Alan Indonesia wrote:

    Simply the best, I will never forget the genius called Duncan. I was privileged to have seen the man on many occasions, what wonderful memories he left with all who saw him play.
    Great tragedy for the young man and british football. Here we are 50 years + have passed but Duncan will never be forgotten by all who had the pleasure of seeing him play this wonderful game. Each day you are remembered.

  247. Loop wrote:

    Dear Duncan,
    I truly believe that you are an Angel, please will you leave your ‘calling Card’, (a little white feather), where dear little Wayne Rooney will find it. Thankyou and God bless Duncan.

  248. glan rees wrote:

    the greatest footballer that man utd have produced.todays star would be put in the shade rest in peace duncan

  249. Assumpta wrote:

    Dear Duncan,
    Please look after your baby Sister Carol Ann, incase she is crying.

  250. Frank from Germany wrote:

    I have always respect for big legends, for those ones who died young who – had he lived – would have been so big names as Pele and so many others who were lucky and enjoyed a normal life on earth. Just a week or so that I found on youtube some tribute videos dedicated to Duncan Edwards, I read his very moving story… and he has now a new fan.
    Rest in peace, Duncan, you will never be forgotten. Your life is and will always be an inspiration for just normal people like me

  251. Mathew Bailey wrote:

    To the finest football player to ever grace the theatre of dreams, may your leagacy live in our hearts for ever.

  252. Dr Harris wrote:

    Yes, Yes, it’s me again from a couple of years ago, the junior Dr who couldn’t remember if if it was Duncan Edwards the footballer, or Father Edwards, goodly Parish Priest from Our Lady of the Stars, who was a patient in Park Hospital, Manchester in 1955, it was definately the former. The day he arrived he was was very hot and delirious(influenza, not swine), I had the job of sticking a needle in his bottom,as well as the old wooden stick down the throat,say arrr! I think he did as well. So ther you have it poor Duncan,what a great footballer he was.

  253. arsenal fan wrote:

    a joy to watch when you were down here im sure your just as good up in heaven, hope to meet you up there one day 🙂

  254. chris wrote:

    why do they always take the best one’s first? You are an inspiration to so many youngsters past & present…I wish you could’ve fulfilled all you should’ve…my regards to the WORLD’S GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER!!! They broke the mould…

  255. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan you are so special-you are committed, dedicated, try your best and never gave up. You will always be remembered and loved, we pray for you.

  256. John Hughes wrote:

    you will always live on in r hearts… the red flag will always be kept flying high.. and duncan is part of the foundations. RIP Duncan

  257. gavin wrote:

    duncan you are my dads cusan he misses you all the time wish you was here you are my hero r.i.p

  258. Andrew Sutton wrote:

    An all time Great
    R.I.P Duncan

  259. Dink wrote:

    If they should ever make a film about your life (and I think they should). Please, please , please can I play the part of Amy the skipping Waitress. She was not a made up person, but she was one of Duncan’s friends, and she worked at Manchester airport.

  260. Sandra from Switzerland wrote:

    I was 18 yrs old when that tragic accident took you from us. From when you came to United I saw all the home games. You were my hero, you still are. At school when we played football (instead of netball) I was always called Dunc. I even wore your football outfit at a fancy dress dance at the hospital where I went to work.You will always be remembered, even now, with great sadness.

  261. Tim Pollitt wrote:

    Just been listening to my dad who recalls some of the games that he watched Duncan play in. A colossus of a man,the gentle giant!
    Rest in peace.

  262. Grayso Salford wrote:

    Rest in peace Duncan

  263. Priya Mahawatte, Preston Red wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play. Rest in peace United Legend. Never forgotten.

  264. Darren,wigan wrote:

    did have the honour to watch you play,but you will be in the hearts of every Man Utd fan forever.god bless a true legend,sleep tight.

  265. Nate Lang wrote:

    dunc edwards a true legend, a flower of munich we will never forget the greatest ever footballer to grace the game. I am 25 yrs old from salford and i will be coming to dudley to visit the various places associated with Boom Boom and would like to thank your site for the brilliant information and its a fitting tribute itself to the big man! flower of munich-forever young!

  266. Ryu_Nuwari wrote:

    absolutely the greatest player that Manchester united ever produced. Despite his short carrier with united, he’s all ready become the true legend. The best player in the best club, a great inspiration for all people in the world. especially for me.

  267. Richard wrote:

    Duncan Edwards 21 Taken from us (utd) incomprehensible.

  268. su jones wrote:

    a true footballing legend.Life can be so cruel at times, taking such a young gifted man with the potential to go on to greater things..well never know what he could have achieved, we can only ponder what could have been!But no matter would have been pure brilliance.
    I hope hes up there doing what he loves best,,kicking the ball about and scoring goals.your the best Dunc.

  269. ron lewis wrote:

    a true legend of footbal,never to be forgotten

  270. andy in australia wrote:

    1 of the greatest players to grace old trafford.thanksDuncan

  271. DUNCAN MAHER wrote:

    I was given my name because my Father said that Duncan Edwards was quite simply the greatest. I feel proud to have the name of such a man.

  272. Simon Wright wrote:

    People talk about legends in football far to easily but in reality there are only a few, Duncan Edwards would be at the top of the list. Nobody before or nobody since has so many football fans talking about them apart from big Dunc. He will live forever in the eyes of United fans and will never be forgotten. Black & white footage of him playing is incredible, nobody got near him and he made the game look easy, only a great player can do this.

  273. PAUL wrote:


  274. Cameron Munro wrote:

    I am Scottish and was only 4 at the Munich crash. He must havfe been sensational. What really stagers me is that he would only have been 29 when England played in the WC Final 1966.
    I wonder how he would have coped with the 60s generation?

  275. scott wrote:

    Happy Birthday Dunc.

  276. John Wall wrote:

    Happy Birthday Duncan!

  277. Anonymous wrote:

    As a young lad, of 13/14 years of age, I was compared to Duncan by older people, and some coaches, due to my playing style and ‘zest’ for the game, training til it went dark, 7 days a week, always with a ball. I was a fairly big, solid, lad, and could ride a tackle, pass well, beat people, score goals, and hit shots from 40-50 yards. I played at either left centre-half, or midfield, but if we needed a goal, I could go upfront too. (On more than once I did this and scored. A hat-trick once, turning a deficit into a 4-3 win) I was also picked for my town representative team. Anyway, word started getting about and I know that I had several clubs watching, of which Ipswich, who watched several times (before I joined Wigan) and Blackburn were two. (Both top flight at the time) I was told Arsenal as well, but can’t verify that. This was in the early 1990’s. By the age of 15 I was on Wigan’s books as a youth player. At 16/17 I was approached by a Carlisle scout for a pro-trial. However, 2 weeks before the trial, I got injured, wrecking my ankle ligaments and achilles. I was out for a year, put some weight on, and wasn’t the same. I was advised to, and tried a comeback in non league circles, but eventually I ‘retired’ at age 19. I’m 32 now and haven’t even kicked a ball for 7/8 years.
    Even though I never made it, I always played with Duncan in mind, having had the comparison made. A GREAT compliment. I read about him and became almost ‘obsessed’. A bit of an un-fair comparison, as I think Duncan was THE best. Incomparable, actually.
    Thanks. RIP Big Dunc.

  278. t.murray wrote:

    the way duncan edwards combed the playing field was a pleasure to watch.

  279. James wrote:

    I am a Scot, I only remember Duncan Edwards from a boyhood. I was nine when he met his death in the Munich tragedy. He had though become something of a cult hero to me, definitely one of Britain’s best. Is there a fan club?

  280. GREGG PORTMAN wrote:


  281. David Morgan wrote:

    he was part of the great young team that busby built during the 50s and will never be forgotton.
    R.I.P. Duncan Edwards

  282. Anonymous wrote:

    his talent was envied, even by god, that’s why he was taken away

  283. Lozie wrote:

    Rest in peace Love i am frm Halesowen!

  284. Andrew Boyce wrote:

    I was just 6 weeks old when the crash at Munich devastated the United team. Obviously never saw the babes play, but have been a United fan all my life, and Big Dunc was a great, if Bobby Charlton reckons he was the best there was, thats good enough for me.

  285. Anthony Pearson wrote:

    If there is a theatre of dreams in heaven, I will be in the stands waiting to see what I missed. You will never be fogotten by all who truly love United. God Bless Your Memory

  286. Leia wrote:

    Thank you Duncan, tonight saw your club achieve the goal that cost you your life. You are forever in our hearts, and your legend passed down for ever and a day. The 2008 champions league win was for the Babes, and Dunc was the best of the best.

  287. Rebecca Blundell wrote:

    I am trying to trace a relative of Duncan Edwards. His Nephew John. If anyone knows him or has anyway of contacting him I would be hugely greatful.

  288. Anonymous wrote:

    true legend and there will never be another like dunc.he will always stay in the memory of utd fans RIP dunc

  289. allan wrote:

    once told by schoolteacher named endolf jones…that i was the best schoolboy footballer that he had seen since duncan edwards..that was in 1970 when i was 16.i loved football and played local football till 50 years of age when i snapped my achilles utd are still the best

  290. Anonymous wrote:

    from what i was told about dunc there will never be another player at manchester utd that could ever compare to him. an all time great and he will live long in the memory of all utd fans !

  291. jon wrote:

    being from from dudley gives me a sense of pride knowing the big man was from here,also when i go to old trafford talking to other reds they ask me questions about dudley center ,there are quite a few fans that i know who have been to see the memorabilia and grave in dudley….a true red …anda true great…what a waste god bless ya dunc

  292. jon wrote:

    as a regular at old trafford, once poeple know im from dudley they always ask about duncan, a pleasure to be from the place of the great man

  293. David from Manchester wrote:

    The greatest United player in the greatest United team ever.

  294. Andy wrote:

    I’m 31 years old, I obviously never saw Duncan play, only from old video clips and pictures but you have to wonder why someone like Duncan has had such an effect on me and fans of my age and younger when we have grown up with players such as Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and Ronaldo. I’ll tell you why, because Duncan was something special. My dad, a season ticket holder for nearly 50 years has seen all the greats play, and from an age where I was able to kick my first ball I had the name Duncan Edwards constantly drummed into me by my dad. If my dad says that Duncan was the best player ever to pull on a Manchester United shirt then that was good enough for me.

  295. mark green wrote:

    Throughout my life my grandad as kept your memory alive Duncan and i will do the same with my children and eventually grandkids.

  296. Nicola Pryce wrote:

    Because of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Disaster I have only just become aware of what a brilliant player Duncan was, my hero is Eric Cantona but by all accounts Duncan would have made him look like a Sunday League player, its such a shame that he never reached his full potential but he will never be forgotton by the Utd fans!

  297. Phil Coffin wrote:

    Cannot believe it is 50 Years. I began supporting United when I was 9 in 1975 but only fully aware of Munich in 1978 when my brother bought me a special MEN 20th Anniversary Edition. I would have loved to have seen you play but really treasure those grainy B&W images of you in action. Sir Bobby Charlton says you were the best so that is good enough for me. Even if you had been alive today I would not know you but supporting United makes feel an afinity to you and all involved in The Crash. RIP in piece Big Man and God Bless you and all your Family on the 50th anniversary of your passing.

  298. carl birkett wrote:

    many footballers have achieved glory in the red shirt of manchester united but those who saw you play say that duncan was the greatest of the lot we will never forget you duncan

  299. Arin wrote:

    today was the sad day of demise of this great man…i still remember my grand father telling me how his world stood at a still today, and telling so many things about him that today though i never saw him, ‘big dunc’ is an inspirational figure to various young people like me who have been passed on this great history of manchester united by our forefathers…rip great man, and i am sure you are wining all your matches along with your mates in heaven…Always in my mind and heart till the last breath..

    Greater noida, India

  300. Anonymous wrote:

    Rest in Peace Duncan.

    You’ll always be a part of the tapestry of Manchester United and will never be forgotten

  301. Jamie Smith wrote:

    There is a light and it never goes out.

    RIP Big Fella

  302. Barrie Cornell wrote:

    As a 10 year old I saw you play. Treasured memories but tragically so few of a prodigious talent & unquenchable spirit. You were the “older brother” I never had or met but like so many of my generation I was in awe of you & “The Babes”.
    How I wept 50 years ago today. The emotion is barely tempered, even now.
    Rest in peace Duncan.

  303. Calvin wrote:

    50 years ago today, 15 days after that fateful night you finally said enough was enough. My Dad and Granddad told me stories of how you played the game, and I listen to Bobby Charlton on how you lived your life…a true inspiration still to this day.

    True Legend. RIP – now and forever.

  304. Shaun wrote:

    We kept the red flag flying high.

  305. Manchester United Forever wrote:

    Forever in our hearts, never to be forgotten.

    RIP The Greatest Busby Babe of all.

    God bless you.

  306. Michael Coughlan wrote:

    In 1992 I sat with Sir Matt Busby and talked with him about football for over an hour. I asked him who was the best footballer he had ever seen and without hesitation he said Duncan Edwards.Over the next 15 minutes he eulogised over the boy who was a man.There was a tear in his eye as he finished off saying that the world lost out the day Duncan died. Rest in peace Dunc you are always in our memory

  307. Anonymous wrote:

    heard u were the best from my late grandfather. wud luv 2 hav seen u play4 united. 1 true utd legend rip

  308. Vasilije wrote:

    I am from Serbia where Duncan played his last game vs Red Star and I just want to say that I will never forget him and other Babes.RIP

  309. Gray wrote:

    Truly a man ahead of his time, even at just 21.
    A young footballer who showed us all how to live our lives ….. with ambition, determination and above all manners & fairness.
    In short Duncan was an exceptional human being. RIP – Flowers of Manchester.

  310. paul miller wrote:

    50 years. It does’nt seem possible. I was a small boy and every small boy was a Manchester United fan.
    We will never know just how good Duncan and the rest who perished would have been, but I am willing to bet we may never have seen his like before, or since. R.I.P.

  311. Robert Day wrote:

    i may not have seen you play but if bobby charlton said you made him feel inferior then a certified united legend you will always be one day to rise from the ashes until then see you on the other side

  312. Kelvin wrote:

    A legend who will always live in the hearts of many.

  313. Grant wrote:

    In a world where the word legend is used far too often, we lost a true legend and gentleman on football’s darkest day. Never forgotten, the best ever.

  314. TREV HARDMAN wrote:

    3 years 10 months after you left us i was born .I’ve only had the privilege of watching you play on old film,never forgotten ,God bless all you Babes. We’ll keep the Red flag flying high,cause Man United will never die.In your honour and the rest of tne Babes . R.I.P Duncan

  315. pauline edwards (relative to d wrote:

    It is at this time we hear so much about a fantastic footballer. We the family, friends of Duncan still hear so much about you. And you will never be forgotten. God bless you

  316. The Big Pom wrote:

    A legend, Dudley should be very proud of!

  317. Mark wrote:

    Standing Together

    A grainy old image in black & white
    The cold of Belgrade, frozen in time
    Standing together, shoulder to shoulder
    Young men, never to reach their prime

    Viollet, Morgans, Scanlon and Foulkes
    Their victory secured with flair and style
    Saves from Gregg and Charlton’s goals
    All to be spared by fate’s random smile

    Sadly, we lost the great Duncan Edwards
    And said goodbye to Taylor and Byrne
    To Jones and Colman, in the Munich snow
    Matt Busby’s “Babes” would never return


    A Liverpool fan pays tribute to Duncan and The Babes.

  318. kevin osborne belfast wrote:

    iam only 26 and never saw him play but i just want to say that he can still play forever in the sky with all the past legends of the game peace and rest to him and all the busby babes rip from kevin a cliftonville and manchester united supporter god shine on them all and peace in the lives that have been torn god rest him

  319. DUNCAN EDWARDS wrote:


  320. amanda j wrote:


  321. mark freeman wrote:

    RIP BIG MAN !!!!

  322. chatt wrote:

    always remembered, once a red always a red. R.I.P

  323. Pixie Jill wrote:

    Yesterday I was introduced to you dear Duncan by my dear friend Graham.
    You have moved me and touched my heart in such an overwhelming way.
    I would have loved to have known you and your presence perhaps made the world a kinder and safer place. xxx Jill.
    RIP big man .

  324. Brad wrote:

    You where a true red winning was in your blood, I just wish i could of seen you play, R.I.P. remembered never forgotten. 6th feb 1958 a day which change a club and an entire game forever. A true football LEGEND

  325. Phill S wrote:

    As an 11 year old I saw your last game in the UK against my team Arsenal. You scored against my hero keeper Jack Kelsey. You only scored because you were then and are now the very best. God bless you and your team mates. It has never been the same.

  326. W EDWARDS wrote:


  327. Anne wrote:

    A local lad remembered with love and pride.
    RIP Duncan, our Gentle Giant.

  328. Steven Burns wrote:

    God bless, rest in peace big Duncan. You always gave your best, you were the best.

  329. paul g. -dudley wrote:

    according to sir bobby,you were the best there is.With the softer balls and the boot technology of to-day,ther would have been no limit to your magic.god bless duncan ,save a shirt for me on your team ..RIP

  330. Miguel wrote:

    Simply the best, an example of what being a Red Devil is. His legend is beyond time and places. In loving memory from Mexico Mr. Edwards

  331. caroline wrote:

    I will never forget the great part you played in the history of manchester united.I just wish i could have seen you play,Rest in peace duncan, we will never forget you. xx

  332. Roy (Salford) wrote:

    A fantastic player from a fantastic team. All the best to all football loving fans.
    I am going to see Eddie Colman’s grave tomorrow and will give him your regards.

  333. Jim Taroni wrote:

    I only saw Duncan play live once, many times but not enough on T.V. He was so good he could have played in any team, in any era and still have been starman. His book Tackle soccer this way would be an ideal gift for any young boy wanting to play football. Thanks for great memories. God bless them all.

  334. DAVID EVANS wrote:


  335. Mike Warren wrote:

    A legend never ever forgotten

  336. Kevin wrote:

    As an avid football supporter my thoughts are with you on this sad day.

  337. steve wrote:

    I have been a Crystal palace supporter for 50
    years and was only 8 years old when this tradegy struck the whole of Manchester and the footballing world. My only regret is that
    I was to young to have appreciated Duncans stature as a player and the impact he had made on the British game. RIP all those who perished.

  338. Andy wrote:

    Never seen you play, but I hope I will when we meet in the heaven.

  339. Anonymous wrote:

    My Grandad watched You play, but He took his stories to his grave. See You on the other side one day,

  340. Danny, Manchester wrote:

    Time goes by and the hurt seeps slowly away. The clock ticks on and an anniversary comes by to bring all of those glorious moments rushing back into the memory. In a perfect world, you would be sitting at home, at 71 years of age, reminiscing about the
    great games you had played, the wonderful players you had played with and against and the European and World Cups you had won. Sadly this world is anything but perfect. Thank you, Duncan, for the memories, you will always be loved and cherished by many more than you would ever imagine.

  341. liam// glasgow wrote:

    my dad.through the years said.when you talk
    about class then you put duncan edwards.on the list. god bless

  342. Debbie wrote:

    I live in Dudley and have gown up around the legend that was Duncan Edwards. It makes me proud to know that he lived and grew up not far from where I live. I think it is such a terrible tragedy what happened to him and the other people that day in February 1958 but most tragicaly of all is he never lived to fulfil his emormous potential. He was great but would have been soo much greater – its just soo very sad.

  343. BigManUtd wrote:

    hello duncan!
    i’m from luxembourg!
    you’re in my heart!!

    RIP edwards

  344. kevin corcoran wrote:

    the best player in history? bobby charlton thinks so and that is good enough for me RIP big man

  345. craig wrote:

    god bless you duncan.

  346. Barry Jones wrote:

    a local hero and a national treasure RIP

  347. Sharon wrote:

    I have read a lot of the tributes to Duncan and would like to add one. I live in Dudley and although I am not a big football fan I think that in Duncan the world lost a special man. He had a great talent that todays players can never have. He was a gent. Rest In Peace.

  348. brendan wrote:

    never seen you play duncan, but you will be forever in our dreams. R.I.P big man

  349. Ian wrote:

    I was only a baby when Duncan died so never saw him play, but I wish I had.Whenever I watch united I feel greatful for the united style of plat passed down from the babes. Forever in our hearts. God Bless

  350. Priya, Preston Red wrote:

    I wish I could have seen you play. RIP United Legend. Never Forgotten.

  351. Neil Allmark wrote:

    I am from Dudley and now live in the United States. Growing up, the name of Duncan Edwards was synonymous with football in my hometown. Even though I was never close to seeing him play, I could tell how special a player he was to everyone. Pity he played for Utd, he’s the only one of their players that Ive ever liked. RIP Duncan.

  352. Susan wrote:

    I am a Man City fan and my family always have been but I remember my Dad telling me about how stunned the whole city was on that day in February and how they prayed for Duncan Edwards survival… My Dad said he had never seen anything like him. It was a tragedy for the whole of Manchester and for the country

  353. KEVIN COX wrote:


  354. cbattery wrote:

    RIP to a man who’s life was cut short but never forgotten. A man who brought so much joy not only to a city but also a country.
    God rest your soul!

  355. John Stevens wrote:

    Now all the world knows what I’ve been telling everyone about you. PERHAPS NOW THEY’LL BELIEVE ME! If there were more like you Dunc the world would be a better place. You truly were a GENTLEMAN. The light went out of my life the day you died.

  356. Richard Meese wrote:

    Today is a very sad day. Duncan Edwards – The Greatest.

  357. Anonymous wrote:

    God bless.

    Anthony, West Ham United

  358. Paula Rogers wrote:

    RIP Duncan & all the Flowers of Manchester.
    You will never be forgotten. I’m sorry I never got to see you play but I was born 15 years after the crash.
    God Bless you all xxxx

  359. Tony wrote:

    Duncan, you were not only the greatest player this country (or indeed this world) has ever produced, but you were a great man. I remember playing football with you, Tommy Taylor and Billy whelan in the garden of the lodging you were at in Stretford and experiencing the natural kindness and fellowship of you all. No prima Donna’s in those days!I had the honour of following the Busby Babes for those five glorious Youth Team years and then to see them mature into great players they became. None greater, before or after, than you Duncan, Rest in Peace

  360. Grayso wrote:

    50 years may have passed but our memories will always last..
    We will never forget the greatest team ever.
    R.I.P. Red Army..

  361. Barney wrote:

    Although Duncan died before I was born, I grew up pretending to be him when we played in the park or @ school. My father (a Luton Town fan) always waxed lyrical about his unbelievable talent. My friends father even taught us the Duncan Edwards flick!! Fantastic. Thanks for everything Duncan……..

  362. Barney wrote:

    Although Duncan died before I was born, I grew up pretending to be him when we played in the park or @ school. My father (a Luton Town fan) always waxed lyrical about his unbelievable talent. My friends father even taught us the Duncan Edwards flick!! Fantastic. Thanks for everything Duncan……..

  363. steve woodall wrote:

    i am a dedicated man utd fan and was born 2 years after the tragic death of duncan i have sen allman utd legends ply from the late 60s how i would have loved to see duncan play no words can say what a tragic loss to utd,england,his family and fans this was ducan will be rememberd forever god bless

  364. Cockney Mackem wrote:

    I have heard all about The Great Man from people who had the pleasure to see him play, it is with sadness that I never had that pleasure. But by all accounts he was the greatest player to ever grace a football pitch. A true LEGAND. RIP.

  365. Derren wrote:

    My father went to the same school as you and said not just how good you were as a player but how nice a person you were too, especially for a big lad. Everyone seems to echo now what he told me when I was a young lad, that Duncan Edwards was only 21 when he died but he was already without doubt the greatest player that ever played the game. I think that says it all. RIP.

  366. KELLY DUNN wrote:

    As a fellow Black Country person and a huge Manchester United supporter, I remember with great love and affection the Legend that was Duncan Edwards today on the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster and always. Rest in Peace always big Dunc, a true Legend, never to be forgotten.

  367. Phil Taylor wrote:

    I’m only 27 and Duncan is top of the list when it comes to players I wished I could have seen play in the flesh. God Bless Dunc.

    Forever & Ever

  368. Cheow wrote:

    Duncan Edwards will be forever remained in our heart… we Manchester united fans will always be proud to have such a talented, no weakness, player who don the Manchester United jersey.

    Till this day… you still touch our hearts… and our imagination of attacking, impressive football

  369. john nolan wrote:

    I was too young to ever see you play Duncan but am old enough now to regret that there is so little material of you in action. We’ve all heard such glowing tributes to your ability with a ball and about your character that if only half of it is true United, England and your family truly paid a tragic price. RIP and may all your heavenly games be good ones.

  370. Mark T wrote:

    Thank you Duncan for everything you did in your short life for Manchester United.

    We will NEVER forget you

  371. Sarah Lenton wrote:

    I was not born when Munich happened but as a child growing up around football your name always came up as the greatest footballer; years later i am now a very proud part of your family. I think you are the greatest footballer ever to have played and even my young children have been brought up to believe the same.

  372. thomas holmes wrote:

    My grandad was his cousin and i`m not lieing.
    It`s a shame i never met him.

  373. andy,c wrote:

    you make feel proud to be from the black country RIP duncan .you will never be forgoton.

  374. Dan Hardie wrote:

    I am 33, love all things that are excellent in sport. I am not a Man Utd Fan but appreciate the club and the standards that the Busby Babes set. My Dad, and my mentor always spoke about Duncan Edwards as the greatest player to play the beautiful game. I have now seen the Duncan Edwards video, BBC Four’s tributes to the Munich Air Crash, and read Bobby Charlton’s book and in my humble opinion ‘Duncan’ was the best, and integral to what Man Utd stands for today. What a loss for everyone concerned but I like many others will tell my son about the great man, Duncan Edwards.

  375. stephen hall wrote:

    gone but never to be forgotten

  376. Anonymous wrote:

    50 years ago today the busby babes and Duncan played their last ever game of football together.

    Rest in peace, you wil never be forgotten.

  377. David Edwards wrote:

    Such a gifted player the like we will never see again. My father was from Worcestershire and I hoped in some way there may have been a family link but alas after doing my Family Tree there was not.I am not a Manchester United supporter but a Manchester United 1958 supporter. Always have been, always will be.

    R.I.P. Duncan

  378. tim piper wrote:

    going to visit your grave tomorrow it will be a pleasure to lay some were truely the greatest player of all time.r.i.p.

  379. Richard Simpson wrote:

    Thnak you for the service you gave to United Duncan. You and all the Babes will never be forgotten.

  380. Manchester United Forever wrote:

    A true hero in every sense of the world.
    Thanks for the memories.


  381. Graeme Green wrote:

    First saw the reds as a ‘cockney red’ at Chelsea in Jan ’71; just think Duncan, you could have been playing still if you hadn’t been so cruelly wrested from us.

  382. Roger Dudley wrote:

    Although i support Arsenal and am to young to have seen you play i know that you had more talent than any modern prima donna players today and i feel cheated not to have seen you play. May you forever rest in peace you deserve it

  383. carl royle from sale wrote:

    just watching sir bobby giving a tribute to the babes,with a lump in my troat,god bless duncan a legendxxxxx

  384. Kim Edwards wrote:

    Too young to have seen you in action but if Sir Bobby Charlton regards you as ‘The Best’ then there can be no greater accolade in football. RIP from a lifelong Red

  385. peter rayner wrote:

    to have watched you play would have been magic god bless

  386. Chrismonc87 wrote:

    Taken from us cos god wanted the best player in the world for his 1st xi rip Duncan with the rest of the babes and sir matt as well

  387. dave wrote:

    to young to have watched you but been brought up red and proud,you will live on forever in a day god bless you sir duncan as you should be known as well as your babe team mates you are a REAL HERO


    rip,, the greatest.

  389. Daniel Clare wrote:

    i was not fortnate enough to see him play but from what i have heard and seen he would have been the best, sunday will be a very emotional day for all

  390. Michael Warburton wrote:

    Always remembered Duncan, never forgotten. 50 years on, or a 150 years on. WHAT a talent. Truly.

  391. Jarren Trethowan wrote:

    We’ll Keep the red flag flying high
    Cos Man utd will never die

    Long live the memory of the men that died on the 6th of February 1958

  392. Paul Anthony wrote:

    Have you heared the news?

    Duncan & George playing in the first eleven upstairs!

    May the peace of Christ be with you always!

    Heart of Salford.

  393. Colin Rothwell and Boys wrote:

    We never saw you play Dunc but the endless stories from Dad and reading about you told us about the great player you were

  394. allan lines wrote:

    i was only 9 on feb6 1958,a part of me also died on that day,i can remenber it like yesterday coming down stairs and my mother telling me,i still have all the cuttings from the news paper,and treasure them.

  395. gaffa wrote:

    born to late,but my dad say`s he was the dad never went again after 58.R.I.P.

  396. Deee wrote:

    That dear Wayne Rooney has been suspended from next weeks derby match, would you mind awfully dear Duncan, if he came to St. Francis Church in Dudley on that day instead, and just spent some quiet time there.

  397. Glynn Owen wrote:

    Just after 5pm on 6 Feb 1958 my mum came in from work and said the words i will never forget. Glynn i have some bad news the United plane has crashed and some players had died. An 8 year old sat glued to his TV all night. But not our Dunc for 15 days we survived as you survived. But then the news came no red or England supporter ever wanted to hear. Our Dunc had gone. Gone but never forgotten the Munich crash robbed United of probably our greatest team and England of probably its greatest ever player. At 21 you had become a legend and will remain one for ever.

  398. Andrew Coyle wrote:

    RIP Duncan and all your comrades who lost their lives in Munich
    Gone but never to be forgotten .
    From an Irish Red.

  399. harry jones wrote:

    We’ll never die
    6th feb 1958 flowers of manchester
    never forget

  400. chris white wrote:

    on a great night in copenhagen after united had hammered bronby the conversation turned to the best player we had seen in a red shirt best, law charlton,keane, robson and cantona where all up there until an old welsh bloke said all top players but none of you had the pleasure of seeing the greatest of all DUNCAN EDWARDS.

  401. Alvin Ho wrote:

    I am from Kuching, Malaysia. I never see the Great Duncan Edwards playing football. But those who actually played and watched him played before think he is the greatest among the greatests then I am totally believing he is the greatest footballer ever played in this world! Rest in Peace Duncan! You will forever has a place in the heart of Manchester United, England and the World.

  402. John Farrell wrote:

    I never saw him playing but from all the material I have read about him he was an exceptional player. His untimely death was a great loss to his family, and the many supporters who admired his wonderful football skills. He now plays in the hallowed green sod in Heaven along with the other Busby Babes and the other great football heroes who are no longer with us.

  403. jingo britton wrote:

    coming over to munich on monday for the week me and the boys keep the faith

  404. Gary wrote:

    My father in law tells me how much he cried the day you passed away,He loved you for you bravery and tenacity on the field not to mention your touch and skill.I would have loved to have seen you play.I,and I’m sure many more reds feel cheated that we never did.How many more European cups would United have won if you and all those great players had lived? It’s a question that we’ll never know the answer to and that for me is so very,very sad.Rest in peace big man,I’ll be thinking of you and all the boys on Feb 6th.

  405. big chris wrote:

    to have an all time legend like bobby charlton in awe of you, you must of been some player big man.

  406. Paul wrote:

    Never actually saw him play because I am only 18 but I still say he was the best defensive player england ever had. He encourages me to fight on due to his fight against death in Munich. Rest in Peace, you shall never be forgotten

  407. anthony wrote:

    the old feller told me Duncan was the best player he saw in 77 years watching football.
    you must have been a crackin’ player
    rest in peace Mr Edwards

  408. scott wrote:

    you and the rest of the ‘busby babes’ who lost their lives will always be in the heart of every man united supporter, young and old for years to come.
    i will be paying my respects on the 6th feb and also at old trafford on 10th feb. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.

  409. nige wrote:

    never had the chance to see you play duncan. my father did and he said you were the best player he,s ever seen.bobby says so too,thats good enough for me.always remembered.

  410. John Berry wrote:

    He was everything a boy could want in a hero. Fifty years on and I still feel the pain of hearing that he hadn’t made it.

  411. Knut Lima wrote:

    Thank you for making such a big impact in Manchester United and my life. R.I.P.

  412. Colin Carey wrote:

    Aged 15 at the time of Munich I can recall vividly the total shock at the news. You, with all your team mates who went with you, will never be forgotten. You were, but more importantly, still are, The Greatest.
    For ever Rest In Peace, Duncan

  413. mrs v searle wrote:

    I was born on the day of the crash and so i’ve always known about the tragedy that occured that day. My thoughts will be with the survivors that are still with us and the families of those that are not on this 50th anniversary. Rest in peace

  414. Nidge wrote:

    Big Dunc, it’s almost 50 years since you left us, many things have changed along the years at our club, but we are still winners and your still loved by the fans. We will keep the red flag flying high.

  415. Frank wrote:

    As a Mancunian I had 2 heroes: Bert Trautmann and Duncan as you could support both Mcr teams in those days. He was a giant of player who had absolutely everything, check Bobby Charlton & Terry Venables- no mean judges. So skilful, powerful, brave, inspiring, the one player you’d want to play for your life. Approximately ten times as good as Roy Keane.

  416. steve mourby wrote:

    As I was born in 1966 , i missed seeing duncan play but i would just like to pay tribute to one of the greatest players this country’s ever produced. God bless you big man,it must have been a pleasure .

  417. Chris Williams wrote:

    Forever missed Dunc. Would have been the best player of all time, Maradona and Pele weren’t a patch on you.
    R.I.P Duncan Edwards.

  418. Bilal Shah wrote:

    Though I have never seen you play my dad is my source of information and love for Manchester United and you Dunc.
    I live in Munich have seen the hospital where you fighted for you life at the Rechts der Isar hospital and the site of crash.
    Rest in peace.

  419. Richard Wassell wrote:

    Duncan’s cousin Maurice was in my class at primary school in 1958 – and so the Munich disaster has always been very real to me. I remember so vividly Maurice at the school gate the following morning catching my eye and he just said: Duncan Edwards… my cousin… still alive! Tragic for Maurice and all of us that it was not so in the end.

    I remember also that Winston Churchill was geavely ill at the same time. As an eight-year old I couldn’t quite accept how it could be that the very old Winston made it through but the young and strong Duncan didn’t…

    Duncan was a legend in his own time too – and especially so for us Black Country schoolboys of the 1950s.

  420. Dan wrote:

    Duncan,you are a true talent. You would be extremely proud of Manchester United today. See you in heaven.

  421. Barry Thomas wrote:

    Simply the best player ever to wear the red shirt. I WILL NEVER FORGET

  422. DARREN SMITH wrote:


  423. Aarpit verma wrote:

    though i am only 17 year old , having read extensively about duncan and the busby babes,and hearing my father and grand father about you, i feel myself proud to be a manchester united suporter… you have certainly moved my life and inspired…rest in peace…

    Aarpit, india

  424. Thorbjørn Ellefsen wrote:

    With respect for a player I wish I had met.

  425. Sean Coughlan wrote:

    i grew up hearing all about Duncan from my father and have been watching the reds since 1962, so when i started to work for Dudley MBC in 2005,little did i know where i would end up working, i am the neighbourhood manager for Castle and Priory which covers the estate the great man grew up job is to work with community groups and one as just been set up to organise an event next year to celebrate the lif of Duncan Edwards. we are looking for sponsorship and any other help that can be given by those that appreciate real footballing talent.
    please get in touch and make this event a credit to his name.
    Sean Coughlan – call Dudley MBC and ask to be redirected to me.

  426. Jordan, Manchester wrote:

    All my life I’ve been captivated by The Busby Babes, and the boy Duncan a collosus with his huge thighs and puffed out chest, was a giant of the game a true Busby babe the consumate proffessional who loved playing football.
    He was adored by fellow players, fans and anyone who saw him play.
    Sleep Well Duncan we’ll always miss you.

  427. eddie gibbons ( Dublin Ireland wrote:

    A broken plane
    A broken dream
    A broken heart
    A broken team
    No words were said
    A silent vow
    We loved you then
    We love you now.

  428. graeme wrote:

    happy birthday to be called a better player than best,pele and maradonna at the age of 21 is something special players are judged on how good they are at the end of there careers,people forget to relise that your career ended at 21 instead of them saying we don’t know how good he would have been.but how good you were is why your called the greatest and many a ex player and fan have said even after pele and maradonna played that you are by far the best you have ever seen so from what they say pele and maradonna aT THERE BEST MUST HAVE BEEN AVEARAGE in terms of ablity when compared with you and you were only 21 at the time another 7 years you had to improve your game r.i.p i have saddened that there is no program on about you.

  429. Anonymous wrote:

    Like many others on this page, I never saw Duncan Edwards play but his legend lives on. As its said ‘Men will grow old with his names on their lips’. I remember a story my father keeps telling me, that my grandfather came home from one afternoon and told my father (who was still a 8 yr old) that he saw a 11 yr old school boy play football, who will one day play for England. That boy was Big Dunc.

    My wife grew up in Dudley and she actually lived in ‘Duncan Edward Close’ what an honour.

  430. FAHEEM UKADIA wrote:


  431. John Stanfield wrote:

    Saw him play when I was 12yrs old. He would have been England captain for many years.The man is a LEGEND.

  432. duncan edward callaghan wrote:

    my father named me after the great man i have various collectables of him and just managed to find a dvd tribute to duncan it bought to my eyes god bless duncan

  433. Patrick Walsh wrote:

    You were truly a legend…
    May you rest in peace Dunc

  434. John White (Jaypers/Johnnowhit wrote:

    I did see him and the rest of the Babes – I consider myself very lucky to have done so.

    Immense they were and ageless they’ll remain.
    When the great tale of the finest exponents of the game of football is finally told, there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that Tommy Taylor, Eddie Colman, Liam Whelan, Roger Byrne, David Pegg, Mark Jones Geoff bent and the big fella himself, Duncan will rank high on the list of the finest to play the game.

  435. Mozammil Sadhan wrote:


  436. Chris Furphy wrote:

    I’m an Australian United fan whose father is from Flixton, Manchester. I can bore most people rigid with my endless natter about United but the old man can always trump me with stories about the Babes, and in particular Big Dunc, as he had the honour of having seen them play in his youth. Like most people I (obviously) never had the chance to see it for myself but the stories I’ve heard about Duncan are something spellbinding. I’m the proud owner of a portrait of the man himself tattooed on my left leg. It’s funny, the old man never approved of tattoos but for some strange reason he’s pretty chuffed about that one!!

  437. Barry McLaughlin, Derry City, wrote:

    Too young to have seen you play,i wish i had. You may be gone Dunc but you and your legacy will never ever be forgotten by every true red around the world. I know every match day you are looking down on us and i hope you are keeping George B out of trouble.God bless.

  438. Angelique Shekleton wrote:

    A Day of Memory Sad To Recall.
    Without Farewell He Left Us All.
    Surely he was one of the best defender to ever grace the planet….
    He was to good to play down here…
    So now he plays up there instead.

  439. Robert wrote:

    A true great, taken too early from the world

  440. Anonymous wrote:

    Watched the programme ‘Lenny’s Britain’,last week. Thank you to that nice family from Dudley, especially the guy in the Man U Shirt with Rooney on the back. How ironic is that.

  441. Keedy wrote:

    I wasn’t born when you played but i’ve been told so many stories about the late great duncan edwards, Who probably would have been captain on englands greatest day in 66 if it wasn’t for that terrible night in munich. Good night good bless.

  442. Anonymous wrote:

    Tarra I remember him, least I think it was him. I was a junior Doctor in Park Hospital, Manchester in 1955, he was one of our patients. ‘When can I go home?’, he would often ask. Anyway he was very patient, didn’t mind the food, or the fact that my stethoscope was freezing. R.I.P YOU HUMBLE ONE.

  443. Baz wrote:

    Next time I visit the grave in Dudley Cemetry, I will take a little teddy bear for the baby burried with him.

  444. Alistair Seel wrote:

    Like the person before me who signed the book i am not old enough to have seen you play. But coming from a big United family i have been told over and over of your immense prescence on the football field in particular from my grandfather who watched you many times. Standing outside OT earlier this year to comemerate the Munich air disaster I thought to myself that i can only hope that the present team performs to a fitting level next year to commemorate the 50 yr anniversary. You were a credit to the club and the country- I only wish i coulod of seen you play- A TRUE LEGEND.

  445. Anonymous wrote:

    Sir Issac Newton, Dr William Harvey(born in my home town), and a few other bods of the same ilk, are all crammed into one stained glass window, where as you dear boy get two to yourself. Brilliant

  446. Danny McGregor wrote:

    Although too young to have seen you play, I am a fanatical United fan, and every time I look up at the Munich clock and the Munich memorial plaque, I think of you and the other seven players who lost their lives. By all accounts, you were a magician with a football, and it is a tragedy that we didn’t have the chance to watch you play for longer. R.I.P. Duncan Edwards, you shall never be forgotten.

  447. Paul Gowdy wrote:

    I was 11 years old living in Belfast N.I., when I first watched Duncan Edwards and Man Utd on BBC television qualify for and play against Aston Villa in the 1957 F.A. Cup Final at Wembley. He became my boyhood idol and I always tried to play soccer as he did.
    I will always admire and remember him for his great talent on the field and humility off the field. He will not be forgotten.

  448. Jaideep Bhandarkar wrote:

    They shall not grow old
    as we that are left grow old,
    Age shall not weary them,
    nor the years condemn,
    At the going down of the sun,
    and in the morning
    We will remember them
    we will remember them

  449. Dougie Davidson wrote:

    Although he died before I was born, my father told me many stories of Duncan Edwards and the Busby Babes. I have only been lucky enough to have seen the little tv footage there is of Duncan, but having read and listened to what great footballers have written and said, it is obvious that the world was robbed of one of the greatest football players ever to have kicked a ball.

  450. David France wrote:

    I went to my first fotball match on Wednesday, September 4, 1957. It was Everton versus Manchester United at Goodison Park. I remember that the final score was 3-3,nthat the grass resembled an emerald carpet and that I touched Duncan Edwards’ shirt as he retrieved the ball for a throw-in. My good friend Alex Young (The Golden Vision) who played against Duncan Edwards for Scotland Under 23 versus England Under 23 claims that he was the greatest British footballer of all time. And gods don’t lie, do they?

  451. Steve M wrote:

    Greetings from a Manchester United fan in Cleveland OH. Thank you to those who maintain this website, you do soccer fans everywhere a greqt service. God bless you Mr. Edwards and may you and yours rest in peace.

  452. hannah wrote:

    im only 12 but iv heard all about Duncan from my dad and his mates. Im doing a project at school, and iv decided to dedicate it to him. I wish i could have seen him play, as i think he was, and still is the greatest player in the world. Iv been to Old Trafford 3 times now, and have spent ages staring up at the memorials, and wishing i could have seen the Busby Babes play, at least once. RIP Duncan Edwards, David Pegg, Eddie Colman, Tommy Taylor, Roger Byrne, Liam Whelan, Geoff Bent, Mark Jones and the other people who dies in the crash of 58. Gods looking after them now…

  453. duncan forever wrote:

    roses are red
    vilots are blue it took the angels in heaven
    a life time to carve you
    thank you duncan
    always my hero
    for ever my freind

  454. Dappy Dee wrote:

    I saw your Stained Glass Window, and it truly is magnificant. Only the great and good get to be in those whwn they die. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

  455. Duncan Edwards wrote:

    I was born in 1954 and having the same name (although I was named after a vicar – the Rev Duncan Glover) my life has always involved him. I never saw him, still haven’t, but he must have been amazing – taxi drivers, people, everyone still remember him.
    I went to Dudley once.. and did NO work as everyone said are you named after him? What a great lad he was… Followed by a 10 minute chat. Then I went to Singapore… Never? Oh yes! My first interview with a guy called YY Chin at OCBC Bank – Duncan Edwards?! Are you named after him? HE was fantastic… My half hour interview was spent reminicising about him.
    21 BUT SO MUCH INFLUENCE He must have been magical. And thank God that I have the same name, I have really enjoyed it.
    And my 2 sons… both want Edwards 6 on the back of their United tops 🙂
    His name liveth for ever more. God bless you!

  456. Derek Hogan wrote:

    I am too young to have seen you play but I am fascinated reading about you. Those who seen you play hold you in the highest regard. It is a shame your life was cut so tragically short but you will always be remembered.


  457. graeme wrote:

    i have read a lot about him and he is the greatest ever i am part of the forum on codemaster lma manager website and people wont listen to how good he was they say pele and maradonna are better because they one more trophies and some keep saying he could have been the greatest but died and wont listen to me when i tell them to compare him in terms of ability to pele and maradonna he was the best ever i tell them to ask people in there famlies how good he was but they dont believe what i say that he was the best i never saw him play i am only 18

  458. gerald ford wrote:

    I remember him well, he was and still is the greatest

  459. Terry Doyle wrote:

    I have been following United since I saw my first game, versus Everton 1954-55. Ive seen them come and I’ve seen them go – all the greats, Pele, Best, Law, Charlton, Cantona, De Stefano, Puskas et al. Time can play tricks with the mind and there are many things of which I am now uncertain but, of one thing I have no doubt. Duncan Edwards stands alone as the greatest footballer that I ever saw. We shall not see his like again.

  460. david mccracken wrote:

    the storys i have heard are great i have been told are great i wish i could of seen you play Bobby Charlton once said you were the greatest off them all ive seen footage of Sir Bobby play and he was phenomanal i wishe there was more footage of u and the babes jus so i could see a glimpse of ur extrodinary talent



  461. Anonymous wrote:

    ON 16 March 2007,comic relief day, (helped along by that other nice boy from Dudley lenny Henry), dear Wayne Rooney will be exactly the same age as you, when you died, please watch over him, he is a good lad.

  462. James Cockayne wrote:

    My dad used to watch the Busby Babes and Duncan was the best ever ! I was working near Dudley last year and found the Church with the Stained Glass window of Duncan , i then went to the town centre and saw the statue and finally visited his grave it was draped in utd scarves and an england euro 96 flag,iam 33 and a utd fan all my life but it meant so much to visit his grave and see where he came from and how people still remember him.I would urge all utd fans to visit Dudley and remember a true great

  463. Ted from Welling wrote:

    On this day 49 years ago you lost your brave battle for life .. as a young boy i cried then and it still makes me cry today thinking of that day when i rad the news .. Duncan you will never die in my heart .. you were a credit to the human race and football .. iI just hope there is a heaven and that you are still playing the game you Love .. God bless you Duncan and all your family .. and of course all the Babes as well.
    Ted from Welling.

  464. Eddie(Crewe) wrote:

    The word legend isabused in the modern game. When people talk about Duncan Edwards they are talking about a TRUE LEGEND.

  465. MICHELLE TRASMIL wrote:

    he was a great player although im a filipina im so lonely to watch what happen to him he is humble, kind and a very strong fighter. i know he is happy together with godc,)

  466. John White (Jaypers/Johnnowhit wrote:

    Saw you and got your autograph outside the old Queens Hotel in Picaddilly Manchester Big Man when I was 11 – and you only 9 years older than me and so big!

    Saw you again in the first leg against Red Star as a 12 year old in 1958 ……..

    and 5 weeks later mourned you along with all my other heroes lost at Munich.

    Rest in Peace the Babes All – but you Big Man, the greatest of them all.

  467. Priya, Preston Red wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play.RIP United Legend. Never forgotten.

  468. paul wrote:

    Never seen you play wished i could of though.heard lots of people talk about you,sounds like you were the best.Thank you.

  469. gaffa wrote:

    Gone But NEVER Forgotten.R.I.P.

  470. CRAIG G CANNOCK 6/02/07 wrote:

    Firstly, i would have loved to have seen Duncan play. Just to have stood in the crowd and witnessed first hand this unbelievable talent would have been amazing. I’ve been a Man u supporter for over 27 years and have seen some great players but it would have meant everything to have seen The Greatest . He just loved to play, it was a different era back then, no great riches and wealth, he lived to play football. He loved the game and he loved his team. Dudley is local to where i live and i’ve grew up on stories and old footage of him in action. Duncan is a hero of mine, his enthusiasm, skill, power and energy was second to none. His courage and strength in battling his injuries after the crash was truly unbelievable – he just kept fighting and fighting to survive. As my children Eden and Jade grow i cant wait to tell the stories about The Great Duncan Edwards – local hero – Number 6 – Legend. It could and should of been Duncan in that winning ’66 World Cup team if disater hadnt of struck a man of just 21. May his memory live on forever – God Bless you Duncan.

  471. LAWRENCE SPENCER wrote:

    I was fortunate enough to see Dunc. play and although part of a fantastic team he always stood out as an amazing player.Apart from being our best ever player he was also a great person with the fans and people in general and a truly grat young man.

  472. Mary wrote:

    My son is named after the late great Duncan Edwards. His name is Duncan Edward Nelson.

  473. mick wrote:

    a true legened and fine footballer just wished i could have seen him play

  474. Mike Taylor wrote:

    Although not old enough to ever see him play, my dad always used to tell me how good Duncan Edwards was.

    There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do with a football he used to say and he was as strong as a lion – there was no department of his game that was lacking and he was as good with either foot – something today’s millionaires wouldn’t quite grasp!

    His death (and that of all the others at Munich) was a great loss.

  475. Ron wrote:

    Best footballer to ever grace a football pitch.A gladiator of the old trafford arena

  476. Michael wrote:

    Just looked up the website, having read Gordon Burn’s compare and contrast book on Duncan & George Best. Having previously lived in the Black Country, the site also contains much valued information. Thank you.

  477. Dylan Smith Australia wrote:

    I’m a young australian boy and i can’t imagine how good duncan must’ve been i’m forrever disssapointed that he’s died and he seems to be the best ever player from what i’ve heard

  478. John Moore wrote:

    I was 11 years old and saw Duncan play at Hartlepool against my fatherWatty Moore’s side in the FA Cup 3rd round in 1957, he was a fabulous player. Many thanks Duncan

  479. Anonymous wrote:

    I think you did a lot to restore faith in the German people, may you rest in peace, I will say two Hail Marys for you.

  480. mark howard salford wrote:

    not even the great george best or charlton or law etc etc etc are in the same class as you were RIP we will never forget you

  481. mark howard salford wrote:

    i never saw you play but wish i did been a united fan all my life and bryan robson is my idol but even that great man is not good enough to lace your boots you were and still are the gratest footballer to grace this earth they talk about world class players of today they are just good players but you dunc you were the words (WORLD CLASS)you could play anywhere my father who told me all about you says even in goal not a day goes by thinking of how proud iam to support the team the best player ever played football used to play for big dunc number 6 thats you
    rip big man never ever forgotten

  482. George Dryburgh wrote:

    I never saw Duncan play but going about what i have seen on dvds and many telly programmes he would be worth Billions not millions.
    People do say he would have been the best player in the world if he may already have made that.
    I know one thing is there a player alive today who is better than duncan.

  483. Anonymous wrote:

    Reading about Duncan Edwards in an old book that I purchased about the Babies, how terrible it must have been for Mr & Mrs Edwards to lose both of their children. One can only imagine their pain and gief. I hope they are all together in heaven now.

  484. tim piper wrote:

    visited your grave yesterday in Dudley and the house you were raised in.RIP Duncan you were truely a alltime football legend.Happy 70th birthday last sunday,thanks for the memories.

  485. Adrian Keenan wrote:

    For the last 49 years all I have is wondeful memories of you Duncan , they grow stronger each year.Much loved and sadly missed. How your Mum must have missed you and stayed strong and proud all those years is hard to imagine. I hope that you are all at peace with each other.God bless you Duncan and thank you for the memories.

  486. Bobby wrote:

    Happy Birthday Dunc.

    Football will never forget one of the greatest players of all time….

  487. annwen wrote:

    I was a heartbroken 15yr old in 1958. Still a Man Utd fan. Duncan would be 70 years old tomorrow Oct 1st.

  488. Tim wrote:

    Duncan, I am 46 and sadly never saw you play. My late father told me about you and I have passed on his admiration to my son who is 11 and has you picture on his wall. Our thoughts will be with you this Sunday 1 October 2006, your 70th birthday.

  489. Teun wrote:

    I just read a story in the dutch magazine ”Hard Gras” about Duncan Edwards.
    The way he was described in the story and the way he played football together with his character, makes me think that he was a great footballer and a great person to have in your football team.

    Teun (from Holland)

  490. Bill wrote:

    Too young to see the great man play, but my birthplace of Newton Heath has streets named after the Munich victims. When I see big Dunc’s name it reminds me of the great loss. My family have filled me in on what a wonderful player and man he was. RIP Duncan…we shall never forget!

  491. Nick wrote:

    Although you were born and died long before me, according to my grandfathers….you were simply the best, and thats good enough for me. The greats always go young.

    Rest in peace Duncan.

  492. gary steer wrote:

    Your name lives on Duncan.
    Today i placed an order for The Boy Wonders,a book that has been written comparing your life with that of a modern day footballer,his name is Wayne Rooney,i think you’d appreciate watching him.
    God Bless with tears in my eyes.

  493. Anonymous wrote:

    Met him in Park Hospital Manchester in 55, I was in the bed next to him, hadn’t a clue who he was. I had just crashed my motorbike(stupid fool), and my leg was in plaster, anyway I was at University at the time, and we were performing Macbeth, so you can imagine my joy when I found out what his Christian name was. He was ever so nice and kept apologising as he couldn’t stop coughing, and was worried that he was keeping me awake. Found out from one of the nurses that he had influenza, and had developed complications pneumonia or something. Found out many years later who he was, how sad.

  494. Ash wrote:

    The World will never know how much you mean to the Town of Dudley Dunc, I’m just 19, but am only to aware of how good you were, If anything the kids of today especially in the town need reminding of what you did for us. You are and always will be Dudleys greatest Hero. God bless Duncan.

  495. Matt Traverse wrote:

    Watched the 57 cup final on DVD to finally see the great man for 90 mins of fine footage.Even though his game was nullified by switching to centre half because of Ray Woods injury,you could tell he was way ahead of his time with his reading of the game and at times one man defence display.They say God takes the best away young,he certainly did in Duncan’s case.

  496. Magnar Berset wrote:

    Legends never die

  497. Paul Wright wrote:

    Ducan is + always will be a true legend. The Busby babes + Duncan were the foundation of what the club has achieved & what it is today.

  498. martin smith wrote:

    The best player in the world to day is the brazilian ‘Ronaldinho’ but if Duncan Edwards had been born some 50 years later then ‘Ronaldinho’ would not have stud chance against the great Duncan Edwards. Even though he has passed on the Dudley Legend lives on. R.I.P Duncan…

  499. michael plant wrote:

    there was only one greatest in the world it wasnot ali but a young man called ducan edwards he was a legend in his own ,rest in peace

  500. c wilkes wrote:

    I can clearly remember Duncan`s cortege passing through the large crowds of quiet, saddened people. My mother had taken me to see this as an 8yr old child and if I close my eyes I can still see Billy Wright`s sad face staring out at the people as his car passed by. The silence was deafening.

  501. Anonymous wrote:

    My Father, a Liverpool fan, saw Duncan Edwards play several times and told me when I was just a kid how great Duncan Edwards was, how each time he had the ball something happened and it always took his breathe away, such a wonderful talent, such a wonderful person and such sad sad loss he would say to his United supporting son, when he spoke of Duncan Edwards I think my father forgave me my choice of clubs. Forever in our hearts never to be forgotten. UNITED

  502. kev wrote:

    how i wished to have seen you play. If i ever think of a good player, i think you would be 10 times better. playing for pride not profit, it puts a smile on my face when people say how great you where

  503. Anonymous wrote:

    There are players , there are great players and beyond all of them is Duncan Edwards.

  504. Anonymous wrote:

    You must have been really something special to get in a Stained Glass Window, even Princess Diana (God Bless her), never achieved that.

  505. Anonymous wrote:

    February made me shiver with every paper I’de deliver, bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step.

  506. Jamie wrote:

    Without doubt,Man Utd’s greatest ever player and the greatest centre-half the world has ever seen. Had he and the babes lived,England would have been world champs in 62 and 66.With Duncan lifting the trophy on both occasions.

  507. Anonymous wrote:

    My father and my mothers family saw him play many times and they said he was ahead of his time and that he was great.

  508. Scot Stuart Coulthard wrote:

    Dear Duncan – both my brother Dave and I are too young to have seen you play live – but the snippets show you were out of this world. If we had seen you, we’d probably be 60 or more, not two young Scots guys aged 24. On that day, a tragedy was wrought, and England lost a giant of sport. Sleep tight big man. We’ll never forget you. Give my love to Sir Matt – who I once met – and take Georgie under your wing – but don’t let him drink. Give my love to Denis Law, Paddy Crerand, Harry Gregg, Nobby Stiles, all your lads, Georgie and Sir Matt. All our love for always – Scot and Dave – the Coulthard lads.

  509. Scott wrote:

    He is a LEGEND of Manchester United and of the beautiful game. He is a role model for all plays and should be remembered for his great talents. RIP Dunc.

  510. Alan C wrote:

    I have only seen TV clips of the great young man. My dad told me how great he was and he was not kidding. Duncan rest in peace you were a one off.

  511. Connor Doig wrote:

    Duncan edwards a legend in all our hearts he will be remembered as long as time its self great gift to footballer his time came to soon DUNCAN EDWARDS LEGEND FOREVER

  512. tony wrote:

    After all this time,and all uniteds achievements Duncan is still the most talked about and respected of players ever to have pulled on the red shirt. R.I.P. Duncan, never far from our thoughts.

  513. Mick wrote:

    What he would have achieved and became can only be guessed at sadly, Englands greatest footballer…….this coming from a Newcastle United fan. What a tragic loss.

  514. Leia wrote:

    48 years since Dunc left us, the name still sends shivers down spines. The greatest of the lot, lost so young. What Duncan could have, would have acheived is stuff of legends. RIP Duncan, keep the red flag flying high.

  515. John wrote:

    Rest In Peace Duncan

  516. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan, where ever you are now I hope you are happy and warm. On cold dark nights your ghost can be heard upon Old Trafford’s hallowed ground. R.I.P

  517. Anonymous wrote:

    R.I.P I have a top ten list of things that I would dearly love to see in a church. Having already seen the Child Of Prague efigy, the next thing on my list is the Staine glass Window of Duncan Edwards, followed by The Sistine Chapel, in that order.

  518. Anonymous wrote:

    R.I. Duncan, have Posh and Becks been to see you in your window?. May your candle burn forever.

  519. Ashley wrote:

    I’m no united fan. But i am a Dudley lad. I think united fans and people around the world fail to realise just how much Duncan means to us. I dont think any town on earth has a greater son.God Bless you Big Dunc. You mean more to us than you’ll ever know.

  520. Peter Deaman wrote:

    I was born in 1960, two years after Duncan’s death, but was brought up on magical stories of the great Busby Babes. My mother was a Funeral Director at JT Brookes in Quary Bank and made the arrangements for Duncan’s funeral. The boy born a man lit up the whole world in his tragically short life. There will never be anyone of his stature again.

  521. Stuart Leeming wrote:

    It is such a crying shame that such a talent had to be snatched away along with all the other great players who died. Had he lived it would have been he who lifted the World Cup as England captain and not Booby Moore. Someone of his brilliance should not have been denied his chance at glory, especially in such a terrible way.

  522. Don wrote:

    Grew up round the corner, played football many time over the renna with him. Saw him two weeks before the tragedy waiting for the bus with is girlfriend.Proud to have known him! RIP Duncan

  523. LYDIA wrote:

    I never liked football but my 11 year old son loves it and Man Utd.Duncan and Georgie are his all time heroes and they are now mine too. Duncan you were truly a Saint amongst men a true legend never to be forgotten. I hope you and George are playing a game right now .Rest in peace

  524. Chris wrote:

    Brought up in Chorlton I have United in my veins. Have had the honour and pleasure to see all the greats from the sixties onwards. But all the old fellows said Duncan was the greatest. Praise indeed. Just wanted to pay my deepest respects on this sad anniversary. God Bless and RIP.

  525. Martin wrote:

    Rest In Peace on this very sad day

  526. Scot Stuart Coulthard wrote:

    Duncan – I never saw you play – but from what I’ve heard you were a one – off. I only wish I could have seen you play – but that would make me a lot older than 23 – my age now. God bless Duncan and happy 69th. Sleep tight big man. Give my love to Georgie, Sir Matt and the lads. Loving regards – Scot.

  527. Jo wrote:

    Having viewed the BBC programme about the terrible accident, I felt I needed to know more about this legend and was moved to tears when I read these tributes. What a sad loss. RIP.

  528. Paddy Riordan wrote:

    My father came over from Ireland in the fifties & followed United. He named my brother after Duncan when he was born in October 1958. I was born in 62 & I bleed Manchester United. God bless you Duncan the reason I have followed Manchester United, my birthrite. Heaven has a great team with you & Georgie, truly sent from Heaven.

  529. Anonymous wrote:

    I would dearly love to go and see the stained glass window, as I’m really into Stained glass windows, Alice in Wonderland etc. I think there should be a film made about Duncan, after all films have been made about lesser men. Rest In Peace.

  530. steve cook wrote:

    My dad told me about Duncan Edwards, I was born a month after Munich.I feel that I missed out on seeing the greatest british footballer of all time.Most of what I know about him is from books. Time heals but legends never fade.Rest in peace Big man, you will never be forgotten.

  531. JIM wrote:

    I’m from Dudley and just watched a programme about the munich disaster i just wish Duncan Edwards would have lived to the end of his potential and i bet he would have been just as good as all the greats.

  532. LAURA wrote:


  533. alan cummings wrote:

    As a lifelong red I can only dream of what it was like to see Duncan play.Hardly a week passes without me thinking what might have been. (a definite 150 caps for England)

  534. derck armstrong wrote:

    He was my Dads hero and still is, he has him on is moblie phone, which know they did’ent have in is day. but duncan and sir matt busby
    will never be for gotten, and they never should. the best thing that ever happen to MANCHSTER. AND THE BEST PLAYERS THAT Manchester united will have, even in to days standeds

  535. BlueSuedeShoes wrote:

    The Munich air crash happened on my 12th birthday – 6th February 1958. Needless to say I rememeber it well. Duncan was a great player in a great team but he would have been a great player in any team. Just look at his fantastic England International record for someone so young. I doubt there will ever be another English player who will even come close to his greatness.

  536. Colin Warren wrote:

    No doubt the best player England ever had, Dudley and the Black Country are so proud – if only recent generations would show the same respect and dignity. Will always remember you

  537. Dave Martin wrote:

    My father, whose opinion I respect tells me Duncan was the greatest player he ever saw. He is adamant that no player has ever come close to matching his power, grace and ability to read a game. By all accounts he was also a quality person off the pitch. Now I’m passing these facts about Duncan to my own son, and so the legend lives on. RIP.

  538. Mark Thatcher wrote:

    Watch the BBC programme last night 10/01/06 I new he was good, but did’nt realise just what a wonderful player he was.

  539. richard wrote:

    RIP duncan. i’m to young to have watched you play live but my father saw you when you came to the midlands to play and has told me loads of great things. we as football fans will always make sure you live on…

  540. vikki wrote:

    Your are the best football player that ever graced this earth, i ave visited your grave as i use to live down the road, and when i drive by i always think of you rip duncan

  541. steve wrote:

    duncan was one of the greats and should never be forgotten

  542. ben nicholas wrote:

    i have learnt about the munich air crash today and looked at some photos on the web duncan edwards was a legend rest in peace

  543. Robert Moggan wrote:

    So tragic that a person with his grace skill and integrity should be taken so early. We see George Best’s wasted life shown through TV from the 60’s to the present day. All we have of Duncan is a few snatches of black and white footage. I wish I could have seen him from the terraces to see this great man bedazzling the best teams of the day…God bless Duncan your candle of life was short but it’s flame BURN’T so very bright.

  544. Paul Duncan Lingham wrote:

    I never saw him play but i am honoured to be named after the greatest of them all Rest in peace Big Dunc.

  545. James Scoins wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was the best, the passion, and pride that you can see in his face, immortalised in photos, a true footballer.
    it will be 50 years in 2008, I hope EVERYONE marks this sombre occasion, and pays tribute to one, and all of the players that died as a result of Munich 1958.

  546. Paul Panteli wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was & still is the greatest football player of all time. He was so powerful, played with both feet equally, an outstanding header of the ball, a strong tackler & just a gifted football player. Being a massive Man Utd fan Duncan is still my favourite player, so Special! He really was the GREATEST!!!

  547. Alex Wilkes wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was a great footballer who achieved so much in the space of four or five years. The fact that his career was cut short at the age of 21 makes us all wonder what else he could have achieved if it hadn’t been for his untimely death. But while he was playing Duncan Edwards was surely the best player in England and few, if any, other players in a United shirt have been more brilliant.
    My grandfather and his family lived just a few streets away from Duncan Edwards and he attended the same school as some of my uncles. They all remember him kicking a ball or a tin around the streets and on the car park of the Wrens Nest pub. That pub was later renamed the Duncan Edwards but it recently closed for some reason. I have also seen his trophies and caps on display at Dudley Leisure Centre and have made several visits to his grave at Dudley Cemetery.

  548. Duncan Blom wrote:

    I im named after Duncan Edwards by my father who was and still is a big footbalfan. Still playing at the age of 65 in the oldtimerteam
    I wish to thank the person who created this webiste because now i know a little bit more then i already knew of Duncan Edwards, the man who gave me my name. I live in the Netherlands and because my name i feel connected to Man. United. Come on you reds!

  549. Chris wrote:

    Duncan: Whilst I was born and raised in Netherton my mother lived on the Priory estate when she was a youngster and told me stories of a young lad who she was good friends with and (knocked around) with him after school etc. The lad was obviously Duncan Edwards and she tells the story of him trialing for Manchester United football club and of him having to leave his home through his talent and how upset she was when he left. She tells that maybe, just maybe if events were a little different that I could have been an Edwards. She still has a photograph of them both on the grass in front of a house on Priory Estate. I could never have wished for a better father that I have but have the utmost respect for the Dudley legend and often think of those stories and of the man who through immense natural talent took himself to the top of his beloved game. Always wondered why my first football strip was MUFC. God bless Duncan and his family.

  550. Paul Casini wrote:

    As a Burnley fan and a lover of the English game the modern players would not be fit to wipe your boots may you rest in piece a team with you and George Best,I think it would have been of the very highest quality what did we lose and to those Leeds fans who were not silent on the tribute to Sir Matt Busby shame on you

  551. Scott Coulthard wrote:

    As a 23 – year -old Scot I never saw you play – but I wish to pay my most deep and sincere respects to a true sporting hero. You will never be forgotten and are fondly remembered. That shocking day still shrouds our sport – but that doesn’t mean the legends of our sport – the Busby Babes – are ever forgotten. Sleep tight Duncan and the other lads. Love, regards and respect – Scottie Coulthard.

  552. kev wrote:

    im 23 so like many others on here i was born long after munich but as a red have heard all about the entire man utd history..
    just wish i could have seen this lad play, anyone i talk to who got to see him play describes him as something else, if georgie best was good, dunc was world class!
    would love to hear stories off anyone, my e-mail address is above, please get in touch.
    and as for a world XI of all time, anyone who i’ve spoke to… first on the team sheet.
    p.s. great website, and some funny stories to read in the tribute book.

  553. Anonymous wrote:

    Thak you!! RIP ,Dunc!!

  554. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan Edwards had the number 6 on his shirts i know this because my dad has 1 of his england shirts

  555. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan must have been great !!!!!Does anybody know which number he wore on his Man U and on his England kit????

  556. gerard timon wrote:

    a one off outstanding footballer never to be forgotten rest in peace.

  557. JOE O'BOYLE wrote:

    I grew up in Salford, and lived within sight of the floodlights and the roars at Old Trafford. I was nine years old at the time of Munich and remember being given the awful newsin a photography and stamp collectors shop on Regent road. The following weeks wre so sad and I recall the night w heard Duncan had lost his last battle
    It was the first time I had seen my father cry.
    The Babes were our boys and Big Dunc was a special person in many ways. I would regularly go along to Old Trafford on Sunday morning, the players would arrive for treatment etc, and we would wait for their autographs. Big Dunc would always sign and give you a smile.We would walk behind the players as they made their way to the bustop!!
    I have very clear memories of Duncan playing, (though they may be influenced by my father, who talked of him for the rest of his life in reverential terms.)
    I recall a game in ’57 or ’58 against Bolton. They were a very tough team with hard men like Roy Hartle, Nat Lofthouse and the reigning England ‘keeper Eddie Hopkinson.
    Duncan was marking his cousin Dennis Stephens, (went on to play for Everton I think). Duncan had for him a quiet game and came to prominence when the reds won a penalty. Placing the ball on the spot he looked at Hoppy (they had played together for England a few days earlier), I was as always positioned behind the goal at the scoreboard end ,directly behind the ‘keeper.
    Big Dunc struck the ball directly at Hoppy who managed to take the ball into his arms and onto his chest,….a great stop! However such was the force of Dunc’s kick that the ‘keeper was knoked back on his heels and he fell backwards into the goal. POWER!!
    My Dad often told a story of a young Duncan coming up against the veteran hard man Jimmy Schoular (newcastle and Scotland capt’). He would recount how many players had been intimidated by Schoulars’ hard but fair approach to tackling, but not big Dunc. he clashed with Schoular and came away from the tacle with the ball, my dad recalled how for the one and only time did he see Schoular show discomfort(pain) and after this incident Dig Dunc dominated the match.
    So many times it seems a boy was asked to do a mans’ job and did it he did. In todays’ game of stars and superstars they pale in insignificance to players like Duncan Edwards.
    I might consider only one other player to have made a greater impact on Man Utd. in all the years I have followed them, but if Sir Bobby thinks Duncan was the best I would
    not beg to differ.
    We all need heroes and role models in life and these two wonderful people deserve the respect they recieve.

  558. Robert Prosser wrote:

    This site is a glowing tribute to a wonderful player as i am only 24 i have only ever seen a little of some past footage of this truly wonderful player and enough to see that he is truly a manchester united legend in his own right he deserves every credit he has ever had and he his still getting

  559. Lyndsay wrote:

    What a player! R.I.P Duncan

  560. tom clare wrote:

    Last Saturday would have ben Duncan’s 69th Birthday – a little tribute:
    Black Country Boy
    Remembering the great players
    Through our age we have known
    For all those that are honoured
    One boy stands alone
    Of whom through the country
    All the people do say
    Our game was depleted
    When Big Dunc passed away.
    So shy so retiring
    A discerning smile that was grand
    His great heart and his young spirit
    Beat warmth through the land
    A great servant to United
    To his Country a true Son
    Of the game’s finest player’s
    Dunc was second to none
    In purpose so unsparing
    And in playing no less
    He reached for the heights
    That he sought and professed
    He relished the battle
    And he fought the good fight
    Football lost a great Champion
    When he passed that sad night
    We were never to know
    He would be called laid to rest
    God called for this young boy
    Because he wanted the best
    Dear Dunc left us suddenly
    No goodbye no farewell
    Now he lies in a churchyard
    Beneath the toll of a bell
    Indomitable, indefatigable,
    Courageous beyond call
    Now remembered in church glass
    He kneels with the ball
    We remember his lifespan
    He gave us such pleasures such joy
    A role model, a true legend
    Was this Black Country Boy
    Sleep on Dear Dunc in your peace
    We remember you with pride
    Your memory is cherished
    Your Molly now there by your side
    The years are swiftly passing
    Time cannot mar, nor destroy
    The memory of a real Immortal
    A true Black Country Boy!

  561. Nanni wrote:

    Happy Birthday ,Duncan!!!

  562. Larry Laturday wrote:

    You are and always will be my hero! I remember crying when you died in 58 when i was 12! all the best!

  563. Anonymous wrote:

    What a legend!

  564. Anonymous wrote:

    I’m 14 ,but I had to cry as I only saw this page and I can’t imagine what would have been if I had seen him play and if I would have known his whole career !!!Rest in peace!!(sorry ,my english is not too good )

  565. Chris wrote:

    As an 18 year old Utd fan, I’m too young to have seen Duncan Edwards in action. But by all accounts he was a brilliant player, and would have gone on to become even better.

  566. Mo wrote:

    I never got to meet the legend that is Duncan Edwards but I know I’ll never forget the beauty that he brought into my life.
    My son is named in his honour.
    God Bless you Duncan,and may you forever rest in peace.

  567. Tony S wrote:

    I only saw you once, but that was enough to hook me to MUFC for life. You were a giant. Quite magnificent. Now once again playing for Sir Matt. RIP.

  568. Tony Quinlan wrote:

    A giant amongst men in every sense.
    How awful that he was taken at such a young age.
    God bless you Duncan.

  569. Duncan Brett wrote:

    I was named after Duncan Edawards back in 1975 as my father was a huge fan. I only discovered this iste today but have bookmarked it and will be returning.
    Thanks, Duncan

  570. Michael Warburton wrote:

    Like so many I feel deprived at having never seen Duncan Edwards flower into the fine man and genius football player he undoubtedly would have become. I will be a Man Utd fan all my life, so too my children when they are born, and Duncan Edwards is a player and man that they will know about, and so too I hope will their children.

  571. kev mufc wrote:

    i never see the great man play but everyone i ask says he was the greatest and not all of them support mufc . lets just dream of what might have been . r i p big man

  572. nina wrote:

    There are great fhotos!
    I’ve not seen how was he playing, but I’m sure he was the world’s greatest footballer!!!
    I’m very sorry that only was…

  573. Neil wrote:

    A true legend, only seen pictures and footage but have been told all about you by uncles grandparents. I have watched in awe of his skills. How history would have changed if not for the munich tragedy. Duncan would have lifted the world cup for england in 66, I wouldnt like to think how many european cups and championships the reds would have won under these great players. So Boom Boom r.i.p with all the babes and the boss and thank you for the memories.

  574. Anonymous wrote:

    I got goose bumps on seeing this site.
    Once a red you will be remembered forever.
    rest in peace.

  575. Mikael wrote:

    I think this is a great homepage, but I have a suggestion.
    A litle text about every picture in Photos. You don’t understand who the people on all the pictures are. E.g is there a picture on an old lady, is it his mother or sister or who is she?
    Thanks for a great homepage.

  576. alan pinder wrote:

    I first went to old trafford in 1949, i have
    been lucky to see the greatest footballers over the 50s and 60s, the likes of Destafarno, Puskas, Dennis, George, & Bobby.
    But the greatest to me was the BIG FELLA, Duncan Edwards.
    Rest in peace we idalise you

  577. Tommy Mulgrew wrote:

    We were waiting for autographs and playing cricket, out came Tommy Taylor David Pegg and Duncan Edwards and joined in, before being chased in by Jimmy Murphy our reward autographs and a bag of toffees off The Tank.Memories I treasure Thanks Boys. Tommy

  578. Anthony wrote:

    I first saw him play when I was nine years old. United were playing at Preston. We sat on the grass behind the goals then and Duncan fell amongst us while chasing a ball. This man with legs like tree trunks checked that we were all ok. He had an accent I hadn’t heard before. Yes we had George Best and Denis Law and Cantona but Duncan could play anywhere. He was the complete footballer. Thanks Duncan

  579. A City Fan wrote:

    As a life long Manchester City fan, I bow my head in sorrow at the crushing blow suffered by the families of those killed. All the team members were under 30! And Duncan himelf, only 21. A terrible waste, his great might body gave up it’s fight after 15 days of struggle,
    Not killed in battle,
    But due to a terrible, tragic accident.
    All the best, Duncan…
    Playing half back in God’s first eleven for eternity.

  580. William Bills wrote:

    Saw him play at elland road 1957 I was 10 years old,he will be imprinted in my mind for ever,he had a presence on the field that i have never seen from anyone else,to this day.I posted a photo to him the week after and still have the signed picture

  581. Gerald Tidswell wrote:

    Simply the best I’ve seen in following the Reds over 50 years.In 1980 named my son Duncan Edward, in hope.
    We will always remember them.

  582. paul wrote:

    i am honoured to have Duncan as my middle name. i never saw you play but have been told all about you by my dad. we both revere your memory and the memories of all the Babes live on for evermore

  583. Mike NORSWORTHY wrote:

    Duncan, taken so early
    Remembered for ever

  584. jason christopher collier wrote:

    just read the poem by john griffin on your sight, it says it all really, what a waste. if it wasnt for munich we would have ruled the football stage for years.god bless you lads

  585. Alex wrote:


  586. matthew rampley wrote:

    you were a true legend and always will be

  587. matthew rampley wrote:

    my dad has told me about this great player and the great club he played for. I now support manchester united football club.

  588. char wrote:

    never heard of u til now thanks to my dad ur the reason he supports united coz his grandad saw u play. shame the world didnt c more of him

  589. Claire wrote:

    Would have loved to have met you and your parents. Your mum was a cousin to my gran. God bless xx

  590. JOHN wrote:

    God Bless You Lads RIP
    The Flowers of Manchester
    One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany,
    Eight great football stalwarts conceded victory,
    Eight men who will never play again who met destruction there,
    The flowers of English football, the flowers of Manchester
    Matt Busby’s boys were flying, returning from Belgrade,
    This great United family, all masters of their trade,
    The Pilot of the aircraft, the skipper Captain Thain,
    Three times they tried to take off and twice turned back again.
    The third time down the runaway disaster followed close,
    There was a slush upon that runaway and the aircraft never rose,
    It ploughed into the marshy ground, it broke, it overturned.
    And eight of the team were killed as the blazing wreckage burned.
    Roger Byrne and Tommy Taylor who were capped for England’s side.
    And Ireland’s Billy Whelan and England’s Geoff Bent died,
    Mark Jones and Eddie Coleman, and David Pegg also,
    They all lost their lives as it ploughed on through the snow.
    Big Duncan he went to, with an injury to his frame,
    And Ireland’s brave Jack Blanchflower will never play again,
    The great Sir Matt Busby lay there, the father of his team
    Three long months passed by before he walked again.
    The trainer, coach and secretary, and a member of the crew,
    Also eight sporting journalists who with United flew,
    and one of them Big Swifty, who we’ll ne’er forget,
    the finest English ‘keeper that ever graced the net.
    Oh, England’s finest football team its record truly great,
    its proud successes mocked by a cruel turn of fate.
    Eight men will never play again, who met destruction there,
    The flowers of English football, The flowers of Manchester

  591. william m c kean wrote:

    i saw the great dunc in 1955 could 100 mill buy him now NO THINK ABOUT THIS PICK A TEAM from heaven to win the world cup

  592. Jason wrote:

    A local lad who would have been sensational. Wasn’t there to see him as I am only 18 but I have great interest in his career.

  593. MICHAEL JENNER wrote:


  594. Hamza Ukadia wrote:

    i havent seen you play but i’ve recently been to old trafford and read about you and how good you were.

  595. Chase Vickers wrote:

    I’m only 14 but my father has told me all about you. You were something out of the ordinary and one of utd’s greatest ever players. I wish i was there to watch you because you are an inspiration to me when i play so i do hope that one day i could be just like you the great duncan edwards

  596. Darren Wilkinson wrote:

    Being only 23 i was not around to appreciate the fantastic skill you possessed but the videos ive watched of you i sure do now which brings a tear to the eye of how you were so cruelly robbed of life a such a young age,a true legend who’ll never be forgotten or any of the babes rip big dunc

  597. Richie Farman wrote:

    I never saw you play. but appreciate how good you were and all you done for our beloved united.
    A broken heart, a broken dream
    A broken plane, a broken team
    No words were said, a silent vow
    We loved you then, we love you now
    RIP Duncan and all the babes as well

  598. Bill Kacoullas wrote:

    The glory of United past and a legend of United present…RIP

  599. John Wall wrote:

    Rest In Peace Duncan. Never to be forgotten.

  600. duncan fraser wrote:

    in our heart always. Never will be forgotten . R.I.P. big dunc

  601. Damian wrote:

    Gone but still in our hearts

  602. kaz salford wrote:

    so near and yet so far

  603. Grayso Salford wrote:

    Forever in our hearts..RIP

  604. David Brand wrote:

    Just a little boy in 58 but remember vividly the day.
    So sad I didn’t get to see you play.
    To this day Feb 6th brings tears to my eyes.
    Flowers of Manchester RIP and in particular Duncan Edwards. We owe a great debt to you as you paved the way to today.
    We did rise again!
    Castaway Red in the South Seas.
    David Brand
    National Coach Samoa

  605. Ian Hourigan wrote:

    Such a tragedy,God rest you and those who perished with you.

  606. Sloopy wrote:

    A true legend remembered forever by all United fans.
    An exceptional site for an exceptional player.

  607. TORE GRAVDEHAUGG wrote:

    never forgotten.
    This is a sad day for all united fans
    rest in peace

  608. Baard Sterk-Hansen wrote:

    I have heard a lot about you.
    I`m a norwegian man at 30,so i have never seen you play, but I`ve heard a lot about your skills at the field. My uncle, who lives in Wales, has always told me about you, and that you almost never lost a ball at the field. It`s probably the sadest day ever in football we are remembering today. We lost almost a whole team, and probably the one of the best players ever…
    May you rest in peace…
    Best regards Baard
    (Excuse my English)

  609. Priya wrote:

    Wish I could have seen you play. Rest in peace.

  610. M wrote:

    You asked me if I like you, I said no.
    You asked me if you was pretty, I said no.
    You asked me if you was in my heart, I said no.
    You asked me if I would cry if you walked away, I said no.
    So you walked away.
    I grabbed your arm and said:
    I don’t like you, I love you.
    Your not pretty, your beautiful.
    You are not in my heart, you are my heart.
    And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away -I would die!

  611. Leia wrote:

    When someone invented football, they had to have Dunacn in mind. I never saw him play, but from what I’ve heard he is right up at the top of the list for being the greatest

  612. Duncan Round wrote:

    Humble to be a red. Never forget.

  613. Thor - Finn Elverhøy wrote:

    I am still sad, thinking of the tragedy.
    The Busby babes memory lives on forever.

  614. Cath wrote:

    The anniversary is coming, and i can’t stop thinking about the loss. All the heros of Busby may rest in peace, but my heart is going on bleeding.

  615. Phil Smith wrote:

    Reading the infom it all comes back. The greyness of Manchester in the 50s illuminated by the Babes at Old Trafford. I never saw him play but the hero worship continues to this day. What a player, what a team. Immortal.

  616. Gavin Culloty, Birmingham , UK wrote:

    I am only 17 years old but I am as moved and topuched by the Busby Babes and Duncan Edwards and what they did for british football as much as those people who were fortunate enough to see them play had Duncan lived he would certainly be regarded as one of the greatest ever footballers that the world has ever seen had it not been for Munich God bless you Duncan you’ll never be forgotten.

  617. brian wall wrote:

    i had the privilidge of having my foto taken with duncan in york barracks munster baor.also on the foto where eddie colman and maurace setters who at that time was with west brom.they were touring baor as part of the army soccer team and stayed in our barracks.great lads and superb soccer players god bless them

  618. Michael Hemsworth wrote:

    As a Leeds United fan I can only appologise on behalf of the decent Leeds fans for the great offense caused by the morons associated with our club who attempt to make fun of this tragedy. This does not represent the view of the majority of true Leeds United supporters. The loss of Duncan Edwards at such a young age was not only a loss for Manchester United, but also for English football. The 1958 World Cup could have been so much different. Rest in peace Duncan, Billy, Tommy, Eddie, Roger, Geoff, Mark, David, Bert, Walter, Tom, Frank, Alf, Don, George, Tom, Archie, Henry, Eric, Kenneth, Tom, Bela, and Willie

  619. Bernard O'Hearns wrote:

    I never got the chance to see Duncan play…my first match at Old Trafford was V’s Chelsea in August 1958. There have been far too many people praising Duncan Edwards (especially Bobby Charlton) for him not to have been one of the all time greats of the game.

  620. Karen Richards wrote:

    Rest in peace Duncan, I was amazed to find a site in memory of Duncan Edwards, a sad loss for man united.

  621. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan and the rest of those who died will always be alive so long as there are sites like this, and people who care enough to remember them. They will live on in the hearts and minds of any football fan.
    Rest in Peace boys.

  622. Charlie Williams wrote:

    My Grandad played football with him in the army about 3 weeks befoe he passed away. He said ‘He flatend me a few times – his legs were like tree trunks’. He said he was a nice chap and such a sorry lose of a young man.
    RIP DE.

  623. Rob McMahon wrote:

    A fitting tribute to our greatest ever Red. I shall definitely be visiting Dudley, now that your site has provided me with so much more info on Duncan. He is the embodiment of all that United stand for- youthful vigour, bravery, daring and world-beating talent!

  624. ZAMIR UKADIA wrote:


  625. Hamza Ukadia wrote:


  626. hamza ukadia, Blackburn wrote:

    i went to preston in the mueseaum and read about and this website has advanced my knowledege of Duncan Edwards and he was also good for England

  627. ForRedGlory wrote:

    I’m sorry i didn’t see play him.
    a 22 years old hungarian boy.

  628. hamza wrote:

    i knew about edward duncan before but not his life and this website has gave a lot of imformation of Duncan edwards and its a sad thing that he did not have a longer football life

  629. Pauline wrote:

    My first visit to this site. I was a supporter in the mid-1950s, and my father – who is now 98 y.o. – from the 1930s. We used to watch United very regularly. We still both recall all the Busby Babes, though Big Dunc has a special affection for us. The match just after Munich was dreadfully emotional for everyone – I can still remember the huge crowd and still have that particular program and a few other bits and pieces. We now live in Australia but are still keen ManUnited fans. We will never forget those who perished during that terrible time.

  630. SPM wrote:

    We love them
    We mourn for them
    Unlucky boys of red
    We miss them
    Every night we kiss them
    Their faces fixed in our heads
    I wish I’d gone down
    Gone down with them
    To where mother nature
    Makes their bed

  631. Ben, Darwen wrote:

    The only reason why I can see that God took Duncan away from us all, was that he had created a footballer who was simply too good, and he thought it was unfair on the opposition players. Sleep well Duncan

  632. Mike wrote:

    We know that if you had a chance to have a longer life that you had bring much much glory for us (Man Utd). You almost feel lika a family member for me. I’ll hope you are happy wherever you are now…See you some time.
    And the reds are marching on..

  633. stefan wrote:

    true and utter ledgend

  634. mick wrote:

    One of the greats a true legend

  635. Anonymous wrote:

    one of the greatest!

  636. John wrote:

    After talking to loads of people about Duncan, he must have been the best ever I only wished I could have seen him play.

  637. james wrote:

    He was the best player of all time

  638. Ben Sweeney wrote:

    I never get tired of reading about the legend that is Duncan Edwards. If only todays players conducted themselves like him, EVERYONE i ask who saw him play say how ahead of his time he was. If theres anybody out there who witnessed him play PLEASE get in touch with me, id love to hear any stories of him. I envy you ppl who were lucky enough to witness him play. RIP big man

  639. Nicolas Pithoud wrote:

    I’m just a twenty-five years old man from France but I know a lot about you Mister Edwards. I think about you a lot and I hope one day you will be able to show me a few tricks…in heaven, because you’re definitely there…

  640. Jordan Wilcox wrote:

    YOu were a star man for Man Utd and a key man for England.I wish i could of saw you play.

  641. Jordan Wilcox wrote:

    you`re the best

  642. donna wrote:

    if only we could have all seen him play. he is a true inspiration to all young footballers today. my future husband, duncan edward archer, was named after the legend.

  643. Muzz wrote:

    A truly sad loss to the Footballing World. A possible world great or and England hero who was given only a short career but showed his greatness.

  644. tezza wrote:

    only 1 word to describe him…legend.

  645. Tommy Colclough wrote:

    A legend taken far too early, i wish i could have seen you play dunc, rest in peace.

  646. Bill Doody wrote:

    my daughter took myself and my wife to trudering munich for the unveiling of the new memorial for the busby babes on september 22nd 2004 i had the pleassure of meeting sir bobby charlton sir alex ferguson and club secutary mr ken merret and to pay my respects to the lads who lost there lives in feb 1958 duncan was without doubt the greatest player that ever lived i saw him play he was awesome i named my son after him i was proud to be able to attend the memorial in munich god bless duncan you left a great legacy rest in peace my lad

  647. Anonymous wrote:

    Without doubt, you were the greatest ever. Its just such a tradegy that the world never saw what could have been. Rest in peace big guy.

  648. Robert Ellison wrote:

    I never saw you play, except on TV, but you will always be one of my heroes. God bless and rest in peace.

  649. stew wrote:

    top classsssss

  650. PHILIP EDWARDS wrote:


  651. Anonymous wrote:


  652. Chris wrote:

    Happy Birthday big fella.
    We’ll never die.

  653. A Red from Kathmandu wrote:

    Respect for the great Big Dunc. You will always be in our hearts. I’m sure you’re up there smiling down on United, you and the other Busby babes will forever be the inspiration for what makes United and a United player. RIP

  654. Gerard wrote:

    I was only 6 when the plane crashed
    but i have read a lot of books about him
    and seen some old footage.They talk about
    Beckham & Rooney they would’nt lace
    his boots.Best ever R.I.P. Duncan.

  655. Ray wrote:

    Keep the red flag flying high
    We will never die
    Keep United Independent
    Rest in peace

  656. Rod Tarry wrote:

    12 when he died, no doubt the greatest English player of all time. Best & Law were great players ,but Duncan was simply in a different class. At the moment Rooney does not come close.

  657. Laura wrote:

    I wasnt born wen the munich aircrash happened i am only 17 but i have been bought up being a man u fan and i ave read all about it and have had tears in my eyes, it is the saddest thing i have ever read. Duncan was a gr8 player as i was told. Rest in peace Dunc xxxxxxxxxx

  658. AFC Ajax wrote:

    Respect to a great player from Amsterdam.

  659. Rex Horwood wrote:

    On Saturday 22nd February 1958 my sister gave me a sweet cigarette football card with Duncan Edwards on it. I was only 8 at the time and asked my mother who Duncan Edwards was. She told me he was England’s best footballer who had tragically died the day before. From that moment on I have been a Manchester United supporter. Thankyou Duncan, for your inspiration and love of the game, and giving me a lifetime full of Manchester United and wonderful memories.

  660. Bill Nelson wrote:

    A great footballer and person who is missed by everyone he touched

  661. Sud wrote:

    I don’t speak English very well, but: this is a very good webpage. I’m a MU-fan from Hungary, and I remember Duncan forever. (sorry for the mistakes..)

  662. Josef Cassar wrote:

    I’m a Manutd fan, and although i only heard about Duncan he still lives in our hearts, and his reputation will keep him breathing.

  663. Bob wrote:

    A great man and footballer!

  664. Katharine wrote:

    At the age of 17 i’m years too young to have seen Duncan Edwards play but whoever i support in the world of football Dunc will always be my hero

  665. Rob Millen wrote:

    I am only 22 but i still class Duncan as a hero. This site is a fitting tribute.

  666. A Fan wrote:

    Truly one of the greats. Rest in Peace lad.

  667. Anonymous wrote:

    Its important that the great man is kept alive through memories and details of Duncans wonderful career should be passed down from generation to generation. He was the greatest player of them all, a man of great diginity and ability and commitment that is rarely seen in todays game. My daughter Jade is four and she’ll be hearing all about Duncan Edwards in time! God Bless and rest in peace DUNC

  668. Craig Grew wrote:

    Even the name DUNCAN EDWARDS seems to have a great aura about it. Here was a local man ( at just 21 ) who achieved so much, and was adored the country and world over. At 34 i nver saw him play – and only ageing footage lets me see the glimpses of true talent. Im proud to class him as a hero and legend just from seeing the footage or documentation i was able to read. God Bless

  669. Steven wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was a football star for England and united

  670. matty wrote:

    great local hero!e

  671. fred smith wrote:

    great website. what a legend i wish he could live for ever.

  672. Lincolnred wrote:

    I may only be 21 but he is one of my heroes, if only he wsa given the credit that he so deserves by the whole of the footballing world.

  673. Anonymous wrote:

    duncan edwards was a gr8 player such a legend

  674. shaun fraser aldershot reds. wrote:

    duncan was not only the greatest player united and england ever had,but a great example of how footballers should show responsibility to there chosen sport.he will never be forgotten.a genius.d.beckham take note.

  675. Dave Holt wrote:

    United’s and England’s greatest ever player. I would have loved to have seen you play.

  676. victor davies wrote:

    i liked duncan edwards as a footballer.
    i was 11 years old when he was alive.

  677. Duncan Taylor wrote:

    I was born in 1958 and named after Duncan by my dad, who thought he was one of the most talented footballers that he had ever seen.
    even being a Preston North End supporter it was his tibute to name his only son after him.
    Reading, seeing film ,and what other people have said, I am honoured and proud to have been named after Duncan.
    Just to complete the picture, in 1987 I got married to a girl called Debra Edwards.
    Duncan Edwards will always be remembered.

  678. chris hutton wrote:

    Too young to see you play but my old man who is buried near Sir Matt said you were the greatest.
    R.I.P dunc
    Keep the red flag flyin high

  679. djwright wrote:

    in todays day and age of money and greed and fancy footballers,swapping shirts one week to the next,duncan and the babes mean all the more .eight red roses from manchester forever red .forever loved by loyal utd fans who know the ture meaning of what it means to be utd.and the ture meaning our beloved busbybabes….every day we carry you in our hearts..

  680. djwright wrote:

    to young to have seen you play ,but old enough to know what you stood for and played for.merdith,Edwards,Best,Cantona..everything,OUR great club stands for.forever and ever……..

  681. Lee and Christopher wrote:

    If u had Duncan in a team they could win everything LONG LIVE THE BEST PLAYER EVERY

  682. Daz wrote:

    RIP to all those who sadly died our thoughts of them will live on forever

  683. Anonymous wrote:

    I was born in Tipton just a few miles across the Birmingham New Road from where Duncan’s home was.My dad took me to see him play at the Hawthorns but I was too young to take in the impact and importance he had on the game. I was nine when he died and my mum took me to his funeral. It is a distant memory but I remember the crowds and the floral tributes. Since then Duncan has touched my life in many ways and I bore people to this day with my eulogies to the young giant who strode across the game with such enormous presence.
    I became a football journalist and had the pleasure of interviewing his mum on one occasion. To her he was just Big Dunc- a lovely lad who died too young.
    I also spoke to the late Bily Wright about him. To him he was a football colossus. If he had lived there would never have been anyone to touch him in the history of the game.
    So there you have it. a lovely lad and a football colossus. What more of an epitath does a man need.

  684. A Young fan wrote:

    Im only 16 years old, but I have allready red many things about Duncan Edwards. I (and i think everbody els) thinks that he died to early, but even if he died that young I think he is one of the best English players ever (maybe he is the best?) A player who is that strong, fast, good tackel, good on the head, har working..and so on, I can write very much more but I dont have that time, it will take to long time.
    Duncan, rest in peace!

  685. Mikael (Swden) wrote:

    It was very nice read this, I have red about Duncan Edwards before, but I found very much information that I did´nt know. I have searched on Duncan Edwards before, but I have never found something. but now I found this page and I like it!
    Thanks again and I maybe visit his hometown some day, who knows? 🙂

  686. mr richard rampley wrote:

    great website for a great player listen to the players opinions the best barometer to a players ability the greatest says it all really

  687. BERT HILL wrote:


  688. Bill Smith wrote:

    Dear Duncan : You were my first and last hero. I named my son after you in 1976 – Duncan Edward Smith. Best I could do with a name like Smith.
    He is a credit to you and wears your name with honour. He has just been accepted as a British Airways pilot.

  689. ann ray wrote:

    Still remember Duncan Edwards , with a smile and memories of a Time past Now living in Canada am Happy to say My Grandsons now wear the United Strip

  690. CJ wrote:

    living just outside Dudley, i am very proud of what the council have done to keep the memory of Duncan Edwards alive. They must be very proud to have one of England’s greatest players buried in their cemetery.

  691. Bert Hill wrote:

    what a fantastic tribute to a truely fantastic player of his day.i had the pleasure of appearing on the video to Duncan and i also had the pleaseure of meeting his mother Sarah Ann,god bless you all

  692. lee w wrote:

    i am only young but have heard so much, a few nights ago i watched the england dream the best 11 ever to play for their country and edwards got beat by tony adams please! He was a legend a absoulute legend ive heard so much and wish to see more

  693. Phil Cooper wrote:

    I’m only 26 but have always been fascinated about the legend of Duncan.
    I know a lifelong Wolves fan, who told me he hated him because He didn’t play for his ‘local’ team. He was brilliant he said.
    Another story is when Bryan Robson asked Ron Atkinson how good Duncan was. We know how highly Ron rated Robbo, but his reply was curt Twice as good as you’ll ever be, son!
    I recommend you buy ‘Duncan Edwards:The Full Report by Iain McCartney.
    Rest in Peace Big Man!

  694. Andrew Robinson wrote:

    I am 27 years old, some of you may think, why is someone my age such a huge fan of Duncan??? Well, this is thanks to my dad, a season ticket holder for the past 40 years at OT. He did get to watch Duncan play and has constantly drummed it into me what a great player he was therefore turning me into just as much of a fan as he is. I wore my 57 replica cup final at the nou camp in 99 with Edwards 6 on the back, and at half time as I walked past an older gentlemen he said to me we could do with his help tonight, and on the anniversary of Sir Matts 90th birthday, you can’t help thinking that Duncan and the rest of the Busby Babes were there that night. Id love to hear from anyone that did see Duncan play.

  695. Linda wrote:

    I offer this tribute to Duncan Edwards on behalf of my late father, John. He was an avid Spurs supporter but on that terrible day when the plane went down, he cried openly. His heart broke for the team and especially for the young man who was destined to become one of the world’s greatest footballers. For him, I offer this tribute.

  696. Matt Traverse wrote:

    I have supported Man Utd since 1977 but with the stories from my Mothers two Uncles and my non-stop gathering of books,videos etc to do with the Busby Babes(now have over 50 Videos & 40 books on Man U – Mainly Busby Babes),i will never tire of my infatuation on Duncan Edwards,Visited his grave and Leisure Centre in 1986 and look forward to going again.Surely there must be more archive film footage lying around gathering dust that should be shown to future generations?

  697. Matt Traverse wrote:

    Iam from a football family myself.Both my Grandads brothers played football in the 1940′-1950’s,Harry Anders playing for Prestom
    & Man City to name a few.He played against the Busby Babes many times (Reserves incld),He rated Duncan Edwards with no Superiors – enough said.R.I.P Duncan – you was AWESOME!

  698. ROBERT MERRICK wrote:


  699. Alzy boy wrote:

    big dunc was some man. he would have been twice the player of pele. imagine him best and charlton all in the one side.

  700. Martin wrote:

    I was also born in the ‘black country’like big Dunc & now live in Australia.I was too young to see the great man play.Too young to take in England’s & world football’s great loss in 1958.
    When i first read of Duncan’s enormous talent i thought that maybe people were just eulogizing a good player into a great player because of his death at such a young & promising age.Surely no one could be that good!So i asked my father if he had seen this man play.Instantly my father,normally a man of few words,repeated superlatives about seeing Duncan play.Recalling how awesome Duncan had been in everything from Youth team matches to internationals.I also asked my uncles,fathers of my best mates,casual aquaintances,anyone who had been to a football match in the 50’s…..of course EVERYONE had seen his greatness.Not once did i hear anyone decry Duncan’s inmeasurable skills.I knew then that Duncan Edwards was a true legend.
    The tributes seem to grow with every book or article written about the great man.I am so proud that he was English.So sad that his talents were taken away from us all.Gone too soon.Yet he proved so much in so little time.
    On my last two visits to England i have found time to visit Duncan’s grave.You do not have to be a United fan to feel the emotion of the moment.The lump that comes to your throat,the tears that well up in your eyes.You just understand how great this man was.The stories were true.What could United & England have achieved if only Duncan in his prime had lived a few more years?
    Duncan Edwards will always be a legend.His footballing talents were heaven sent.His true greatness proven when God decided to take him away from us before his time.
    I have no doubts that Duncan now captains the home side in heavens game.
    Lest we forget

  701. Ross wrote:

    Probably the best player to ever play for Utd. Rest in peace Duncan.

  702. TS wrote:

    I’ve just written a piece for my local football team’s programme. I hope you like it.
    Quite recently, before the home game with Merthyr Tydfil, we all stood for a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to John Charles, the 1950’s footballer who had passed away quite suddenly. It was good to see that a legendary player such as Charles was remembered this way, even though his playing era had long since passed.
    For me the 1950’s was a golden era for British football and many great players made their mark during that time.
    Probably one of the most famous of those players, for me a least, was Duncan Edwards, one of the original ‘Busby babes’.
    A few months ago I was driving through Dudley in the West Midlands and passed the ‘Duncan Edwards’ pub on Priory Road. I hadn’t been looking for it. In fact I never even knew it existed, yet suddenly there it was in front of me. A tribute to Dudley’s finest son and one of the finest footballers this country has ever produced.
    I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Duncan Edwards since, as a child I bought the ‘1958 Topical Times’ football annual from a school jumble sale. The air disaster at Munich was still fresh in the minds of the footballing public then and it was hard, as a kid, not to be affected by the glowing tributes given to the Manchester United side in that book. Many players died in that tragedy, including Edwards himself. He was only 21. A future England captain perhaps. Who knows, but that’s how my interest in Duncan Edwards started.
    The pub itself is only a stone’s throw from where Edwards grew up and I was instantly determined to rekindle my interest in a subject I had left behind many years previously.
    A few days later I visited the Dudley Leisure Centre where, in the foyer, there is a permanent exhibition to Edwards. It’s a very sombre and humbling experience to see his possessions on display there. His famous Number 6 England shirt is on the wall looking down at you. So are many things which were personal to him and his family. His own copy of the book he wrote; Tackle Soccer the Duncan Edwards way is there with the original dust cover still in place, albeit slightly yellowing with age.
    I’m sure that many people have their own personal memories of Duncan. My dad was priveleged enough to have seen him play (at Villa Park). In fact my dad also saw John Charles play too and many other greats from that era.
    These great players may be gone now but I hope and sincerely believe that their memories will live on for many years to come. Let’s hope so anyway.

  703. Richie wrote:

    Rest in peace Big Dunc,
    Rest in peace

  704. Liam Burke wrote:

    I Think Duncan is a true legend and am looking forward to coming down to dudley soon and seeing where the legend was made and now lays in peace
    R.I.P Duncan

  705. Mike Kemble wrote:

    Duncan was one of the all time greats at both United and for England. We will never know what he could have achieved. I was in Dudley only recently and found a pub named after him!

  706. Jonathan Thacker wrote:

    My father was lucky to watch Duncan Edwards play in the FA Cup Final. He regarded him as the greatest footballer, who could play in any position. If he had lived, he would have captained his country to win the World Cup in 1966. Boby Moore would have never played.

  707. Tony Broadbent wrote:


  708. Anonymous wrote:


  709. John wrote:

    I was lucky to speak to Duncan when I was a young boy…..My son is named after him…..Today I visited the grave for the first time and I wept ….The emotion was still there after all these years…Rest in peace mate…..John

  710. Ryan S wrote:

    Wish there were more footages of Duncan Edwards playing…

  711. Sean Watts wrote:

    I wrote a school report about the Munich crash when I was twelve years old and I became a United supporter then.
    While I was preparing the report my dad told me about the crash like it had only happened the day before and he was still touched by it after all those years. If I have one goal in life it is to visit Duncan’s grave one day and I will do it.
    Each time I read this site I feel myself becoming emotional. In July, 2003 my wife and I watched United play Celtic in Seattle, Washington, USA. We were lucky enough to receive VIP passes to see a presentation by Sir Bobby Charlton and Pat Crerand. I asked Bobby what his most memorable match was and he said it was the 1968 European Cup Final victory over Benfica. That ahead of the 1966 World Cup Final over West Germany. The reason he said was because of the Munich tragedy ten years earlier.
    He answered several questions that day, but he spoke about Munich like it meant something to him after all these years. I was touched by the way he answered my question.
    RIP Duncan Edwards

  712. baz yorkshire red wrote:

    if Duc had lived it would not have been Bobby Moore lifting the world cup what would this boy have become if he only had lived.

  713. Julian Crosby wrote:

    My father was a rugby fan, so I did not know anything about Man United until the Munich crash. I then became a true United fan, and feel lucky to have watched many matches in the Best/Law/Charlton era. I have been fascinated by Duncan’s life, and visited Dudley last year, seeing the statue, the house where he grew up, the Leisure Centre and, of course his grave. I even had a swift half in the pub named for him.
    He was obviously a great player and a shining example for youngsters to follow. He grew up in the era of teddy boys and delinquency, but concentrated all his efforts on football. I wish I had seen him!

  714. GLYNN NORMAN wrote:

    Duncan- just a sad and tragic loss. When i was a young lad aged 4 or 5 i recall my father telling me about the tragic Munich crash. It was etched in my memory and from that day Manchester United have been in my heart. I have spent hours and hours watching, following and reading about United and even though i never saw you play in real live, only on film, you are my greatest United hero. RIP Duncan.

  715. Anonymous wrote:

    So long Big Dunc, it was great while it lasted…
    46 years after your death now, but we won’t ever forget you.
    Al lot has been said just by the inscription on your gravestone : A Day of Memory, Sad to Recall… It truely is Duncan, it truely is.

  716. Red Issue members wrote:

    He wouldn’t have been the greatest English player, he’d have been the greatest player ever. Always remember, happy birthday Big Dunc
    RIP Big man, never forgotten.

  717. TiLeong Chow wrote:

    Although i haven’t see him playing, but through my dad i get to know the tank more and by this i used to think that he was the best player in the world whose know how to defend, attack and overall. He my heroes all the time and the greatest MU player ever produced. My tribute to him from the bottom from my heart.

  718. Steve Fordham wrote:

    I will never forget the night of the Munich
    air crash.

  719. KELLY DUNN wrote:

    Although I now live in Cheltenham, I was born in the Black Country and lived there for the first 21 years of my life. I have been a supporter of Manchester United for over 10 years. Duncan Edwards will always remain special to me. Not only did he play for the great team of Man Utd he was also from the Black Country like myself. It was a tragic loss to football the day Big Dunc passed away. Who knows what would have been achieved if Munich had never happened? Duncan Edwards was and still is a true great. In my opinion David Beckham is not fit to lick the Great Duncan Edwards boots. God bless Duncan Edwards, his fellow teammates that died at Munich, Sir Matt Busby and those survivors that have passed away since Munich. For Duncan and the other Man Utd players that died at Munich, the current and future players and supporters of Manchester United will always keep the red flag flying high Duncan Edwards will never be forgotten. Why did Munich happen?, I wish the question can be answered. God bless you Big Dunc you will never be forgotten

  720. Yeo Hock Yew wrote:

    When 21 February comes around my four brothers and I will remember it as the day our dear mother passed away in 2000. We, all Man U fans in faraway Singapore will also remember that our hero Duncan Edwards lost the fight for his life on that day in 1958.
    Through following United (for me since 1960) we have come to read about the greatness of Duncan and in a way regret that we were born too late to see him play. Though I am in my mid fifties now I am still hopeful that I can make it to Dudley one day to pay our tribute to this fine footballer who is enshrined in our memory.
    Sadly his life was so fleeting that there is not enough literature about him. Yet we know he did not grow old to endure the declining years. Still there is a sense of sadness of a young hero who perished so young …. there was so much more he could have achieved, so much more glory…..It just wasn’t to be and you wonder about the meaning of it all.

  721. B.Geraghty wrote:

    Duncan Edwards has always been my idol. Although I wasn’t born until 1970 and only started supporting United in 1976, I was to learn all about what a superhero this legend was through my Father. I have been in awe of Duncan most of my life. You can forget your Peles, Eusabios, Maradonnas and whoever else you may add to that list. Duncan was the greatest and most complete footballer there ever was. My only regrete is, I never got the chance to see him and the other Busby Babes in the flesh. I also believe that Real Madrid would never have won their six in a row European Cups if the Babes didn’t perish on that snowy runway. Duncan is really special for me though. At 33yrs old, I spent 12 of those as a Heroin addict. Thankfully I can now say that for the past 7yrs I have been clean of all drugs. But during my recovery, I read and studied most things about Duncan and his life and I truely believe that he gave me the inspiration to rise above my troubles and get on with my life. I am now a Software Developer/Computer Programmer and without Duncan’s inspiration, I don’t think I would have succeeded. I can’t really put into words what I feel for this great man. I will love, admire and remember him for ever and ever. May he rest in peace in Heaven above.

  722. MS S R FLYNN wrote:

    Duncon gave my son inpiration when I took him to Dudley to see is Statue, as he is a Villa fan, it was very touching to see him admire this young man, he is very much alive to our young generation.

  723. Sandra Villa wrote:

    I was 18 years old when the plane crashed, you were my hero, I went to all the home matches I even met you and spoke to you. You will never be forgotten.

  724. Yvette wrote:

    forever in our minds and he will been in our hearts. such a great talent for the future that he would have been for club and country.

  725. Paul Potter wrote:

    How sad that someone so young and talented should be taken away in the prime of life. I have no doubt that you would have been the greatest player to grace the game of football. I wasn’t born until 1964, but you are part of the legend that is Man United and you hold a place dear to my heart.

  726. Kevin Chan wrote:

    I am in Hong Kong. I don’t know who you are, just know you’re a great player of MU and England.

  727. Trish Catrysse wrote:

    So many years on and I still talk about the Duncan Edwards I saw play as the finest player I have ever seen.
    Thank you for the memories

  728. The Mahoney Family, Herts. wrote:

    Time passes, but memories stay, forever in our thoughts.
    God bless.

  729. Gaffa wrote:

    never as the night turns to light will you be forgotten

  730. mark-middleton wrote:

    what we do in life echoes for eternity

  731. MANCHESTER BLUE wrote:


  732. ben fish wrote:

    god bless him

  733. Ray Todd wrote:

    I was 10 yrs old nearly 11 and it seems like it was just last week.I lived in Lancashire then and I clearly remember the devastation and sadness felt by the whole community.
    Rest in Peace you will all live on in our memories.

  734. Stuart Harkness wrote:

    What a shame the world never got to see ‘what could have been’. Duncan what you have given to our club could never be put down in words, you are what makes this club great and your memory will always be etched in our history, making you forever in our hearts.

  735. Bjjoa wrote:

    I’ve never seen him play, but I still consider him to be one of the gratest players ever!
    Lets never forget the Busby babes.
    Their spirit lives on!

  736. Priya, Preston Red wrote:

    The greatest player of all time, wish I could have seen you play. Rest in peace. Sir Matt, Duncan and the Busby Babes your spirit will live on at Old Trafford. Will support you evermore. Man United will never die.

  737. Roychek wrote:

    Lest we forget!

  738. Alan Wexler wrote:

    Play on in heaven…

  739. Martin Jones wrote:

    46 Years ago, today!! Never forgotten, R.I.P
    Big Dunc

  740. lee carroll wrote:

    i am only young but i have seen footage of duncan as a player for united he changed football forever with his talent for his age there i,snt a better player than duncan never has never will be if duncan was alive he would have been the most sucsessfull player ever LONG LIVE DUNCAN

  741. David Todd wrote:

    The greatest player the world has ever seen.
    He was already a ledgend – remembered with pride and sadness.

  742. Ray Coxon wrote:

    46 years tomorrow, I shall never forget coming home from school to learn the news, I was 15 years of age Duncan Edwards and Eddie Colman were my heroes. As a Newcastle United supporter of over 50 years I still remember 6th February each year with great sadness

  743. Ray Coxon wrote:

    46 years tomorrow, I shall never forget coming home from school to learn the news, I was 15 years of age Duncan Edwards and Eddie Colman were my heroes. As a Newcastle United supporter of over 50 years I still remember 6th February each year with great sadness

  744. Ray Coxon wrote:

    46 years tomorrow, I shall never forget coming home from school to learn the news, I was 15 years of age Duncan Edwards and Eddie Colman were my heroes. As a Newcastle United supporter of over 50 years I still remember 6th February each year with great sadness

  745. Ray Coxon wrote:

    46 years tomorrow, I shall never forget coming home from school to learn the news, I was 15 years of age Duncan Edwards and Eddie Colman were my heroes. As a Newcastle United supporter of over 50 years I still remember 6th February each year with great sadness

  746. Ray Coxon wrote:

    46 years tomorrow, I shall never forget coming home from school to learn the news, I was 15 years of age Duncan Edwards and Eddie Colman were my heroes. As a Newcastle United supporter of over 50 years I still remember 6th February each year with great sadness

  747. Galway Red (Rep1) wrote:

    The Reps

  748. Michael M Rad wrote:

    I think he was one of best Man’u Players

  749. Paul Glover wrote:

    I only 13,but Ive been a United fan since i was 3.Having read the article on Duncan in Februarys United magazine,I feel as though United lost a legend in one terrible accident.You can talk about the Beckhams and the Cantonas,but Duncan was probally the greatest!

  750. noni4eva wrote:

    I was not born when this king of titans was alive,but,i feel robbed not to have been able to witness all that i have learned about Duncan Edwards, a man mountain.MAY HE FOREVER REST IN PEACE, A KING OF TITANS AND FOREVER A RED. R.I.P

  751. bob Jeary wrote:

    I have been a supporter of Manchester Utd. since I was 11 years old, i`m now in my 58th year,I can remember watching the 1957 cup final on the tele with the babes in all their splendour and agree with everyone who says that Dunc was the greatest player ever to wear the red shirt of UTD,and that includes Eric Cantana and all the other players since. Age shall not weary him,nor the years condem at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember him

  752. Meer Shah wrote:

    I hav heard and read a lot about Duncan and feel that it is such a shame that a great like him had his career cut short so tragically. My regards to his friends and family. I am sure he would have been proud of the way that Manchester United Football Club have risen from the ashes and continue to put a lot of emphasis on youngsters in football.

  753. Zubin wrote:

    I’ve just recently learnt about Duncan Edwards. Sir Bobby Charlton described him as the best at his time. Coming from a legend as Sir Bobby it’s a great tribute. It has increased my admiration for Duncan. Being a big fan of his club I think Duncan would be one of the foremost things that come to your mind when u say Manchester United. Rest In Peace.

  754. Vikki wrote:

    proud to be a supporter of his team. R.I.P

  755. P.J. Gibson wrote:

    The greatest player to play for man utd he could play in any position. All the greatest players speak about in such high esteem I watched him in one match take a penalty and he bursted the net. I met him a few times he gave me a photograph which i still got.

  756. Linda wrote:

    just want to say what an amazing site you have here . even though i am irish my Dad is originally from manchester and had the pleasure of seeing Duncan Edwards play with the rest of the busby babes . i wish i could have shared that pleasure with him . from what i have seen on tv and heard form my Dad he was an amazing footballer and an honourable person .
    all the best
    Linda . Red 4 ever .

  757. m gilleard wrote:

    all the articles i have read about duncan edwards tells me he must have been the best player ever what a shame his tragic death robbed us of the privelage of seeing him perform,may he rest in peace

  758. Ian Payne [Lichfield] wrote:

    Duncan was a great footballer and a much liked person. He was a true hero and it is a pity many of today’s footballers don’t live life and work the game to the same standards.
    I come from a rich footballing legacy. My Great Great Uncle was co-founder of West Brom Albion, my uncle was manager of Maidehead Utd in the 1960’s and his cousin Phil Giles played for Walsall FC and England under 18’s in 1950’s.

  759. david laffan wrote:

    Duncan is a legend in Manchester.He is revered by all his peers,reds and blues alike.The man is sadly gone but his memory will never die.

  760. Anonymous wrote:

    you,will continue to send echoes through every generation for being a legend,in which you are truly worthy of,your life had a great meaning and great inspiration,thank you.-r.i.p

  761. Scott Faulkner wrote:

    I’m a Dudley lad and you are the reason I support United. Now I write for United magazine and I hope my words in February do you justice.
    Please can anyone, friend or relative, who knew Duncan to get in touch with me on 0161 868-8537.

  762. Barry Howarth wrote:

    Although I never saw you play, the mention of your name made grown men smile with the football pleasure you gave and cry at your tragic loss. To me you will always be a giant – RIP Duncan

  763. Darryl E. Fox wrote:

    May you rest in honored peace.

  764. Eduardo wrote:

    Although I was born in 1978 and i am a Liverpool FC fan I have great times reading about the legend of Duncan Edwards. I feel sadness despite being from a different generation, but i also feel pride of Duncan, and his love for the soccer game until his last minutes of life .
    Duncan should be remembered by all.
    EDdardo, Rio- Brazil

  765. Alex Wilkes wrote:

    Until just before I turned five (back in 1991) I lived just a few hundred yards away from the house where Duncan grew up. Three of my uncles were at school with him and have told me how he would kick balls against the wall of the pub which has now been named in honour of him for hours after school. Although I was born 28 and a half years after Duncan’s untimely death, I knew about him from an early age and tried to copy his talents. But such an outstanding unique talent was something I could not attain, and almost half a century after his death I still look up to Duncan Edwards as a great player who would surely have been even greater if he hadn’t died at 21.
    There is no denying the fact that Duncan was surely United’s greatest player of all time, and this website is a fitting tribute to the memory of one of soccer’s all time greats.
    Keep up this excellent website in memory of an excellent sportsman.

  766. Jungle L. Taylor wrote:

    This site is very interested ! keep going !

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  772. Pete Jones wrote:

    Hi, Great site, great player. My son, born tonight 11 September is named Duncan Edward Trevor Jones.

  773. Becki-Claire wrote:

    At 18 years old, I am of course far too young to have seen Duncan play apart from the occasional newsreel which I have recorded off various documentaries since Munich occured. Nevertheless, it is a testimant to the man himself that I say without questionable doubt that he was the greatest footballer of the 20th century, and shall, in my eyes, forever be the greatest to grace a football pitch. For a long while I was overwhelmed with grief when I found out of the tragedy at a young age but as I came to mature, I realised Duncan was in a class of his own in all aspects. Not just an inspiring footballer he was indeed a true gentleman and a legacy. The only thing one can say is that he was greated with such power and determination the Man above could only want him to join the angels above and shine on. We are all so proud of you, none more so than your mother whose eyes always shone when she spoke. Now she is reunited with you once more. RIP Duncan, your legend shall forever live on.

  774. p.wes,salford wrote:

    more knowledgable football people than me, who saw duncan play, have said that had duncan edwards survived, bobby moore(one of the all- time greats), would not have got half the number of england caps, and we,ll never know what england would have achieved in the 58 and 62 world cups had duncan, roger, tommy and the other lads been there.

  775. Leia wrote:

    Dunc had simply everything, the only thing he never had, was his life. I never saw him play, but I don’t need to know how good he was. Sir Matt, always said he was the greatest, that’s good enough for me.

  776. David wrote:

    How can anyone say Edwards was a talent ‘up there’ with the likes of Pele and Maradonna, no, Duncan was way above them!

  777. Dave Holt wrote:

    Duncan Edwards, Englands greatest ever player. A man, who if he had lived through Munich would have been up there with Pele, Best and Maradona

  778. paul wrote:

    we have three great footballing traditions here in dudley.west bromwich albion,wolverhampton wanderers and DUNCAN EDWARDS.go to the leisure center and see the display i am still mesmorised and in awe at it ,and i see it twice weekly.a true black country legend.

  779. alex irwin jnr wrote:

    i never seen duncan play but could some one name a better player to date i know i cant this was one of the greatest tragidies of all time rest in peace duncan

  780. Paul Rea wrote:

    I never saw ‘Big Duncan’ play but i know that he was an all time great no-one comes near him. Also everyone who supports ‘Man Utd’ will never forget the legend

  781. Anonymous wrote:

    I have seen footage of the likes of pele, maradona, best etc… and they are the three best players i have seen but if it is true that Duncan Edwards was better than all of these, then i would like to ask anyone if they have any video footage. I like to think of myself as a true united fan and although I have never seen him play, it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about how such a talented person on and off the pitch could be taken away so young. R.I.P.

  782. Rive wrote:


  783. Sam wrote:

    I was too young to have seen him play but everyone I talk to say he was the best player around. Does anyone know any video, Internet site or anything where I can see Edwards play? If only I had seen him play! RIP

  784. Dave Nolan wrote:

    I’m too young to see him play, but I have seen pictures and footage, and he was a class apart. His power- unbelievable. His control- untouchable. His determination- never in doubt. Truly the greatest player ever to don a United shirt, by a long, long way.

  785. paddy wrote:

    i never sawDunan or any for the other great Busby Babes play,but i was previalge to be related to the late Shay Brennan who told me about him and the others all he said was it was pure magic to watch and even to play with them and it was a shame they went at a young age as great things lay before them.

  786. Chris Eccles wrote:

    I was 2 young to see him play but the footage i hav seen him play he was Da Man. Come On United Make Duncan Proud.
    rest In Peace.

  787. Morten wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was the best. Rest in Peace

  788. Ken Butler wrote:

    I would like to take this opportunity of adding my own thoughts of the great Duncan Edwards. I remember the time i was watching Birmingham Boys vs Dudley Boys at Henry Road, Yardley many years ago. It was a foggy day and i remember this giant of a boy coming out of defence beating player after player and finally hitting a 20 yard shot so hard it actually broke the crossbar. The power of the man was incredible. I’ll never forget that moment. As we all know… he became a legened!

  789. Si Gillan wrote:

    I never saw Big Dunc play, but my father often tells me of how privilaged he was to have seen the greatest footballer that the world had ever seen. He will be remembered forever.

  790. Ben Ramanauskas wrote:

    You are a Man United legend one of the greatest players ever if you hadn’t died we would have won way more stuff

  791. Marcus Åhs wrote:

    Would do anything to go back in time to watch this young lad play football for Manchester United, he most have been briliant. Duncan was the BEST!

  792. Terje Håvardstad Jonassen wrote:

    Never saw him played. I was born in 1960. Duncan Edwards
    was the greatest player ever.
    Terje, Norway.

  793. David Tysall. Walsall wrote:

    I saw Dunc, when I was 10,my first visit to Villa Park Oct or Nov 1956, Utd beating Villa 3-1. My outstanding memory, as a child, was how big he was, the other 21 players were mere mortals. Many years later I met a guy who went to school with Dunc, he simply said…Duncan Edwards, you never saw him without a ball at his feet, even going to or from school It’s not a question of how good he was but more to the point how good would he have been? No-one knows the answer.

  794. David Garswood wrote:

    My Idol. Never saw him play (born 1976) but became obsessed with his legend. Lets all help keep his name alive now that his parents are both gone,as his mum wanted his name to live on. I wish I could have seen him play.I always try and visit the grave when near Dudley (please do,leave a scarf,flowers,etc in respect) People I know actually have tears in their eyes when they describe just how good. TOO good for this earth wasn’t he?

  795. Paul.(Wakefield,W.Yorks) wrote:

    Never saw him play,but the legend of Duncan Edwards will live on forever.A collossus,the greatest ever footballer,a flower of Manchester.

  796. Alex wrote:

    As a 17 year old boy, I have only seen grainy footage of Duncan Edwards. But it was clear from that this was someone special. My personal hero is Eric Cantona, and by all accounts, Edwards is the only player to better him. Rest In Peace.

  797. Anonymous wrote:

    I’m City through and through, but have always said Duncan Edwards was the greatest English player bar none.

  798. Raks wrote:

    As a fourteen year old captured by the magic of United, I never got to see Duncan play; but I know he was a phenomenal player; United’s original king. What a pity the world was deprived of his extraordinary talent; the babes planted the seeds that made united grow into the best team in the world and they will always look over old trafford and keep the boys safe. They were red devils through and through who were called to be angels at such a young age and I hope they’re playing in heaven. They are legends; their stories are woven into the fabric of United, a club steeped in history and legacy, and we will never forget them.

  799. Ian Birtles wrote:

    I wish i was a live in the time of the great man but as a tribute to him my son carrys his name

  800. Albert Whalley wrote:

    Watched Duncan many times, a giant among men even when he was a youth.RIP great man.

  801. Harry Madden wrote:

    If Munich didn,t happen. We would never heard of Bobby Moore, There was only one Number 6.

  802. Robert West wrote:

    Perhaps the best MU player ever. Saw him play at Hillsborough just prior to Munich, myself just a little schoolboy in short pants.

  803. Kenneth wrote:

    My Dad saw you play and told me you were awesome. Never forgotten, always cherished, always loved, always United.

  804. Richard R. Dolphin wrote:

    Quite simply, the most complete footballer that the world has ever known. He could – and did – play (at the highest level) in any position on the field. His loss to global football is beyond calculation.

  805. stephen welch wrote:

    i just wish that i had been born sooner just to see the great man play..

  806. dave wrote:

    just to pay my respect for a great talented young man.

  807. Matthew Duncan L wrote:

    My Dad called me after Sir Matt and you – these are my proudest possessions. RIP – never ever forgotten

  808. red_crow wrote:

    RIP big guy. Never forgotten, even by those of us too young to remember.
    RIP The Flowers.

  809. Rob Tromans wrote:

    Duncan was my Grandads cousin, moms 2nd and so my 3rd. Although im too young to have met him, im sure he would of appreciate everyones respects. I haven’t seen his mother (Ann) since my grandads funeral, but if she ever visits ill be sure to show her this site ^_^.

  810. Pete. wrote:

    Thanks for the memories,big,un. You were class all the way.R.I.P.

  811. Brian wrote:

    Never forgotton

  812. AN OLD SALFORDIAN wrote:


  813. AN OLD SALFORDIAN wrote:


  814. Morgan,Sweden Reds wrote:

    R.I.P. Duncan! Remembered by me as a wonderful player.

  815. Mike Williams wrote:

    I hope you know what you have meant to people, even after all these years, you began a dynasty. Sleep well, Duncan lad, I just wish I didn’t have to say those words.

  816. Venkat wrote:

    Never seen you play,Never seen you in person,Never heard from you, but you still are the focus of any United Fan. May you rest in peace

  817. Sue wrote:

    Today is a sad day when we are remembering all those who lost their lives at Munich especially the Flowers of Manchester, I was 5 when this great tragedy happened but since supporting United for 39 years, the flowers are very close to my heart, only wished I could have seen them play, but obviously God wanted his angels with him.RIP from those that keep you close in their hearts.

  818. Stuart wrote:

    The greatest flower of them all. May you constantly strive for the sky. And thank you for being an inspiration.
    and shame on the PLC for not holding a minute’s silence. I hope the crowd do Duncan and the lads proud, I’m sure they will.

  819. dennis wrote:

    If only I had seen you play Duncan,but your memory will remain for ever.Bobby Charlton summed you up as no one else has ever done. Will think of you as I travel from Northern Ireland this week end to attend the Manchester derby.C’mon the Reds.

  820. Angela Cragg wrote:

    Although I wasn’t born and never seen you play my dad said you were a very special player who was extremely gifted taken well before his time. Will always be remembered as one of the flowers of Manchester.

  821. Graham B. wrote:

    Duncan, you were before my time and ahead of your time. Always remembered.

  822. gabriel Eloya-jones wrote:

    Duncan.Before the day I began to support Manchester United,you name was unknown to me.But since,I make
    everything to stay well informed about my beloved club.And of course,learn the history of the greatest sporting name of all time.And like many people who don’t know you at all,I will try to buy videos from you when I will have that opportunity. You will stay in our hearts forever!

  823. Arasan Thurai wrote:

    Never had the pleasure of seeing you play, but the more I read about you and what those who have played with you and against you have said makes it even more sad that you were taken away so early. You epotimise the Babes and Man Utd. God who created you was so proud of His creation and realised He can only do it once and broke the mould. But it seems He wanted His creation close to Him to admire every day and so He took you away. Duncan Edwards R.I.P. Forever in the hearts of every true Manchester United fan.

  824. Carmel wrote:

    I was 7 years old when you went to a better place.Through the years you remained my inspiration in sport and in life. Now you have been joined by someone else so dear to me. He is in good company

  825. Richard Collins wrote:

    As a 16 year old i have never seen you play but ive heard so much and read so much about you, you are the greatest footballer to have played for england and maybe the best in the world! you are a true legend big dunc RIP

  826. Priya,Preston Red wrote:

    I was born in 1962, sadly was never able to see you play. From what I have read and heard, you are the greatest player of all time. Rest in peace.

  827. Wojtek wrote:

    Sir Bobby Charlton words says all:
    ‘If I had to play for my life, and could take one man with me, it would be Duncan Edwards.’

  828. Eddie O'Neill wrote:

    Always remembered Duncan. Smile down on us next Sunday.

  829. Duke wrote:

    Gone, but Not Forgotten. RIP.

  830. john bradford wrote:

    love the babes

  831. Nortons wrote:

    My mother watched the babes all over Europe and it is the stories of you and the others that inspired me and my brother to carry on the tradition of supporting United. Rest assured my kids will keep the tradition going…..RIP

  832. Damien wrote:

    hank you duncan. always remembered. legacy goes on! help us from the heavens.

  833. Dave wrote:

    Legend. RIP

  834. Anonymous wrote:

    So sad ! What should have happened.
    Think if PELE had died in such circumstances.

  835. Sara wrote:

    My father in law saw you play, but I and so many others never had the chance.
    Rest in peace.

  836. Gaffa wrote:

    45 years and still missed deeply,but never forgotten

  837. Anonymous wrote:

    On the 45th anniversary of the tragedy that caused your death we remember you. You were the bestm footballer to grace the pitch at Old Trafford, or, in my opinion, any pitch world wide. RIP

  838. LuN wrote:

    The only player Sir Bobby Charlton flet inferior to. Enough said. Rest In Peace Duncan…

  839. Fintan Keane wrote:

    I never saw you play in the flesh and know that I am worse off for it, as is the world of football when you were taken from us at such an early age. May you and the other Flowers rest in peace in the knowledge that you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

  840. Phil Rickards wrote:

    Dunc, your reputation lives on in those that were old enough to see you,passing on to those that weren’t,that’s testament enough to your special talent,one in a million.Even death itself had the hardest fight it’s ever had with a person when it met you.A true hero.
    Rest In Peace.

  841. Lars "Norseman""" wrote:

    The Greatest Of Them All…
    In these Münich times, we shall never forget you Duncan.
    Rest In Peace.

  842. Dublin Red wrote:

    Not forgotten.

  843. Anonymous wrote:

    Duncan Edwards the smallest player to get a cap for England died two weeks later in hospital aged 21. His final words where What time’s kickoff on Saturday?
    These words hit me very hard
    Rest In Peace

  844. Pat anderson wrote:

    The best footballer I’ve ever seen. Never forgotten Duncan.

  845. steve wrote:

    Every time those red shirts come out of the tunnel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up & a tingle goes down my spine.I can feel & sense all those boys with sir matt looking down to todays players, i hope they do you lads justice, heroes all, with Big Dunc always showing the way in any position he was asked to play.God Bless to the Edwards family as we remember your smashing lad.

  846. Balint Andras wrote:

    R.I.P. – Nyugodj békében! (Andrew from Budapest/Hungary)

  847. Steve R wrote:

    I was 3 years old when Munich happened. I never saw you play in the flesh but I have seen you on newsreel. From everything I have heard and seen you were the greatest ever British footballer, and a true sportsman as well. As the 45th anniversary approaches you and all the other Busby Babes are in my thoughts – forever in awe of you as are all true football fans, whether Red Devils or not. RIP

  848. Pat Anderson wrote:

    The best footballer I’ve ever seen. Never forgotten.

  849. Afzel Laher wrote:

    Being an 18 year old I never saw Duncan play. But from what I have heard and read about the great man I wish I had. Duncan will never be forgotten at Old Trafford.

  850. fish wrote:

    I feel like I know you Big Dunc,give em hell son!

  851. Brian wrote:

    I was born three years after Munich air disaster and so unfortunately never saw Duncan Edwards in action.From clips on t.v.and articles I`ve read he must have been probably England`s best ever footballer-especially listening to Bobby Charlton.R.I.P.Duncan you were a true legend

  852. Steven Wood wrote:

    I never saw him play but as a loyal red it is a pleasure to know you played for our club.
    RIP Duncan, think of you and all the lads every year on the 6th Feb.
    The Flowers live on.

  853. David Archer wrote:

    Having been born in 1971 I never got the chance to see the big man play. But thanks to my grandad (RIP) I was taught about Munich, Matt Busby, Duncan Edwards and everything else to do with such a great club. I was cheated in not being able to witness such a fine talent. I only have to visit this site & read the previous posts from fellow reds & supporters of other teams, to realise what I have missed out on.

    God bless no.6 RIP
    A legend never to be forgotten.

    Feb. 6th 1958 – Flowers of Manchester – always remembered!

  854. mark short wrote:

    RIP duncan a true legend(never forgotten)

  855. James wrote:

    Truly a great. The best of all. And the cruelest blow to be taken so young. God bless you Duncan Edwards.

  856. Malc wrote:

    I never saw you Duncan. R.I.P God Bless.

  857. phil holt wrote:

    Respect and love – RIP never forgotten

  858. Dean, manchester wrote:


  859. Dave Bracegirdle wrote:

    The one and only Duncan Edwards. I never tire of your name or your photo. Dave.

  860. Casper Denmark wrote:

    RIP Duncan you were the best

  861. Vasanthan wrote:

    i read your story and got inspired.i am a die hard man u fan. may god bless u.

  862. tony lewis wrote:

    my dad said he was agreat player ?

    bury wolves

  863. Ken Smith wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was the greatest player i have ever seen. I was lucky enough to see him play on many occasions, and those memories forever live on. The young man has become a legend.

  864. Faghmi Abrahams wrote:

    The best footballer I never got to watch. Big Duncan, we love you to bits. You will always be remembered.

    RIP, Our Legend

  865. Craig Goulding wrote:

    In a world of upstarts and youngsters coming into the game with scant regard for anything bar Money,wouldnt it be prudent to put Duncan Edwards upthere as an figurehead of what can be achieved at an early age and still be level headed enough to look after his family and friends as he did.
    He achieved so much in a small amount of time, but with no bigheadedness, he just played for the love of the game. If there is a team in heaven we know he would have wanted to play in every position as long as he touched a football.
    A true LEGEND not just for United fans but for all lovers of Football. God bless you.

  866. duncan edward cairns wrote:

    i was named after duncan.i was born to 2 year later than the munich was agreat honor to be named the same.a true legend duncan edward ,now live in madison ,wi,u.s.a.

  867. Gareth Jones wrote:

    The best player that I never saw. I only wish that I had, as I know he would have been my hero…

  868. Paul skellett of upholland. wrote:

    Duncan Edwards gone but not forgotten.

  869. Lee- 15 years old wrote:

    Man United fans of all ages will always remember you Dunc, you were a true legend and will NEVER be forgetten, god bless, always in our hearts. RIP.

  870. Paul Prosser wrote:

    Being born in 1984, I never saw Big Dunc play, but he is and will forever be my idol as a footballer and as a man. His legend inspires me to be the greatest I can be, through life, and when I pull on the famous No.6 shirt I am proud to wear. May the greatest of the great rest in the knowledge that his legend shall never pass away. Legends never die.

  871. Mick Gorman wrote:

    54 now and always a RED. Duncan was my first United Hero. I still have phots and an autograph at home. Duncan, thanks.

  872. Hopey wrote:

    Duncan, you died a few days after my first birthday, but i feel that I know you. Thanks to my sister and my late father, who watched you at Old Trafford. As a child, standing on the terraces watching my hero, George Best, my dad would recall the flair that you played with, saying that Bestie, although brilliant, wasnt a match for you. RIP

  873. colin millington wrote:

    Tears still fall from my fathers eyes as he tells me about Duncan Edwards and the games my father was so fortunate to see him play in.

  874. Gareth Ludlam (from Dudley) wrote:

    U were the greatest footballer of all time, I wish 2 be just like u.

  875. steve s leeds wrote:

    respect to a legend,just wish i had seen you play as my uncle said there was no one better.

  876. sylvia carruthers wrote:

    I met Duncan at a dance in sheffield he was such a lovely person.

  877. billy mitchell wrote:

    god bless you

  878. robbin de jong wrote:

    Duncan is the Best ever!

  879. fozzie,wythenshawe reds wrote:

    i was too young to see dunc play which i regret but the world was cheated by all accounts of seeing what would have been a world great given time.everybody you speak to cannot be wrong & my grandad says he was the best,that alone is good enough for me.from my desk here at work i can allmost see sir matts grave so the babes are in my thoughts most days.r.i.p. lads,god bless.

  880. Kaveh wrote:

    You was a insperation to everyone and you will stay with us forever.

  881. Anonymous wrote:

    You will live on in our hearts and be a huge insperation to all of us. You were a great footballer and it was tragerty when you died.

  882. Parvez and James wrote:

    You were a local lad, a true Black Country Boy, like us. May your memory live on forever. Rest in peace.

  883. andy hoyle wrote:

    i can only say that duncan edwards is an insperation to us all.R.I.P duncan u truly are a legened. andy hoyle.

  884. dave wrote:

    his memory lives on [rip]

  885. Nazarov Alexander (Belarus, Mi wrote:

    Извините, что пишу на русском. Я большой поклонник МЮ, хоть мне и 15. Я рад, что в сердцах многих людей живет память о гениальном футболисте – Данкане Эдвардсе.

    This is very good sait. Thank you. Belarus suporters with you:-)

  886. steve wrote:


  887. Bill wrote:

    RIP Dunc- you were the best player to ever kick a ball. I will never forget you!

  888. Steve Davis wrote:

    I wonder if the Mark Pearson who made the posting on 30-05-02 is the same
    Mark (Pancho) Pearson in the early 60’s – if so he may have trained with
    Duncan – I would love to know

  889. Eileen Wood wrote:

    Duncan you were and still are my hero,the day of disaster was my brothers birth day,There will never be another like you ,Ihave your picture on my wall and say Good night to you every night, remembering each time I saw youkick a ball .My Dad took me to my first game when I was 7cos I kept asking who the Tank was ,I soon saw who and what he was the greatest RED to grace Old Trafford sleep tight you gentle GIANT with the rest of the Babes and Sir Mat God Bless you all R. I. P.

  890. Lee wrote:

    Absolutely phenomenal.Died too soon!!!

  891. bob wrote:

    i never saw him play but i would have loved to if only the disater didnt happen he wuld have lifted the jules rimet not bopbby dunc you will always be remembered and roger tommy and all the rest.

  892. Anonymous wrote:

    simply the best

  893. Rod Tarry wrote:

    Was 12 when he died & his death was difficult to accept.He was perhaps the greatest English player of all time & will always remain my favourite player.

  894. JOHN STEVENS wrote:



  895. david harris wrote:

    I was born 5 years after Duncans death but as a born and bred Mancunian and United fan Duncan was the greatest I know my Grandad told me Whenever I think of Duncan a tear comes to my eye for the potential unfulfilled RIP Duncan the best there ever was

  896. Mike Carney wrote:

    I still remember those forty yard crossfield balls to Johnny Berry and the powerful runs from midfield before unleashing unstoppable shots with either foot. Big Dunc was simply the best!
    Mike Carney


  897. Duth Man Utd Fan wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was the best striker WE ever had
    I hope that Van Nistelrooy become the next Duncan Edwards

  898. Mandy oliver wrote:

    I was born 2yrs after Duncan died and was raised a United fan. My dad talks about Duncan with such passion that his name cannot be mentioned without tears in his eyes. God bless Duncan Edwards and all who perished in the Munich disaster.

  899. Mark Pearson wrote:

    This site is a fitting tribute to someone who was described a man among boys…Yet Duncan was a man who was destined to remain forever young…

  900. Steve wrote:

    I am now living in Cyprus, having lived in England all my life previously.
    I was fortunate enough to have seen Duncan play twice, once at Wembley, and once at Old Trafford with the legendary Busby Babes – he always was, and still is, my sporting hero – not just for his phenomenal ability, but, for his manners, courtesy, and sportsmanship.
    I recall that he once lost his temper with Mc Parland in the Cup Final in 1958, when Ray Wood was kicked in the head – but, was so ashamed of himself that he apologised before it came to blows, (fortunately for Mc Parland).
    A truly great sportsman, and a truly great man – let us hope his memory will be carried through the generations to come.
    May you rest in peace, Duncan, and always be on the side of the angels.

  901. stephen welch wrote:

    i just wish that i could have been born 15 years before i was born then i would have been able to see the great man play soccer with all his team mates that where so tragically killed at munich.
    THE 6TH FEBRUARY 1958..

  902. Peter Cumpper wrote:

    Although a staunch Liverpool fan, my Dad was a season ticket holder @ Anfield for many a year, and said to me firstly back in the mid-late seventies, he had yet to see a footballer grace an English football team, that could come anywhere near Duncan’s ability. My Dad died in
    1982, following Liverpool’s reign during the most succesful period any English club has ever had, and including many of the players I would rate as Legends, and yet he was adament, not even Alan Hansen or Kenny Dalglish would come close. You must have been something else Duncan, and I wish you and your colleagues had been given the opportunity to make
    the same mark on history for your tremendous talent, that your tragic loss has.RIP ALL 23

  903. Martin Smith wrote:

    I have been a football fan for over forty years, too young to remember Duncan. I am a lifelong Arsenal fan and when asked who the greatest player of all time was, I have no hesitation in replying, Duncan Edwards, such was the man and the legend, if only, if only.

  904. Mrs.Margaret Dance (nee Corrig wrote:

    My father, John Corrigan, refereed the Schoolboy International match at Wembley on April 5th 1952 in which Duncan captained the England team against Scotland.
    I have the original photograph of him shakung hands with the Scotland captain – whose name I do not know – and an original programme and dinner menu. alomg with other memorabilia.

  905. Graeme Andrews wrote:

    Ducan was one of the best footballers ever

  906. Syd pinner wrote:

    I used to see Dunan often at the in longford park.and dancing at the sale lucarno.heared the news about the plane crash on the bus on the way home from work I used to live in Stretford.Now in Australia. Syd.

  907. Keith A. Edwards Sr. wrote:

    My son is a football(soccer) player in the USA.

  908. John wrote:

    What a hero



  910. barry thomas wrote:

    he was the best ever to wear a red shirt.

  911. terrymcloughlin wrote:

    apart from him being my idol i actually had my photo taken shaking his hand after his debut against cardif city 1955 old trafford unfortunatly my copy of this was lost

  912. Peter Trim wrote:

    I saw Duncan play on many occasions in almost every position. He was the
    best player United had in every position (I even saw him play a fantastic
    game in goal). Matt Busby could pick his team without Duncan, look at the
    selection, and then replace the weakest player with Duncan Edwards. He was
    the best forward and the best defender that the club has ever had.
    Comparisons with George Best or Dennis Law are difficult (they played a
    different type of game) but comparisons with players such as Bobby Charlton
    or Erik Cantona are easy. They were just not in the same league as Duncan.
    Its a pity that he didn’t get the world recognition that he deserved (his
    death came before England’s world cup exploits. He would have been the
    England captain in 1966 had he lived and Bobby Moore would have had problems
    getting into the team.

  913. John Davies formally of sale c wrote:

    Duncan Edwards was and still is the greatest and most talented footballer i have ever seen ,he was my hero as a child living near the old trafford ground and along with a few other kids i sneaked in to the stadium to watch our hero train during our school holidays ,all these years later i keep hoping to spot another player with similar talent ,, forty odd years on i am still looking ,brian robson was the England and United captain and called captain marvel ,, no disrespet intended mr Robson ,but you were just about half as good as Duncan Edwards ,,,

  914. Alun Mantle wrote:

    My memory is not phased by time.I first saw Duncan play when Iwas 15years old in 1956.To me he represented all the good things about the way English football was developing after the defeats by Hungary.He was a model to all young people at the time and I still grieve over his passing 44years on.To have seen him play was to know him.he will be my friend forever.Alun Mantle Treforest Wales,Now living in Australia.

  915. James Trigg wrote:

    While i, like many others, are too young to have seen Duncan Edwards play, you only have to listen to people who have seen him play to know what a great player and a great man Duncan Edwards was. Myself, aswell as Manchester United Supporters of the present and future, will make Sure that Duncan Edwards is never forgotten.

  916. Blue Nose wrote:

    Living in Birmingham and a Birmingham City supporter, I was born 8 years after Munich, but first found out about Munich and Duncan Edwards from a football book, 100 greatest players (I was about 6/7 at the time. You just have to read the reports from Bobby Charlton to realise how great Duncan Edwards was. Duncan would have lifted the World Cup in 1966 as England captain. Brilliant website. BTW folks, if you ever get the chance to visit the big mans grave, then do so, it is a humbling experience.

  917. Anonymous wrote:

    In my memory I can still see him in the red shirt, tackling, driving forward, hitting powerful passes and shots. He really was as good as the legend says.

  918. Tore Larsen wrote:

    The best of the best..(Den største av de største)…

  919. Darrell wrote:

    A great site commemorating a true United legend

  920. Keith Jones wrote:

    R.I.P. DUNCAN. Like many United fans, the one thing I regret in life is not seeing you and the rest of the Busby Babes play. You will never be forgotten along with the rest of the Babes and Sir Matt. You are a Legend. God Bless.

  921. Charlene wrote:

    Although I was born many years after Munich,it saddens me that i will never get a chance to watch you and the many other busby babes continue to dominate the English Football.You are all an inspiration to the current United players and I know you now at peace in a better place.Rest in Peace always. Dedicated to Tommy Taylor, the grandad i never had. xxx God Bless

  922. Pauline wrote:

    I was privileged, as a Manchester United supporter for 57 years, to have witnessed the genius of Duncan Edwards play on many occasions. My favourite moments were watching the youth team, of which he was a member, winning everything before them, with Duncan as the cog around which the other players excelled. Then his rapid promotion into the senior team and then play for his country, England. What a talent and what a superb human being. So sadly missed.

  923. Zamhar Ismail wrote:

    To Big Dunc and the rest of the Busby Boys who died in the Munich air disaster. You may have left us, but you will live forever in the hearts of everyone who support Man United. All of you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

  924. Stretford Red wrote:

    My replica 1958 (obviously the game he was cruelly denied playing in) cup final shirt with Edwards and 6 on the back is my most prized posession. i think that says it all really.
    R.I.P. Duncan and all the Babes.

  925. Richard wrote:

    Big Dunc, always and forever a United legend. RIP Duncan and thank you.

  926. Tony wrote:

    If ever a player deserved a plaque alongside Sir Matt it would be Big Duncan. God bless you, your memory will live for ever. RIP

  927. Mosty wrote:

    The greatest player ever to pull on a red shirt. A legend now and forever more. RIP.

  928. JAMES COLLINS wrote:

    My Dad told me you were the greatest, not just because of your football skills but for the person you were, and the thousands who watched you every week all say the same to me. That you were the greatest. I saw Charlton ,Best and Law. But my heart shall always be sore, because the greatest I never saw. GOD BLESS YOU DUNCAN

  929. Eamonn Mc Mullin wrote:

    I would rate Duncan Edwards as the greatest defender of all time. A footballer who died before his time and would have been on the 66 world cup team.

  930. Oeyvind wrote:

    I wish I had seen you play. To leave such a remark in such brief time you must have been special. Modern football could sure use a rolemodel as yourself. Your memory is an inspiration.

  931. Mike Grogan wrote:

    I was born in 1941 in Bacup, Lancashire and Man United was my team of the day. Duncan Edwards being the #1 player of the day. GRHS A very sad day for Manchester and indeed for England Soccer. The Babes Rule OK.

  932. Terry wrote:

    the greatest player of mine or any other generation.

  933. Janne wrote:

    Heroes never die!! They are still a part of our team.

  934. Anonymous wrote:

    Great site

  935. SPARKY ,K-STAND. wrote:


  936. steve m/cr wrote:

    i never saw duncan edwards play but my grandad saidhe was the best english player he had ever seen and he was 84yrs in 1988.the best foreign player he saw was destafano of real madrid.i agree with bobby charlton no one will be as good.

  937. D GARSWOOD wrote:

    I never saw Duncan play,as I was only born in 1976. I know though he was THE BEST!

  938. David wrote:

    RIP – Duncan. A great site worthy of a great man – the world was at your feet, Duncan – yet, you never once abused anyone – a truly great player, and an even greater person – you represented everything sport should be about – and you were always the first to shake hands when beaten.

  939. Lucy wrote:

    I was brought up on tales of Duncan, and the great Busby Babes – my father had watched them all grow up, and, in his eyes , and mine, there was no one better, nor ever has been.I remember him having a heated soccer argument one night with my uncle – a confirmed Arsenal fan – they agreed on nothing – then, my uncle asked him the greatest player he had ever seen – my father replied instantly – Duncan Edwards -my uncle just nodded, and said – OK – second best?. May God take care if you, Duncan, and of all you represent to so many of us.

  940. Raymond wrote:

    Duncan – To have seen you play was an immense privilege – to have known your qualities as a man was an even greater one – We are proud of you.

  941. Steve Davies wrote:

    RIP – Duncan – you were simply the best – in every way.

  942. Rasmus S. Haukedal wrote:

    R.I.P Duncan the best ever

  943. Anonymous wrote:

    RIP B.D – Worlds greatest, nice website.

  944. duncan edward molyneaux wrote:

    RIP- god bless you dunc.

  945. P.Daly wrote:

    RIP Duncan A true legend.

  946. Tony, Salford wrote:

    After all these years still and alway a legend. A great site worthy of a great man.

  947. Leslie Ackroyd wrote:

    Simply the best!
    (DOB 11/10/25)

  948. Duncan Edward Williscroft wrote:

    I was born on 3/9/60 and as my father was (and still is) a big United and Duncan Edwards fan, there was only one name he was ever going to call me! I have been a red since i was old enough to know about football and, like Paul, have always been enchanted by the legend. Regards, Duncan.

  949. darran wrote:

    remembered for inspiration to us all.thanx for the memories,united thru+thru!!

  950. Paul wrote:


    I really enjoyed looking through your site. Although I was born in 1977 I have become
    enchanted by the legend of Duncan Edwards. My grandad who passed away some years
    ago made a point of passing on his feelings for the man onto me having seen Duncan
    play and it fills me with sadness despite me being from a different generation. Our family are
    Reds through and through and the Munich disaster is a big part of the history of the club and
    supporters alike. Occasionally it angers me as well (passed on from my grandad) because
    duncan had so much to offer to the great game and from all the accounts I have ever heard
    was destined to be one of the greatest if not the greatest footballer to ever play the game.

    I just wanted to pass my appreciation onto you for maintaining a site in duncans memory. I will
    certainly be passing on my knowledge of him to my family in the future, because Duncan should
    be remembered by all (especially perhaps Utd fans like myself).

  951. Anonymous wrote:

    True Legend. RIP – now and forever.

  952. Mike wrote:

    RIP Dunc – You were one of the best